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Comment 22 Jun 2019

Typically news from insiders is slow until after the visit is over, they want to respect the recruit and let him experience the whole visit uninterruted... only news we really get is from the social media of the players (including commits)

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Sure there are more football jobs and they (mostly) pay better... but you can still have a career in lacrosse.  Lots of coaching gigs, organizations that run camps and developmental programs, media positions, three professional leagues (MLL, NLL, PLL)... I'm just mostly saying that it's kinda  poor viewpoint to be so dismissive of people having interest in pursuing a future in something besides football.  We all love football and I get it's the king sport in this country, but not everyone wants that life.

I could go officiate football right now if I wanted (have been actually invited to join crews by my lacrosse colleagues that do both sports).  I would make more money, have more high-level games available to work, and the ability to end up making pretty good money if I break into the top tier.  But I love lacrosse more.  So I officiate that and am happy making less, working less prestigious events, and having a much lower ceiling to work up to.  I guess it's wjat you prioritize in your life.

Comment 29 May 2019

I'm aware of the talent level here... I grew up and played in Maryland.  I officiate through the college level and have seen just about every level except full D1 (there's just no D1s out here to ref...)  I'm just adding context that this is a nice tournament and all, but I take the "national champion" moniker with a GIANT grain of salt.

Comment 21 May 2019

Those who thin for a second that Pete didn't have his hands all over this decision don't understand men's volleyball at Ohio State.  I'm sure Gene has had this conversation with him many, many times.  Kevin (sorry... it's odd for me to call him Coach Burch) has been around the program on and off over the past decade and have been the key components of a lot of championship programs.  I'm pretty sure Coach Hanson played a very large role in the transition of power.  I strongly doubt this was a lazy hire.

Comment 21 May 2019


Just some background.... Kevin has been instrumental in the recruiting run we went on as well as the defensive schemes to win our first ever title.  He has also won titles at basically every stop he's ever coached at.

I have to imagine that Pete blessed this move and it's pretty incredible to see this.  I guess I need to make my way back to Columbus for Kevin's first game on the sideline.

Comment 07 Apr 2019

I don't know if last week was the classic "trap" game or we got really exposed.  We looked HORRIBLE.  Just generating absolutely nothing and our defense was on skates.  We were taking frustration shots late in the 2nd quarter when the game was still very much in reach.  Rutgers put it into cruise control and we never showed enough passion to change that.  Just a bad look.

Penn State is damn good.  They will probably beat us.  I just want to see the fire I saw when we were down late against Notre Dame.  Who on offense is going to tell everyone to tighten their jocks and make a play?

Comment 29 Mar 2019

I'm still not sold on this squad.... but they've but themselves in the best possible situation.  Bar a complete collapse in conference, they should be comfortably in the NCAA field and they've got to be feeling good about themselves.

Rutgers definitely has letdown trap written all over them, but I just am not afraid of them.  They don't shoot well, their team defense is sloppy, they don't draw flags, they don't steal possessions a the FO dot.... yeah

But still, if this Buckeye team wants to be something this season, this is a game thy have to win.  Considering we follow up with road trips to State College and Homewood, gotta keep the momentum going.  Can't rest on the results from last week or look forward to taking on #1 Penn State (man is that a weird thing to see in lacrosse).

Comment 22 Mar 2019

Who you take matters a whole lot more than who you miss on.  You only play with the roster you have.

I don't want the coaches taking ANY player they are not sold on. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

I could see this getting away from us if we don't force some turnovers and/or get some timely saves.  UMass is a "green light" sorta team and often wins by just overwhelming teams with the number of shots they take.  It was part of their success in their run last year.  They don't let you slide, they rip it as soon as there is a window, and are usually pretty darn good at backing up shots.  Add in just a dominant guy at the FO dot... and you can see how they can make a close game not close REALLY fast.

That being said, their defense isn't the most complicated i the world, and some quick passing should get some open lanes up.  Not sold on their keeper by any means either.

So to me the key will be to not get rattled and for the offense to not feel like it HAS to score when it gets the ball.  That often happens when you play "green light" teams.  The attackers stand around watching a shooting gallery and their blood just keeps rising and rising so that when they get the ball all they want to do is shoot.  As Army showed, and discipline is a feature in those programs, a disciplined offensive attack can get the job done.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

It'll come after the D2 boom happens.  For example.  Ohio has 21 D2-3 teams and 2 D1.  Minnesota has 2 D2 teams and 0 D1.  Wisconsin has 7 D3 teams and 1 D1.  Illinois has 12 D2-3 teams and 0 D1.  See the difference?  Colorado has 5 D2-3.  California has 2... TWO!!!

I fully expect to see those numbers change.  Then, and only then, will we see lacrosse get the sort of growth we know is coming.

There's also a weird sort of thing with MCLA.  Here in Minnesota, our MCLA teams are absurdly good (North Dakota St, St John's, St Thomas, UM-Duluth).  There is zero incentive for these teams to add NCAA lacrosse.  They have like 30 or so students paying full tuition to go there (many actually FOR lacrosse) without much support at all (money-wise) from the university.    Schools at D2/3 add a sport to get more students.  Lacrosse is a great sport for this (large rosters, little equipment), but why do it if you already have the team.  While these are the schools with the lacrosse history and culture in the state, they are not the ones that will precipitate the growth of the sport at the NCAA level.  That will come from schools that are on the same footing as them athletically but don't have any sort of lacrosse foothold.  I'm looking at schools like St Olaf, Carlton, Gustavus, and St Cloud St, who will look to get a foot up and take away those players from the MCLA schools.  That's the next move imo.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

High level lacrosse is just way too specialized.  I don't know if that will ever really get reversed at this point.  Maybe the unique player every once in a while that has that sort of skill.

As was noted, what has happened is that subs are being made much quicker.  You're not gonna wait till settled offense to yellow it and send in all your offensive middies.  Not unless you want to work basically a 30 second offense every time.

I think teams will get to the point where they are smarter about when to push transition and when to settle it.  Will be really interesting to see that aspect of the game evolve (it hasn't really evolved in... forever).

Comment 10 Feb 2019

I'm a college-level official, to give you some context.

I actually haven't seen a ton of change with the box and shot clock on the whole.  It instead targets specific teams.  There is a team in my area who was pretty known to slow it WAY down and grind out games.  They can't really do that anymore.  Otherwise, most teams looked to get a clean shot within that time limit in their normal offense anyway.

An interesting side-affect is that I've seen less aggressive defense later in games because they don't HAVE to force a turnover sometimes.  If it is late in a shot clock, they instead play out and try and prevent any shooting opportunities.  It's lead to less late game flags as well.

The box change hasn't done a ton, but policing that box has been a pain.  The sub box itself has shrunk, but there is a 5 yard coaches and sub box that stretches to where the box used to be.  It's for coaches and "imminent" subs.  Coaches seem to think hat if they had a dream last night that this guy was going to sub at some point next quarter, he should be in that area.  It's a pain to clear that out.

At least that's been my experience between the fall ball and the scrimmages this season.  My first real game was cancelled today due to weather.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

The good:

- The offense clicked... big time.  And never really let their foot come off the gas.  That Boston defense and keeper are no joke.  That 17 goals may be one of the highest goal totals the Terriers will allow all season.

- First half defense.  2 goals allowed and Boston got NOTHING.

- Face-offs got back towards where we need them to be.

- Closing the game down the stretch.  When the Terriers made their run, we buckled down late and squeezed the life out of them late to get back that 7 goal margin.

The bad:

- WAY too many penalties.  Gotta clean that up.  No way should a team that led by 4-8 for most of the game to take 6 time serving penalties.  that's ridiculous.... luckily we held them to 2 out of 6.  I'll take a 1 out of 3 from this team.


- What in god's name happened after halftime?  That's coaching.  Boston made adjustments at half time and the Buckeyes were on their heels for the vast majority of the 3rd quarter.  I think the lead got all the way down to 3 goals?  Unacceptable to come out that flat after halftime at home.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

I think you more eloquently put into words my concerns. I'm a former (long time at this point... oof has the game changed) goalie and current NCAA official.  So, I know what I am seeing, but can hardly put together the words like a coach or a more current high-level player could.

What Meyer wants (those step-down shots created from the backside ball movement) were basically the key to the NCAA run... but I think that was a bit of a false flag.  That was also one of our best defense/keeper combos of the Meyer era (imo) and it hid deficiencies when our offense would go streaking (think the difference between the two games against Towson that year...).  This defense/keeper is not the same level and it is going to be harder to grind out wins against good teams when our offense disappears for stretches.  This was never more apparent than last year when, during out of conference play, we found ourselves in these 1 goal thrillers with teams that had no business being in 1 goal thrillers with us.

I agree that Meyer needs to free up his box guys a bit.  The two-man game is so beautiful when it finds that defensive soft-spot.  I love watching the mad scramble by a DC and his keeper when the two man starts working.  It's like trying to put your finger into holes in the damn.  You plug one and another appears.

Recruiting-wise, Meyer has to do what works for him.  I'm a bit surprised that he hasn't recruited the midwest that hard.  He's got 8 from Ohio and 2 from Minnesota (that's where I am... and the talent here is really rising fast)... but nothing from Chicago-land or elsewhere in the Midwest.  He's doing really well in Canada, but I wonder if his efforts in Maryland and Massachusetts are paying off.  He's going into hotbeds and competing with all the big boys, and while the program has certainly elevated from where it was a decade ago, I don;t know how sustainable this model will be.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

I think what plagues us is that we are constantly trying to shove box players into field roles they aren't ready for.  sometimes it works brilliantly (see our runner up campaign) and sometimes you lose to Jacksonville.

I get that that is what Meyers wants for his program and he has brought in some LEGIT box talent... it's just something I've observed over the years.  A lot of box tactics make the offense churn, and that's hard to do consistently in the modern field game.

But, I'm not gonna judge too hard here.  First game of the season against a program that sees us as their memorial day.  Wasn't a blow out, but I never thought the outcome was in doubt.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Don't think that was an option.  Schiano is going to the NFL.