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Comment 11 Jan 2020

It is easy to see why we are losing-- every team has learned how to guard us.  Early in season teams would double Wesson and the other 4 would get easy or open shots.  Now teams have the blue print--guard man and dont help.  2 thru 8 are average to below average offensive players.  

Carton has been the biggest disappointment.  I never seen a guy that talented that lackadaisical with the ball.  He is a walking TO machine.  I am lost at what his issue is.

Washington is what he has been sign HS.  If he is on he is great if not he plays no defense and takes dumb shots.  Muhammad has not progressed offensively since getting here.  Young is a nice role player who hustles. Walker brings nothing to offensive end of floor.  He should be like Simpson from scUM.  Simpson cant shoot worth a darn but can break the defense down and get to the hole or kick it.  I really thought after seeing Lidell in high school he would pass Young in rotation as the year went by.  Thought he was alot like the  Morris twins from Kansas.  I nice stretch 4 who could hit the jumper and put ball on floor. He looks lost on the offensive end but they all do.  If the coaching doesn't make adjustments on the offensive side of ball it is going to be a long year.  Plus Gaffney needs to see the floor more

Comment 10 Jan 2020

ur correct on Walker.  I looked at his assist numbers.  He is 13th in assist and 10th in assist/TO ratio in the BIG. He has to be better.  

As good as Muhammad is at defense he is that bad at offense.  sorry

Comment 08 Jan 2020

he is not the 2nd best player on the roster.  You could argue he is the 2nd most important player on roster because of depth but you could argue that also. 2 thru 8 on our roster are all the same right now--Average big ten players.  We dont have a 2nd best player on team to help Wesson carry the team in scoring when the other 6 are shooting badly.  Carton should be the 2nd best player on the team but he turns the ball over too much and is not in synch with the offense.  

the team really looks like Matta's last half dozen teams.  Plays hard on defense but struggles to score.  

Muhammad and Walker are terrible offensive players.  Muhammad couldn't throw it in the ocean standing right by it and Walker is averaging over 3 TOs per game.  Washington doesn't know the difference from a good shot and a bad shot.  Older Wesson is just nice role player with length.  

Teams have figured out how to guard us.  Let younger Wesson get all he wants and just guard our other 4.  Don't help on Wesson and let the other 4 get a easy shot.  Stay with ur man and make him beat us. The other 4 can't beat a MAC team right now.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I had one with my sister.

My sister had close to 30 surgeries removing tumors all over her body.  She was diagnosed with NF3 at puberty.  It is a genetic disease and very painful.  Finally the worst came and she had 3 tumors on her brain that were inoperable.  So we  just had to wait for the worst.  She fell into coma and had to be put on a ventilator.  A couple of days later the doctors told us she was brain dead and it was up to us when to turn off the ventilator.  So after a family discussion my father, brother and I went into the room to say our goodbyes and do what we had to do.  Brother and I said our goodbyes and then my father starting talking to her like she was still there.  I still don't believe it today but she opened her eyes and tried to talk.  She made a full recovery and I am still not legally allowed to visit that hospital or be within 100 feet of that doctor.  

Comment 03 Dec 2019

as a "boomer" who has also taken online courses, there is a program to beat the plagiarism program.  I am a math guy.  I am a terrible writer and the worst speller you ever seen.  Give me calculus or physics book I dont need a teacher I will know it front to back in a week.  Tell me to write a thesis on how the EU economy changed when Eastern European countries were added I am cutting and pasting like a 10th grade kid doing a report the night before it is due.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

he wasn't fired for bitching about Thursday night football?

no one has any inside info/rumors why he was fired and being investigated??

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I am hearing the same thing.  Profits are not what they expected in weed, hemp, or CBD and a lot of excess material and companies.  Some are moving the excess out the back doors to states where it is not legal yet to stay alive.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

1. LSU

2. OSU

3. Clemson

4.  Georgia

5. Oregon 6. Bama. these 2 could go either way

7. Minnesota--I can see them being as low as 9th

8. Utah

9. Oklahoma

10. PSU

11. Florida

12. Auburn

13. Baylor

14. Wisconsin

15. Michigan

16. ND

17. WF

18. Cincy

19. Memphis

20. Boise

Comment 26 Oct 2019

ran is a strong word for 10 minute mile pace.  LOL just busting ur balls.  I would kill to still be able to run.  Awesome and cool brother.  

Comment 07 Oct 2019

After u graduate college u shouldn't wear a jersey with another mans name on the back.

But live and let live.  

Comment 06 Oct 2019

Borland looks good all week in controlled drills/practice. Browning still learning and makes mistakes at practice.  

But game film doesn't lie.  Borland usually in right position but doesn't make many big time plays.  Browning is getting closer to being usually in the right position and makes big plays.  

This is the only thing I can think of why Borland plays more than Browning right now.  

Comment 30 Aug 2019

make sure ur inspector really inspected the house for issues--mold, foundation issues, roof leaks, etc..  with so many people flipping houses a lot of hidden secrets being over looked.  ur average home inspector spends a hour in there and just checks the boxes.  

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Ohio is not bad on time in evictions.   You do a 3 day eviction notice.  After 3 days you file in court and usually get in front of a judge in 2 weeks.  3 weeks is longest I have waited.  Usually a judge will allow 1 continuance requested by the tenant so u wait another week.  Come back to court and if ur paperwork is correct and ur reason legal judge gives tenant 3 to 7 days to move.  I usually ask for a 3 day removal.  So around 30 days.  I always ask for lawyer expenses from tenant.  Make a deal with the devil(collection agency) and get ur past rent, damages, and lawyer fees.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

They won that tournament on defense and teamwork.  I was a nervous wreck watching that game last night.  It felt like watching the FB team playing for the national title.  

Buford and Lighty dominated on both ends of the floor.

Craft's defense was incredible.

Diebler, Gibbs, Ravenal, Ross, and McCamery all had stretches where they helped in scoring, rebounding or defense. Total team effort.

Their defense was for 4 quarters and carried them all the way to the title.  

Happy the guys got paid.

I wonder if they would trade this title and the 2 million in for a NCAA title at tOSU.