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Comment 28 Mar 2013

I hear what you are saying but the numbers for Ross and Smith really aren't that much different from the 3 point line.

Ross - 38.3

Smith - 37.5

I do agree completely that Smith takes way too many contested 3s, if he would take away 1 of those every game or two he would look like a much better 3 point shooter


Comment 28 Mar 2013

Another possibility is that Scott is able to be more successful playing behind Smith because he becomes the change of pace that defense is not ready for, and by the time they start to adjust to his speed, Smith is back in there. 

Similar to the idea that a post player might have a specific move (say jump hook from right block) that is the most effective statistically on the team.  Does that mean the team should only shoot that shot?  Or is that shot effective because of all the other shots that open that one up for him?



Comment 28 Mar 2013

A few years ago Anderson Varejao was #2 in the entire NBA in +/- ahead of every single player except lebron for the entire season.

I think it is mostly useless in terms of straight up comparisons between player X and player Y, but can have some use when comparing a player to the perception of that player.



Comment 28 Mar 2013

I just have to assume those saying Ross isn't terrible at defense have only watched the B1G Tourney and the two games in Dayton.

Hopefully he is turning a corner and average defense is now something that can be regularly expected, but can any OSU fan honestly say, "OSU really needs a stop here, we better get Ross out there!"




Comment 28 Mar 2013

Here is why I think he gets minutes

1.  Experience. 
He is used to playing big minutes in important games.  That typically matters to coaches.

2.  He is in the top 5 for the team in every single category except blocked shots -
3 in scoring
2 in rebounding
3 in assist
5 in steals
3 in turnovers per game (tied with Scott despite playing 6-7 more minutes). 

He also has the 4th highest FG% among the wing players (thompsons is a bit more elevated since he gets so many dunks, but he has really improved that last 10-2 games)

5th best FT%

4th in 3 point shooting (and consider Amadeo is above him due to garbage time)

How many other guys on the team have that versatile of a game?   Thompson is already playing about the same number of minutes, Scott's jumper and FT are a hot mess most of the time, and Ross is a pretty terrible defender.  




Comment 28 Mar 2013

Perhaps he realizes that b/c someone has that +/- in 20 minutes, doens't mean that will hold true for 30 minutes

Maybe Scott could maintain that level of performance, but maybe he is able to play so hard for those 20 minutes he is better than if he had to pace himself more over 30 minutes.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I think the point isn't that they don't help much (stop a shot, alter a shot, mental impact on the opposition, etc), but that they get so much more credit than things like taking a charge or denying your man the ball in the post to begin with. 

its easy to find blocked shots stats for any player, but you rarely see charges and ball denial stats anywhere.  And with a charge, its a turnover 100% of the time!