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Comment 22 Jan 2019

I think Brady and Montana are very similar in that neither one has/had a cannon for an arm or were physically dominant.  It was their head and heart that made them great.  

As to Brady being a back-up, that is a funny 'conspiracy theory' amongst the maize and blue.  It is alleged that Henson was continually courted by Steinbrenner/NY Yankees and that made it almost impossible to keep Henson on the bench.  The theory goes that Steinbrenner was a fan of OSU (I have no idea if that's true) and it was done on purpose to lure Henson away.  So to keep Henson there he got to play more than he might have.   Also, kids develop and that happens at all stages.  Brady didn't start when he got to the pros, either.  Heck, I played longer than most and I would like to think that I was getting better, albeit older, as the years rolled by.  

And I don't mean this snarky at all, but I don't know who Michael Thomas is.  Was he an OSU QB?  

Comment 22 Jan 2019

Homey, you might want to rethink that position.  Did you see the final two drives by Brady?  As perfect and clutch of a performance as you'll ever see.  He has done that countless times in his career and in the biggest of games. 

And while you list a number of excellent, HOF worth QB's, compare their achievements.  Montana, who is a friend of the family, was surrounded by a virtual teamful of HOF players like Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Hacksaw Reynolds, etc.  Montana also had arguably the finest offensive mind in football as his head coach, Bill Walsh.  Name the HOF'ers that Brady has played with at NE.  I'm sure there are a few, but nothing like 49'ers had.   Manning whined more than any QB to play the game and won it, what, twice?  Favre was great but erratic, to put it mildly.  Rodgers has won it, what, one time?  Elway only twice.  

Brady is greatest QB of all time.  9 Super Bowls will never, ever be repeated.  He is a mediocre athlete with an exceptional mind and competitiveness.  Call it like it is, the guy is great.

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Great, though somewhat horrifying picture.  Jesse is surrounded by probably 50,000 people, most of whom will enable the most prolific mass murderer outside of Stalin and Mao - they all sit with their heil Hitler arm up including the guy behind him.  Meanwhile Jesse salutes the greatest flag of all time and listens to our national anthem.  That'd be like listening to hymns in hell.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

McSorely played most of the game, though he was sub'd out (and back) much of the second half.  I was aware his knee was dinged up vs. Iowa the week before, but he was running pretty well.  His lateral movement may have been impacted, but his straight line running looked pretty good.  Of note, PSU did score with under 2 minutes left vs. the #2's on defense.  

Comment 19 Nov 2018

In college football I don't think past games effect present performance very much at all, so in that respect I don't put too much stock in worrying about how 20-22 yr old kids perceive games from prior years - they weren't paying that much attention back then and are too focused on the task at hand to be preoccupied by it.  I would add that I speak from at least some personal experience on that one.

Like many Michigan fans I wasn't too pleased with our kicking of FG's in the red zone on Saturday.  However, I do hold out some hope that part of that was impacted by two things.  One was that we didn't want to put anything on tape.  I'm not saying we've got the razzle-dazzle play to end all plays, but there are some variations and opening up of the playbook that I suspect we kept under wraps.   The second one is that our very talented field goal kicker has the shanks.  Bad.  So we used our kick off guy instead for the very first time and he was perfect and the size sample was huge.  I would add that if I was your special teams coach I'd be working on big up the middle push b/c the kick off guy has a big leg...but a lower than normal trajectory on kicks.  None of you are OSU coaches, right?

Comment 18 Nov 2018

And I haven't watched a ton of OSU football, but you do have defensive issues - not with talent, but with the coaching, IMO.   We aren't explosive, we're more of a persistent hammering, eventually caving the wall in.   Looking forward to the game Saturday, not in some cocky fashion, but because I love good football and I expect Saturday to be a lot of that. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Learning to navigate this site.  All I can see is a "+8 HS", I guess that's a net score given your comment?  

If you look at our year versus yours, its no surprise we're favored.  But the differences aren't as dramatic as some want to make out (my side, included) and emotion will make a difference.  Its good to remember two things: 

1. the Citadel was kicking to take the LEAD against 'bama yesterday, in Tuscaloosa.   In the second half.   You'd have a better chance of guessing the Megamillions lottery number than you would have of predicting that yesterday.

2.  The transitive property is almost completely worthless in college football, i.e., you had this score vs. Team A, while we had a better/worse score against Team A, therefore you can extrapolate from there.   Kind of works in the pros, more of a science.  Does not work in college ball.  That's one of the things that makes college football the single best viewing (and playing) sport. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Trying to be objective here (I'm a Michigan guy), your pass offense is the real deal, no doubt about that.   If  our D-line can get to Haskins, then that will be a problem for you guys.  Keep Haskins on his feet and that is a game changer.   I think your run game is good, not great, and our run D is pretty darn good.  So that's probably a push.   

I think the bigger variables are your D vs. our Offense.  We're a good ball control offense, but not without our problems.  Can you guys stuff our run?  You have tons of talent but as I mentioned last week, I think you have cancer in that club house and it begins at the top.  I see people here complaining about your linebackers, but the problem isn't the athletes, its the coaching, or lack thereof, that is the issue.  Has the defensive play been trending upwards for you these last few weeks?  Can you fix a last few issues/holes this week?  

 The game should be exciting for any college football fan.  No blow out either way, more of a barn burner.  Hopefully our turn this year, but that's why they play games, right? 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Vegas has Michigan at a 3.5 pt favorite.  I suspect the game will be higher scoring and not a blow-out in either direction.   I don't get all the buckeye doom-n-gloom.  You are 10-1, just like us.  Granted, you've had a few too many close shaves, but 10-1 and playing at home is not a reason to predict disaster against Michigan.