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Comment 18 May 2011

A friend of mine found an unbelievably douchey and hilarious clip of a Michigan fan that should make you ready for some football. (Lots of other hilarious stuff there too.) You gotta see this and COMMENT on it! http://idoalready.tumblr.com/

Comment 16 Apr 2011

Wow, what a breath of fresh air to hear talk about such serious subjects on a football site. Great way to draw attention to a great cause and you discussed it with intelligence and fun.

Comment 25 Mar 2011

Had Tressel not lied the NCAA could be focusing on far greater moral issues than selling jerseys and getting tattoos. Programs all over the country are thanking him for taking the heat.

Haven't we students of history seen this before? A small indiscretion covered up becomes a far bigger scandal than the original acts.  Is Jim Tressel NCAA's Nixon in a Sweater Vest?


Comment 15 Mar 2011

I think this should have been two separate articles. I don't know enough about the Herbstreit situation as I am not in Columbus, but it seems trivial compared to the Tressel one. I can't help but notice that the Tressel part of the article is similar to my own posted today:

Is Jim Tressel Nixon in a Sweater Vest?


I'm a Buckeyes fan but this was pretty awful by OSU.

Comment 05 Feb 2011

I had the privilege of attending an elite liberal arts college founded in 1815 also King's College, at Cambridge University in England so I know what the goosebumps are like the first day on a historic, impressive campus. I also know what those of you lucky enough to be Buckeyes mean. Having visited the campus I felt the same sense of the ghosts of greatness, of tradition, of family. I became a fan of the experience I never got even at Cambridge -- sharing that spirit in the magnificence of following Buckeye athletics. The Big Ten schools all have a prestigious hallowed atmosphere unmatched by other American schools except perhaps the Ivy League. But Ohio State stands above them all. I have adopted tOSU and bleed scarlet and grey, with the nod to my English education as spelling grey with an "e". For any of you reading this who have not had the experience of visiting during academic term, especially on a football Saturday, this is one of America's great destinations. I have also shared the O-H- around the world so I-O to the Eleven Warriors team for this. Go Bucks!

Comment 21 Jan 2011

Awesome all the way! The hilarious "rap" videos by Notre Dame and Indiana really really tried so hard to be so hip. They were terrible. This is just plain fun. You really sense these are just a group of regular guys who are really really good at something else.