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Comment 16 Nov 2019
Anybody think our back up QB might be benefitting from the heavy betting lines? 4/11 for 29 yards and not even close to hitting receivers. Not even being rushed hard. Ok, ok I guess he is a back up for a reason. Hope beyond hope Justin doesn't get injured.
Comment 24 Oct 2019

Bars/Pint houses tend to come and go in and out of popularity and new joints open up every so often so I appreciate the updated perspective. Thanks for all the info! 

Go Bucks!!

Comment 15 Aug 2019

VSIN on Sirius, these guys talk about all things vegas and sports betting, discussing the upcoming games and odds as well as outliers, historical analysis of matchups and all things that will impact the games. Our friend Brent Musburger is on one of the shows. They bring different people on all the time with different knowledge about games/match-ups, etc. They aren't necessarily handicappers but they talk about why it is a good bet or a bad bet. 

Comment 28 Jul 2019

Buckeyes will be ok, we have had backs play to levels of the hyped 5 star recruits. Personally strong 4 stars are probably better than a 5 star who would be heading to the league after their sophomore year. this also opens options for the next recruiting cycle. Its clearly not the end all, be all concern. There have been just three 5 star running backs at OSU since 2000. Two were awesome, one didn't stick around.

Considering the two that stuck around, neither won the Heisman or the rushing record in the NCAA. they were both worthy of their 5 star ratings and obviously significant in the laurels of OSU football. Before ratings on 247 or ESPN, I am not sure where Hopalong or Archie would be, so I am not purposely discounting them. 

Here are a few that were extremely important to OSU: Antonio Pittman wasn't a 5 star, Eze wasnt a 5 star, Mike Weber wasn't, JK wasn't, El Guapo wasn't, Keith Byers, nope, Robert Smith wasn't. The last two were Maurice Clarrett and Beannie Wells. Clearly Eddie George wasnt a five star.Tim Specer had 3500 yards for OSU, 

Point being, of course 5 stars are very welcome at OSU and generally very productive, but not sure the drop off between 5 and four stars is that huge/important. I hope we get the best players, but in a vacuum, I believe it is not hardly worth freaking out over. 

Comment 28 Jul 2019

Would love to see Dobbins get 1500 yards rushing, and I know there will be more of an emphasis for the run compared to last year, but the O line is unproven, Day's offense will spread the ball around and  they will let Teague compete much like last year as Weber took carries alongside JK. Fields will be running regularly as well. 1500 rushing and receiving yards, no brainier but 1500 rushing only might be a bit of a reach given the weapons and offensive game planning expected. 

Comment 19 Jun 2019
Ramzy! Story teller! Fabulous read and exceptional about OSU history, great coaches earning first time jobs inheriting great talent from the previous dude who was exceptional except for a punch, not beating Michigan, going only 9-3 every year and finally allowing athletes to put ink on their bodies so they could have a competitive advantage. Interesting to see how OSU coaches go away, but being a badass is always on all of their resumes. In a way it (and no COY since 79) drive Buckeye Nation. Weird? Maybe! Cult worthy, very possible.
Comment 19 Jun 2019
So this is all part of our learning experience about the new coaching staff. UFM understood to compete with Alabama the Bucks needed to add more speed. Ohio State has/had the speed. Compared to Tressel the UFM Buckeyes had much more speed. Was that the secret sauce to beat Bama and win as Natty? Sure seems it played a part. Is that where RD's head is at? He has never coached in the SEC except as a GA for one year. It's an interesting perspective... new first time head coach, does he understand the national landscape? I clearly believe his X and O's will be phenomenal and he needs to recruit to that. Yet is his knowledge of how to compete on the national stage there? 1000% behind him, this will be a learning experience for all of us. GO BUCKS, Xichigan still sucks!
Comment 09 Apr 2019

I am great at compartmentalizing... On the one hand, I will never forgive BM for trying to "plant" the flag regardless. However, as a long suffering Browns fan, I will be rooting for huge things from him and for the Browns. I can separate the two without issue. Similar to LeBron. I am rooting for him, he has done great things for Cleveland area, however, I hope the Lakers lose every game which effectively hurts LeBron.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

StoryTellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I would have read much more when I was younger if you were writing books, Mr. Ramzy!

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Love it! Gene has served OSU well and has been a true leader. He didn't create the debacles of tattoos or spousal abuse. There is no playbook on how to handle every one of these situations, especially under the NCAA and specifically Emmert. For me, I put Gene just under Andy Gieger worthy primarily because Andy was significant in raising the funds to build the prominent infrastructure needed to bring in top coaches and student-athletes, his vision of OSU's needs impeccable. (I am guessing there are people on the site who have no clue who Andy Geiger is). Anyway, if one is struggling with Gene Smith and this honor, evaluating the overall success and benefit of TOSU financially, competitively and stature especially considering the number of athletic programs to be managed against the hiccups caused by bonehead moves from others within a colossal athletic program, that is how one should evaluate him. TOSU is very lucky to have him and his leadership and they recognize that with this honor. Well played TOSU.

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Saw this one. I think they have officially submitted to TOSU:

"Totally disagree. In the next 3-4 years we will beat OSU in a totally meaningless end to a craptastic 7-5 or 8-4 season with zero substantive meaning on the line."

"Then theyll hammer us for another 6-9 years straight again. "

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Saw this one. I think they have officially submitted to TOSU:

"Totally disagree. In the next 3-4 years we will beat OSU in a totally meaningless end to a craptastic 7-5 or 8-4 season with zero substantive meaning on the line."

"Then theyll hammer us for another 6-9 years straight again. "

Comment 09 Nov 2018

my two thoughts on this subject:

1) Let us see what Tate can do. Haskins is a beast, but such a beast that will probably leave for the NFL after this season. Get Tate a little action in real games, not just mop up to see what we have next year and oh by the way it will put stress on the opposing D trying to figure out what package they should have in.

2) Let us see Haskins run some more. He has decent legs, he isn't going to outrun a lot of people but run enough to keep opposing D's off-balance. Maybe UFM is awaiting the Scum game to do that, maybe not. In this scenario, we need the threat of the RPO to be able to throw downfield and get the RB's free to do their thing. 

Change is not always a bad idea.

Comment 09 Nov 2018
Well said, perspective is always the best approach. Waiting for the colossal build up of scum between now and 11/24 and while I expect a close game, my money is on the BUCKEYES, it will be that much sweeter that much more of a dagger in skunk weasels heart and therefore much more delightful.
Comment 08 Nov 2018

This is what it is all about. How many times in the 90's did we compete against Scum as the #1 team in the nation and lose to a lesser team? Too many times. So this is gonna be a fun game and Michigan is licking their chops. Its been a struggle for our Buckeyes, but this game is setting up nicely for Urban to go 7-0 against Michigan and Mr Khaki pants to be 0-4 against THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. All the pundits will predict Michigan to win after shellacking Indiana and Rutgers and rightfully so. But I suggest you Embrace the current Suck and be ready to enjoy an excellent Saturday in late November! It might be an edge of the seat, significant alcohol drinking, sailor cursing kind of game but given where we are at this season, I am really looking forward to and assuming a tight game where the BUCKEYES shatter the khakis at the end of The Game! How sweet is that gonna be?

Comment 28 Sep 2018

PSU will be ready and it will be interesting through 3 quarters. Maybe even the nits holding a halftime lead. 

However here are a few tidbits no one is talking about:

  • PSU played McSorely into the 4th quarter in 3 of the 4 games they played (and he only has a 54% completion percentage). I noticed Kent State was within 18 at halftime, App State took them to overtime (In HV) and against Illinois it was 28-24 at halftime. 
  • I suggest their D is very suspect. Yes they have a 55.5  scoring average and with McSorley playing into the fourth Q in three of those games they eventually pulled away from these teams not ranked. That also suggests their D played into the 4th Q. 
  • Our #1 D and our #1 O had been pulled by halftime or early third in 3 of four games, only TCU did they stay longer. TCU D is ranked 30th and they have played OSU and Texas. PSU D is ranked 45th and they have played App St, Kent St., Illinois and Pitt (none ranked). 
  • I say the white out makes things tough for the Bucks through 1.5 - 2.0 quarters (Pee bombs notwithstanding) and then based on adjustments and our #1 Offense running over a suspect PSU D the Buckeyes pull away and win! 38-24. 
  • However, IF the whiteout has zero effect on Dwayne Haskins, the Buckeyes will blow PSU out (45-17), make it to the playoffs and Dwayne the Train will win the Heisman. 

Remember, you heard it here first. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Urban made mistakes. He is owning up to them. I accept his apology for what it is. The flip side of his mistakes and his apologies is that the media is never interested in what you do well, only what you did wrong, it's a business model that sells. Look at your local media and watch the number of murders or house fires or car crashes on the evening news every single night. Unfortunately, this thing would have festered all year long, impacting recruiting and allowing our rivals to negative recruit. Urban needed the Rinaldi interview (did you see Rinaldi's faux outrage? It was classic) and the presser as It all had to be put on the table to move forward. The media business is all about the gotcha, it sells eyes and advertisers. They are going to keep this festering as long as they can. In a nutshell for OSU and UFM to move forward, they needed to be shark bait for the media and that is exactly what we got over the weekend and today. Hopefully, we can all move forward.

Comment 13 Sep 2018

As a reminder GameDay will be at TCU campus which is south of downtown Ft Worth. Not much there a few small joints. Downtown Ft Worth in Sundance Square (Where GameDay set up for our NC game) has a ton of options as far as bars, sports bars, and every type of dining experience you could get. That might be happening as well during the afternoon as TCU/Ft. Worth go hand in hand. If you are staying in Ft Worth (15 miles to AT&T) then that might be an option before you head to Arlington. The 7th street district also has some cool places but as far as quantity and mega option Sundance Square probably is the best choice. The Tailgate Tavern (near (At&T) has the OSU Alumni pep rally from 12:30-3:30 and I think Eddie George and a couple other Buckeyes will be there including cheerleaders according to the owner when I was in there after the Barcelona match (Game Day will be over by 11 am). Grapevine Texas (adjacent to DFW airport on the north side has a major wine festival this weekend as well. So if you are coming early or staying late that might be an option for Sunday or Friday etc. Good music, great wine, craft beers, etc. especially if you are staying in an airport area hotel.