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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Maradona's Argentina winning the 1986 World Cup
  • NFL TEAM: New York Giants
  • NHL TEAM: Montreal Canadiens
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Comment 01 Jan 2017

Hire Rick Neuheisel to run our offense and develop our QBs. Bama seems to convince great coaches to join them, I am sure we can pay top $.

Does anyone know Meyer's Florida teams pass rankings while he was there? I bet they were dismal just like here at OSU. The man doesn't recruit or want to passing QBs. He want his QBs to run the ball and wins with outstanding defensive lines and special teams. Anyone hoping for a top passing attack under Meyer is dreaming.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Our playcalling and playbooks are ordinary and lack creativity. Last year we all blamed the dual QB system for the inconsistent passing game. But, we also saw JT struggled whenever he came in for CJ.

Our offense is too vanilla and we are not developing enough playmakers nor are we developing WRs, TEs, etc. While Haskins, Burrow, Martell, and Emory Jones may be better pure passers with stronger arms than JT, they will struggle in an offense where everyone in the stadium knows what they are trying to do. This is not all JT's fault. Get better coaches on offense that can develop and take advantage of all of our talent. Weber had one stinking carry in the 1st half and Meyer didn't know this until the post-game press conference. How many times did this year we see either Webber or Samuel not get enough carries for an entire half yer Meyer keeps preaching 50/50 balance between run and pass? 

What about Special Teams. When will we block punts and field goals? When will we coach and develop great punt returners? 

If Meyer doesn't make changes to the offensive staff soon and refrains from hiring his friends, we will not get better. This offense has been regressing for two years, and it is not just JT who has been regressing.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I didn't watch the game, but the discrepancy between our football and basketball program has never been this great. On the one hand, we have a football program hauling in top recruiting classes and competing for national championships every single year despite losing assistant coaches and having inexperienced freshmen on the team. On the other hand, we have a men's basketball program that is struggling to just make the NCAA tournament. Are we not recruiting the right players? Is Lyle that most overhyped player in recent memory? We are losing recruits to Xavier, Butler, and other smaller schools. There's no sign of improvements anytime soon as I don't see great recruits coming and I don't see a coaching staff developing players better than they have over the last few years. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Is coach Meyer in denial about Wilson returning punts? Seriously, why is Wilson still returning punts? Three years in a row not able to handle punts, making poor decisions and never making up for his mistakes. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

It was the same offensive game plan we called against Penn St. It worked then because JT was able to escape the tackles and run as he only threw four passes total in that game. Nobody complained about the boring play-calling after that win.The other difference is that our defense made so many timely penalties that kept Sparty's drives alive. For some strange reason we have been playing very conservative offense this entire year especially against good teams. I expect the team to be even more conservative this Saturday unfortunately.