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Comment 26 Jul 2017

I wonder about Zac Smith as a coach... we cruit 4 and 5 star receivers every year and i know he is a great recruiter but this is the second year in a row (maybe more) where the coaches are questioning WHO is going to step up in zone 6. Maybe it was the o line not giving JT enough time, maybe it was JT with not great accuracy but I know UFM has stated it before that he will be looking to see who will step up as X and Y and I have heard this in the past. I wonder if he is able to coach up the talent. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017
Randy Gregory, Greg hardy, dez bryant... cowboys have had plenty of players who have been in trouble. We all want Zeke not to follow in those footsteps for sure. He is what, 22? There are a lot of dudes here in Dallas who punch idiot DJ's and especially would love to at that doorman. There are a bunch of dudes at the Dallas St. Patty day parade having fun with young girls on parade routes.... Anyway he needs to understand he lives under a different microscope.that probably is hard to do at 22 with millions in his pockets and an instant celebrity in one of the larger cities in the US. Hopefully some of his group will keep reminding of the different lens he is under. That said most of the bruh's down here and hotties are eating up his celebrity status.
Comment 17 Jul 2017

I'm going, bought president cup tickets that I plan to go on Thursday and Friday and possibly Sunday and head to see the Buckeyes on Saturday. Should be a pretty cool weekend. 

Anybody have any ideas if there is good tailgating pre/post game there?

Comment 13 Jul 2017
I have a dilemma... i.live in.Dallas and have been.offered tickets to gators vs ttun in early September. I love college football and.definitely would love to see this game (Jerry world). However.do i root for our arch rival skunk weasel or.SEC trash Florida? Help me! Pick the least of.two evils would be what? Root for a B1G win against SEC which will help elevate the B1G or rroot against scum? Either.way i am wearing scarlet and gray and that should piss both fan bases off
Comment 28 Jun 2017
Even with a crappy season last year, he made heady calls! He doesn't turn it over and looks for positive yards. Imo with a better offensive scheme he will end up with more yards and a better completion % than in 2014 and 2015. And he will take the Buckeyes to the promised land because he makes heady calls along with a better schemed offense. For all the haters of IT what else do you want as a Buckeye fan? Unless he gets hurt he will have a monster year and the Buckeyes will easily make the playoffs. Again I ask the haters what more do yhou want?
Comment 28 Jun 2017
You must have been sitting above the pee bomb barrage. Loud yes, faithful fans yes, but crappy atmosphere for visiting fans. We have that reputation from time to time... makes one think.
Comment 02 Jun 2017

So as someone who has to travel in to Columbus (2 hours) I prefer the 3:30 games. Allows to travel in without getting up at the crack of dawn, tailgate, watch the skull session, go to the game and head back home and get home at a reasonable hour. I realize many are Columbus based but not everyone. 3;30 is ok in my book for many reasons and exactly why the hell do you want to do anything else on any given Saturday but revel in a Buckeye victory anyway?  

Go Bucks!

Comment 07 May 2017
Reading between the lines I am guessing we don't know how long Schiano plans to stay. I am sure he wants to be the head guy somewhere. So it is wise for UFM to have "associates or "Co's" rather than go in to the next season without some continuity. This has been his approach since coming to Columbus. That said I fully expect Schiano to be calling the plays with input. I Don't know how you rate this approach but it seems to be working AND it gives guys a chance to add to their resumes. Keeps the up and coming talent in the fold for C-bus as a destination job.
Comment 27 Apr 2017

When the other teams REACH for Qb's especially Chicago there is so many great value picks coming up this makes so much sense including picks # 2, # 9, #11, #15, # 16, # 18, # 19 and # 21 according to Mayock. We are at pick # 16 and with 9 more to go, the Browns can get a ton of value. This is a no brainer and this draft is DEEP.

Keep in mind now that the Browns have two #1's next year they can offer one for Garropollo or McCarron still this year. Not only that, next years QB's in the draft will all be better than this years. So draft a ton of talent at great value this year, have a zillion picks next year AND get a better pro QB prospect in either a trade or next years draft.... Makes 100% sense to me. Love it!

Comment 27 Apr 2017
Sooner we play them will generate credit toward fpi and all that stuff. TCU and in particular Patterson watched what happened at Baylor and has had an equal share of players who are not necessarily sexual assault offenders but not too far removed. There last two Qb's have been in trouble.many other players have found the police blotter as well. In the last three recruiting classes have gone 21 in 2015, 22 in 2016 and 33 in 2017. I believe the Provost has told the AD and Patterson there is no way TCU expects to turn into Baylor. Get them while they still have a winning reputation. Go Bucks!
Comment 27 Apr 2017
Imo this is great for recruiting and as someone that lives down here i am happy the many Buckeye fans that live here can see them. Too many TCU people only remember Gordon Gee's comments and they still think they should have played for the NC in 2015. I will love nothing more in front of a packed stadium to watch TCU get stomped and especially in front of top Texas HS talent and steal a few more from Herman and TCU. #biggerpicture
Comment 22 Mar 2017
How does the saying go? Give Michigan a fish they will be able to eat dinner, teach OSU how to fish and they will continue to land the best fish? Sad wording I am sure but the analogy isn't so bad... Michigan hires High School coaches to land one top 5 player. Ohio State hires proven coaches especially now with NFL experiences and get multiple 5* recruits each season. Barnum Harbaugh has raised the interest in Meatchicken but hasn't figured out how to grab top talent on a regular basis. Personally I am more concerned about holding off Herman than Harbaugh.... wait Herman just hired Beck... never mind
Comment 17 Mar 2017

105.7 sounds like a bunch of whiney asses, Zeke is 21. Yes he can still get more "grown-up", but come on. I am fond of Spiels and I take his approach is to send a wake up call to Zeke so I respect that.. How about picking up the phone and share his interest in showing Zeke the best approach?

Internet fights are hilarious. Radio stations calling each other out is childish. too many people with too many opinions makes for great drama. Thanks for the amateur show!

Comment 11 Mar 2017
When the starting QB notices and feels the heat from "a small %" (yeah, right!) Then there is an issue. If JT leaves with almost every record and a win % over 90+% and he potentially regrets playing for TOSU because of the idiot over zealous fans, then our "fans" are complete assholes. My god it's not like we support Purdue. Enjoy what we have instead of picking every minor issue apart. I trust JT and Urban taking us to the highest level.what's wrong with me? Morons with an opinion.
Comment 10 Mar 2017
Sometimes as an Ohio State fan I can see why others hate Ohio State fans. JT is about to set almost every OSU QB record and it is not good enough. Personally the jelly bellies who are complaining are your typical Internet football player wannabes. I hope JT has a "stick it up your ass fake fans" kind of year. Urban isn't concerned in as much he walked a terrible QB coach and a wannabe O coordinator. So JT starts and two coaches are shown the door. I trust Urban about these things more so than some lame ass "fans" who happen to have access to the internet. Looking forward to some of you idiots eating crow this year. Clown asses!
Comment 27 Feb 2017

Personally I felt JT wasn't confident with his recievers last year.and it put him out of sorts. The O line struggled to some degree that also put him in check down or run for yards situations. JT has the skills as proven in 2014. Technically skills don't just disappear and so I believe the new coaching and the changes to coaching had an influence on him as well and ultimately their choices made him less confident. Get him some help and he will take this team to the promise land. 

If the suggestion is Meyer would never take JT out, if I am Meyer I am not taking him out either. Given the passing game woes last year for reasons mentioned above the Buckeyes still went 11-1 and much of that had to do with the defense and primarily JT not taking negative plays. Give me a smart leader like that all day every day. 

Who knows id Wilson and Day are the answer but for sure the Buckeyes offense regressed since Tom Herman left. While the quarterback who was in Herman's system and set records is still here. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I agree with original post. Bilas is a little too fond of himself. He knows his stuff but he is a complete ass hat.