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Comment 26 Sep 2017

Ya, the Wenz is nit-picky... just seems like a simple thing an quick edit would find.

Schirmer is just crazy silly cause if you even sorta followed the team last year you would know that she is certainly not a freshman.

Also, this is coming from someone that knows more about Ohio State Volleyball than like 99% of the people they've met.  Just been around the program and sport long enough...

Comment 25 Sep 2017

Schirmer is a senior and has gotten major playing time for the past three seasons... and it's Wenz (one z)

I get that this is not your normal beat, and I'm really happy to see at least SOME exposure for volleyball.... but these are pretty simple mistakes that would be fixed with simply the roster in front of you while writing.

That may sound bitter, but it's sorta depressing that in the only coverage these ladies will get, they are treated, on an editorial basis, like no one cares.

Comment 08 Sep 2017

Fun fact... I used to work at that facility.  It was a great time and is a fantastic little gem.  If you want to TRULY support a section of the university on game day, they actually do parking (it's right off Dodridge and Olentangy River Rd) and they money goes straight into the operating fund of the research center.