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Comment 19 Oct 2019

Has the same problem as Meyer did with staff loyalty though. Offensive coordinator gets a lot of heat from northwestern fans and rightfully so. Needs to fire the guy and update his offense to an above average one. Be a real good team if they could as they always have a pretty stout defense.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Dobbins was awesome so don’t get me wrong here but surprised how little Teague played in the first half. Did he even get a carry until the second half? Not complaining just found that odd they wouldn’t give him some touches with how monstrous he has been this year. 

Comment 17 Oct 2019

If he’s going to miss double digit games this year then I wouldn’t be opposed to just redshirting him. Let him develop his shot and his game. Should have redshirted his first year here but we had zero depth. Feel much better about our depth and he’s missed all of pre season so it would take him a while to get back into playing shape when he comes back.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

No doubt you take him. Especially if wade is leaving like he is thought to be. Hafley can coach the hell out of any db so I have confidence in that position even with losing 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder in fuller for next year. But you can’t coach players into getting the type of athleticism that Holmes has. He could easily turn into an elite shut down corner with Hafleys coaching like he did for Okudah. Absolutely take him. 

Not like he has had any off the field issues anyway either.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I mean I’d much rather he be subdued like this rather than causing a scene like Jameis Winston did with crab legs and paint ball fights on the quad. He’s not doing anything wrong so I just say let him handle his business. Be hard to get anything done and go to classes when you go out and get asked for pics and autographs all the time. 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

Have to be Bama. Even the sec narrative couldn’t justify a one loss non sec champion over a power 5 undefeated champion. 1% chance Bama sneaks in over Oklahoma but definitely not OSU. Just win and you are in. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Its alright man. We are good. I shouldn't have called Key a fringe top 150 player. I'm sure he's a great player. And I didn't mean my comment as criticism for Holtman. As I said before, I have the utmost respect for him and couldn't be happier with him as a coach. While saying that, I think it's fair to question a decision every once in a while. I just don't see the sense in adding Key when we already have Lidell, Gafney, Sueing and Young who basically all play that stretch 4 role. Agree you never have enough of those guys but I just think the scholarship could be used in a bigger position of need. We have plenty of depth there and where we are lacking is a guy other than Diallo who can match up with another teams big which I bet we will face an elite big man at least once in the tourney. If we are adding Key and a grad transfer big to go along with Brown, then I think Key is a great addition. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Xavier Tillman: 270lbs coming out of high school

Trevion Williams: 250lbs coming out of high school and regarded as a center

Zed Key: 6-7 and 215lbs. More of a stretch 4 and way different body builds than those two.

My point isn't against Key and him not being a high rated guy. Trust me I know full well how good Holtman is at identifying talent. I'm sure he will be a great stretch 4. My concern is that we are missing a big man that can rebound and guard down low and he doesn't have the build to battle down low like those other two did.. He's an inch smaller and a full 35lbs then the lightest one you listed. So I'm not sure your point makes sense here because those two are completely different players and have different physiques then Key.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

And Jack Salt was a 7 footer on UVA that started a lot of games for them in his career. So thats not true about that. He became more obsolete with Diakite emerging and being able to play a lot of minutes though. And Odiase was the traditional lug you are talking about 6'8 and 250lbs. Again, not totally disagreeing with you just showing you those teams had bigs to match up when they needed. Something we don't really even have the option for if we don't get another guy in the grad transfer market to pair with Diallo.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Im not a huge fan of Lovedays game to be honest. I would just have only waited to see what happens with Williams OV. He commits somewhere else, great. Move on and get a grad transfer that has experience. Just someone that can play the five role with some good defense and rebounding. It would help bridge the gap of getting a great big like Bediako in the '21 class also. Thats what I see really lacking if Wesson leaves. I'd agree with taking Key and a grad transfer big but that would mean someone else other than Wesson would also be leaving. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Man its a basketball forum about recruiting. This is the exact place you are suppose to talk about this stuff. I wasn't calling Holtmann out or saying he was a bad coach or anything. He has my utmost respect. And I definitely didn't say anything bad about Key as a player. All I said is we already have a lot of stretch fours on our roster for next year. You are rude and need to chill. If my mild skepticism gets you this riled up then I don't know how you are getting through life man. Again, I suggested a grad transfer big as the best option after we most likely miss on Williams. If you are going to attack me, the least you could do is read through my entire post.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Again, I'm not saying we need a big lug. But we do need a guy that can guard the five and not give up 3 or 4 inches in some cases. I'd be perfectly happy with a guy like Spellman who doesn't score his points in the traditional big man sense. But can hold his ground in the paint and rebounding. Thats more my concern. Its not about posting up on offense because that traditional basketball is going away. We will just get killed by a UNC or Duke, who we would be competing with if we want to be a final four team, if we have a stretch four guy trying to guard their talented 5 star bigs we will get dominated as we have these past few years when Kaleb has been out. I'm just saying this is a rebounding and defensive concern. Not worried about us needing a post up scoring option on offense. 

I agree we look good with Bediako in 2021 along with Diallo being a junior then. Thats why I was saying shoot high with Williams and his OV no matter how unlikely it is. An OV  can change anything and at least means we have the tiniest of chances. And then assuming we'd miss on him just get a one year rental guy that is proficient at rebounding and defense to help with what will be our best team that year and give us a year till Bediako comes in. I just don't see how our lack of height won't be a problem if Wesson leaves after this year. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

I'm not talking necessarily true centers. I'm talking big men though which only Diallo will be on our roster next year. Key at 6-7 is not a guy that can guard the other teams big man. You can start even PFs at center in college. But we don't even really have that. I mean take Kyle Young for example. He was forced to play out of position at the 5  and he performed admirably but we definitely were at a disadvantage down there. You need at least a big PF playing down there and with our roster we really only have undersized stretch 4s  like Lidell, Young, Sueing, and Key next year. You need a bigger guy to compliment those guys otherwise your team is going to get killed down low. We will lose against great teams down low if we expect major minutes from some of those guys at the 5. 

I mean UVA had Diakite at the 5 who is a center...? Texas Tech had Tariq Owens and Norense Odiase starting, both traditional big men. Omari Spellman at Villanova. Auburn is the only real example you cite. But they also play an uptempo press defense style. They are trying to make you run and get quick baskets. We run a more traditional slow paced style. Our style is much more like UVA than Auburn. Therefore, you need a big to rebound and be a presence in the paint. You can mask a lack of big if you are a high pressure team like Auburn was.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

I get that and that’s why I said every other position we are looking great thanks to holtmann. My concern is that we will be held back because you do need at least one good center. That’s why I would have been happy going the grad transfer route and getting those guys in 2021. And I just don’t see that in a what will be a still raw sophomore diallo and a freshman key. Unless we add someone else, I think the center position will greatly hinder our tourney success. Guards get you far in thourney. But by the time you get to the final 4 everyone has not only great guards but a big center that can clean up under the basket. Think it’s going to be that teams downfall and stop from going as deep as we hope unless we add someone else.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Let me preface this by saying Chris Holtmann deserves nothing but our full trust considering how quickly he has turned this basketball program around. But I am not going to lie the pickup of zed key is a little bit underwhelming and a head scratcher. I’d rather have swung for the fences and waited it out for mark Williams. I’m pretty sure duke ends up getting walker Kessler so a pretty decent shot williams doesn’t end up there. And even if it’s only a 1% chance it is worth the shot considering what we bring back next year. Everyone expects next year to be our year we get back to the matta glory days and be final four contenders. I don’t see that happening if our two centers would be a raw diallo, who I like a lot as a backup the for the first two or three years, and key, a fringe top 150 guy who isn’t even that big at 6-8. I don’t see how that will be anything but a weakness that will be exploited the further we get in the tournament. That’s why I am a little skeptical on this move and think it’s the first real mistake ive seen by holtmann by not being more picky. Rather have swung for the top end talent at big men and if we missed, gone after a high end grad transfer that could start day one for a team that will have final four aspirations. It’s just a little underwhelming if those are the two centers we have for that season considering how much talent we have at the guard and forward position only to be held back by what I think would be a lack of a starting caliber big man that year. And yes I am assuming this means Wesson is gone because he seemed pretty much on the fence this year. I’d love to hear other people’s opinion on this though and this isn’t a shot at holtmann here. Couldn’t be happier with him as our head coach. This get just leads me a little bit puzzled if he’s our replacement big for Wesson is all.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

I mean if you are trying to be an offensive lineman I’d say Wisconsin is as good as it gets. So not sure why you’d hate on that choice if he were to go there.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I get that we have to schedule some bad teams on our schedule but why pay 1.8 million for arguably the worst team in college football the past 5 years in San Jose state. I’d rather keep giving it to better small div 1 Ohio schools because I’m sure 1.8 is in the top 5 smaller schools get paid and would be happy to sign up for it. Keep the money in state.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

Kyle Mccord had a nasty final drive. Through 5 perfect balls to take them the length of the field. Such an impressive drive when facing a superior team. Really impressed by him.

Comment 26 Aug 2019

Is the guy alright do we know? What scumbag fair-weather fans they are. The home games for the U are truly laughable.