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Comment 05 Aug 2017

Agree.  Many first year OL starters take their lumps and break out year 2.  Prince is a blue chipper and I think it shows this year.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

S&G wins that game 9 out of 10 times.  Handful of bad breaks made the difference.  Diebler hobbled and not on his game, craft in foul trouble/fouled out, bad foul calls and Lighty missing a shot he makes 95% of the time.  Take anyone of those away and we win.  Plus the blatantly missed TO.  

Comment 09 Apr 2017

Elflein came on strong from the start.  Prince was a full time starter a year earlier though as a true soph.  That said elf was pretty damn solid his first yr starting his rs soph yr.  more reliable early on than about author lineman we've had recently that I can think of.  Decker, Linsey, mewhort all took their lumps.  Before that the brew crew struggled early and often.  Then we're getting back to mangold.  Mangold wore rattle snakes as condoms his freshman year.... 

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I will be severely disappointed in Gene if he brings Thad back next year.  Gene is to good of a leader to let the program continue floundering.  Mediocrity is not OK anywhere at Ohio State, especially in the men's basketball program.  THIS season is the year Thad got to cash in his equity and get a final chance at turning things around.  There is zero chance he pulls this program out of the nose dive it has been on for 4 years.  Recruiting is not there, development is not there, culture is not there.  I only hope we get the chance to give Thad the heartfelt send off he deserves.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

Tend to agree with BSK, recruit ranings are not an exact science.  I think offer lists are a slightly better indication.  I think it is very telling that no other majors or high majors offered Beverly.  If anybody is hanging their hopes on this guy to come in and turn things around as a frosh, then I think that is just another indication of how far the program has fallen in the last 4-5 years.

Comment 10 Nov 2012

The whole event was a comedy of errors.  Total BS about 90% of the tix being given away, MAYBE 50%, but it looked like many more civilian fans than servicemen, all dropping $500 to watch a shit show unfold.  

Craft is the man though. Entire delay he wouldn't stop shooting buckets.  Entire team hit the lockeroom during delay, and craft was going around the arc and back with Jent.  Cool seeing Jent launching sweet looking 3's again.

to summarize: Awesome idea for awesome cause executed by morons.

Comment 27 Jul 2012

It sounds like there are no tickets available to general public for the CC event.  Last years event in SD had 7,000 tix, almost exclusively for military personnel, with a very small amount going to each school (200 each I think).  I have read that the Yorktown is signficantly smaller, meaning even less seats will be available this year.  It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in attendance, but I don't think that is even possible for the normal fan.  Obviously a great cause, and very cool event for Ohio State to be associated with nonetheless.

Comment 14 Apr 2012

This is my thought on how scoring breaks down next year, Assuming we miss on Parker.

Tank 19-20 ppg, Craft 12 ppg, Lenzelle 8 ppg, Ross 12 ppg, Amir 8 PPG, Rav 6 ppg, Sam T 6 ppg, scott 4 ppg. 

Comment 14 Apr 2012

25 a game would be rather impressive.  Big Ten scoring leader is usually at 20 max.  I don't think anyone has gone for much more than 21 ppg in the last 10 year sor so.  ET was national player of the year w/ around 20 ppg (6 apg and 9 rpg didn't hurt the cause).  I hope you are right though, that would be a ridiculous season, especially if the team ends up being highly competetive.