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Comment 15 Jan 2018

The problem with many of the statements is there no way to prove someone could have done a better job. Have there been missteps by Gene, of course. But in the scheme of what has evolved at OSU athletics it would be hard to assume anyone could have done it as well as Gene. But if the post is about whether or not Gene Smith has done a top tier performance at OSU, the facts say yes and If people want to focus on those few missteps then so be it, but it clearly pales in comparison to his broader accomplishments especially when you compare him to his contemporaries at larger universities. Simple as that.

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Minions as your emoji - perfect fit for a simplistic viewpoint of how easy it must be to run an athletic department in D1. Of course I am sure you do it all the time so I will stand down.

Comment 15 Jan 2018

The revenue coming in is as high as it has ever been allowing tOSU to have the largest number of division one athletic teams providding students to enjoy OSU beyond the traditional sports. Having said that, OSU's brand is as high as it ever has been and named the highest valued football program in all of the nation ($1.5b). Those things and the quality of coaching are worth evaluating the effectiveness of the AD. I'll take Smtih over any other AD anytime anywhere and any AD building their athletic programs to the level of OSU would need to consider some of the challenges OSU has faced as well. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

I believe the underlying theme from the original post was that it was too easy to blame a non-CFP appearance on JT by too many where in essence there are lots of reasons for not making it including but not limited to JT. People collectively (with pitch forks in hand) fixated on some missed passes and wanted him benched but you could look at many different factors to see more than just JT being the issue ( what was his passing %?h. I reference the pitch forks because obviously JT heard the noise as he seemed to have to answer for all of the Buckeyes woes every week.  But apparently the average fan can't see the missed blocks or missed assignments or not being gap sound so it is the missed passes that are to blame. He was an easy target for far too many. The same "fans" who once blamed all season issues on D coordinator Luke Fickell and wanted his head and prior to that wanted AD Smith fired for different reasons. It's almost as if everyone and every thing is disposable at their whim. 

Comment 20 Dec 2017

what? One foot out the door? I must have missed every press conference and his recruiting schedule to understand he has a foot out the door. because Dabo said so makes UFM have a foot our the door? What? you agree with Dabo? Where are your facts... You are resonating with negative recruiters and with the stupid... you know the people who wanted Gene Smith fired, the people that wanted Luke Fickell fired, and it appears to set up that Meyer isn't on board with OSU? Sad Sad Sad faux fans everywhere. Oh and that little hit piece about Shelley Meyer.... Unless she is tweeting you personally I see very little "Vocalness" about Shelley than yours. And from what I understand... not one person is calling you a retard, just that there are dogs on the street that have more smarts than you. Many loath incompetent idiotic opinions without facts and sans legitimate details, not me I enjoy the fact that there are people out there that actually post moronic things and I can get a good laugh out of it. .No one is knocking you at all, it's your life and choice to say Pee Wee Herman type of things... but that perception does lend itself to being used against you. Merry Christmas Tinkerbell!

Comment 10 Dec 2017
So exactly why haven't we scheduled the clowns from Knoxville? We owe them a few beat downs. Obviously beating down the SEC in every situation is good and more than likely better than playing Cincinnati. The last time we ppl played them they one so thw y have this weird superiority complex even though they are absolutely putrid in both person and uniform.
Comment 08 Dec 2017

I'm with you... but the committee is so unpredictable I am sure they would use that against us to keep Bama in. 

Comment 08 Dec 2017

Why is OSU playing at Jerry World?  $$$    Jerry is paying stupid money for the matchup. He knows TCU will have fans there (albeit a much smaller fan base) and OSU will have a boat load of fans in the stands. It will be similar payoffs to a bowll game with OSU getting more of the $$$ due to travel requirements. 

I for one want to see this game for 2 reasons:

1) I live in the DFW Metroplex so it saves me some travel expense versus coming up to Columbus for a game (annual ritual).

2) TCU fans (I am around them a lot unfortunately) still believe they got hosed when the playoff committee picked OSU over TCU and in their minds, OSU is to blame. They would love nothing more than to humiliate us on national tv besides what it would do to their program/recruiting. It would shut them up pretty good if we walk in to their backyard and dominate them plus it should help us with Texas recruiting. 

Comment 28 Nov 2017
Who knows how the committee will eventually decide. However I have said three weeks ago I wouldn't want to see the Bucks back into the playoffs. That said many of the front runners have fallen in front of us. I think Bama shouldn't be in, their only test resulted in a loss. I would love to see a OSU/Mayfield rematch, and I think the committee might as well. Then bring on Clemson in the final. Killing two demons in a span of a week would be awesome! Go Bucks! And as always, Michigan still sucks!
Comment 25 Nov 2017

I did notice journeyman O'Korn and People-Jones take the same approach as Hairbaugh, when the going gets tough, blame it on the refs. Did you see the idiot flag requests by SCUX?

Comment 08 Nov 2017
Looking forward to five straight beat downs. And I could care less about the playoffs this year. I don't wish OSU to back in to anything. Beat down the two schools from up north Illinois, Wisky and whoever wants to play us in a bowl game. 5-0 heading into next year is fine with me given where we are at. Looking forward not backwards...
Comment 01 Nov 2017
I love to see thes e guys stick with it. Even if he didn't stay healthy this year he stuck to it and now his focus and attitude are paying dividends. Imo there are a couple of awesome things coming together for JD and the Buckeyes... 1) the sideline to sideline passing threat is providing an opportunity to loosen the defenses up and providing a nice down field threat JD and in the case of Baugh have been recent recipient's. 2) the O coaching staff was still establishing the sideline to sideline passing plan through the first 4-6 games of the season as such when we played Oklahoma the new offensive scheme was extremely limited building up to what we are now experiencing from JT's recent success and Johnny's success is that O game planning is starting to gel. It's great to be a Buckeye and the future is very bright.
Comment 18 Oct 2017
So you're saying you used selective stats to make your case... like leaving out JT's 10.7 avg yards per pass in 2014? Or the fact that Nebraska was ranked 10 by every poll in that particular season. JT is a winner who has had 3 different O coordinators in 4 years. I believe this year the O has been building up to different schemes under Wilson that they didn't have against Oklahoma yet. Urban even said so. Unfortunately there is a faction of "me now" fans out there that are never satisfied and are pound foolish and penny wise. Examples are those that needed Fickell fired and those that wanted AD Smith fired in the midst of Tressel issue. The way I understand this is that Urban knows and you don't. JTB greatest QB in OSU history... show me the stats where he isn't. I'll be waiting.