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Comment 05 Feb 2013

Sure has.  Best game I have seen all season across the board.  Either one of these teams could get to FF.  Maybe they will.  Let's get 3 out of 4 this year with IU.  And Kansas.  That ticket would sell.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Tell TSUN that you need to start winning some games for you to keep up this crap.


And Dickie V.  We do not want you for any semester.  Go back to the ACC and fall all over Duke and NC.  Or in your case this year.  The U.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Key Points from 1st half 

1a) Great energy by Scott.  Changed the game completely for us.

1b) Ross is our X factor.  Truly coming on

2) Craft - I said it his frosh year.  Best on ball defender I have ever seen at any level.  Trey Burke can ball and Craft stalls him (or at least slows him down).  Just incredible.

3) Amir could do better, I really wish it.  But, reality is he is playing better minutes.

4) What is up with Ravs.  2 TO's in a row.  Come on, not in a game like this.

5) Moving DT around to get him looks.  I will hand it to Thad (I have been tough on him this season).  Great move putting him in the post to get DT the ball and try to avoid double teams.

Awesome half.  Not sure if we get more of same in 2nd half, but this is better than I expected. 

Go Bucks



Comment 22 Dec 2012

Good night fellas.  We will hopefully learn from this.  It is only December, that is true.  We have 3 months to get ready for a run.  Without an inside presence to use when outside shooting isn't working, gonna be tough though.


Go Bucks.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

believe what you will.  I have followed the Matts teams for years.  Playing Ross 4-5 minutes a half is not what I am talking about.  Scott saw minutes as well as Williams.  Agreed.  Sorry, I have just seen him outcoached too many times in the big games.  Trust me, I am getting greedy and understand that.  Matta has been a Godsend for our BBall program.  I get it, just telling you what I see and know.  dude...  :)

Comment 22 Dec 2012

At the 2, he sure is.  He can hide by playing point, but make no mistake when he goes to the shooting guard.  It just ain't that.  I vote for playing Ross at the 2 some with DT at the 3.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

These announcers are spot on.  We are gassed once again.  Why? you asked.  Well you didn't, but anyway, cause Matta doesn't use a bench.  For years, he was a afraid.  Well now he is just stubborn, cause outside of DT, our bench players are as good as the guys that start the game.  There is no excuse.  We should be shuttling players and playing 90 feet of up beat basketball.  No Sully, no slow down game.  Need to get out and run.

Hopefully Matta will listen to one of his assistants.  He has good ones and we cannot be the only ones seeing what happens in big games.  We get tired every year in the tournament.  Shots are short at the end.  Why, cause we are always tired in the end.

Go Bucks.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

Absolutely zero coaching going on for us.  We have continued to shoot open 3's.  They are giving them to us.  Why, cause we cannot throw it in the ocean.  This is embarrassing...

Comment 22 Dec 2012

They have run the same out of bounds play 3 times and have scored 7 points off of it.  That is just sad.

the guy making the first screen rolls around for the oop.  Same play we run with Thompson.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

again.  we cannot just roll the ball on the court and beat Top 10 teams with talent.  You have to make adjustments and we NEVER do.  Never. 

I am so....  Frustrated.  

Take the 3 pointer and lose it when you are not making them.  Take the ball to the rack and force the refs to make the call.  And make your throws.