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Been a Buckeye fan for 52 years of my 70 years of age. My number one sports team, period. Love the Buckeyes.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State beating Miami University for the National Championship.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati, Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Boston Celtics when Larry Bird was there
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati, Reds

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Comment 30 Dec 2017

Good luck to all the seniors , you will be missed , thank you for  4 great years . I have been a Buckeye fan for over 50 years and this group of Buckeyes is as good as any . We love you guys .As far as the guys deciding if they are leaving after three years you are also naturally included in the above group , good luck in your decisions and may God Bless all of you . 

Comment 03 Aug 2015

My pick, is all the above with Mark May and Desmond Howard getting voted as the two worse announcers in Football and the biggest Ohio State Hatters and both should not be allowed to be announce ever again.Heck they might as well take Herbstreet along with them, I hate listening to him also. He always leans more to the other team than Ohio State.I usually mute him along with May and Howard.

Comment 15 May 2014

I agree with most of your rankings especislly #1 and #2. Craig Krenzel is the toughest Quaterback I have ever seen in college football. I have never seen a Quaterback take so many vicious hits and still get up right away as he did against Miami. While , this guy was the man.

Not much can be said about Chris Spielman other than he was the greatest player ever to play linebacker not only for Ohio State but any team.

I am sure I would have had Archie Griffin in the list

Comment 07 Mar 2014

I have never posted a bad word about Coach Fickell and I do not intend to. I hope the silver bullets returns this year and with the quality of the players that we have I believe that it will. Then maybe a lot of our arm chair coaches will get off of his back.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Hang in there Vonn and get better. This is just a temporary set back. We are all pulling for you. Adding you to my prayer list.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Joey Bosa was my favorite player last year before he ever played a game with the Buckeyes, but I did see him play a high school game on TV. Mike Mitchell was going to be one of my favorites and I have never seen him play and unfortunately it looks like I will not. What a bummer.

Comment 23 Feb 2014

I seen this exact scene several times when I was in the Marine boot camp. The DI actually found the foot locker next to mine unlocked and he threw  the contents all over the barracks and then beat the crap out of the guy whose locker was unlocked and made us do squat jumps for 10 minutes. I had my combination locker set on the last number if he just pulled it down it would have opened I was dead.LOL

Comment 21 Feb 2014

Going to miss you Mike, you would have made history. Hope your Dad recovers. I  will add him to my prayer list and also you and your Brother . Hope a miracle occurs so you can come back, if not have a great career.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Mike was the number one player I was looking forward to see playing. What a tough break for him but I am glad for his Father . Good luck Mike, I know you will be great where ever you play.