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Comment 30 Dec 2019

If Bama smacks scUM then the pundits (ESPN) are singing Bama and the SEC praises.

Knowing that said praises come at TTUN's expense makes the whole exercise tolerable, if not enjoyable

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Anything that injects even a modicum of common sense into the process would be welcome at this point. This zero-tolerance, no questions asked, horseshit has to go

Comment 29 Dec 2019

You mean the time when Clemson tried to break an ankle?

43 and 47 are shockingly dirty players

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This sucks. This hurts. This will pass.

Indeed, and if we're both really lucky the Bears will find a way to end up with Burrow

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Olave and Fields have nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes shit just happens. Both players balled out all season long, and I can't wait to watch them again next year

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Herbie stood up for the reception/fumble that was not

One correct observation does not negate 3+ hrs of sucking/slurping sounds when discussing Dabo or Clemson

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Targetting rule needs to be changed to where there is no ejection for the defender when the offensive player lowers his helmet into the defender

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Herbie was well beyond ass kissing during that game. Hopefully he rembers to wipe his mouth afterwards

Comment 29 Dec 2019

He fucking didn't. Their bitch of a QB deliberately lowered his helmet into the 5-inches shorter Wade. There was literally nothing Wade could have done once Lawrence lowered his own damn helmet to force the contact with Wade. That is why this rule is so fucked up -- offensive players shouldn't be allowed to game the system like that.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Lawrence 100000% intentionally lowered his head to force the helmet-to-helmet contact with Wade. If you want to eject players for "safety" then fucking eject Lawrence!

Wade is 6-1, Lawrence is 6-6, there's no way that collision happens if he (Lawrence) doesn't deliberately lower his helmet into Wades

Comment 23 Dec 2019

Hindsight is 20/20 but JJ should have done all 3..  or at the very least Disney should have told Rain you can do x,y and z but can't do a, b and c..

It honestly wouldn't have mattered who directed these films so long as Kathleen Kennedy was the one calling the shots on behalf of Disney/Lucasfilm. Since the very beginning she has been focused on pushing her own politically motivated agenda (see pic below, she's the one in the black t-shirt) and couldn't give two shits about telling a good (or at the very least, coherent) story.

The most tragic part is she was the hand-picked successor to George Lucas himself when he sold Lucasfilm to Disney - he honestly thought she legitimately cared about these characters and would treat them with the respect they deserved. Listening to her lies from their joint interviews at the time of the sale is enough to make the blood of any true Star Wars fan boil. The good news is that it appears she's finally on her way out at Disney.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

Rian did even worse on the second movie and should be banned from all things Star Wars forever.

Rian Johnson's movie was essentially a giant middle-finger to all longtime Star Wars fans, and if you didn't like it you were branded as misogynistic/sexist man babies.

It boggles the mind how poorly Disney has managed what was unquestionably one of, if not the, greatest intellectual properties in the world. Spinoffs aside, each successive movie undercuts the events of the previous film.

In some regards, JJ Abrams is the best directory for these movies as his characteristic rapid fire stupidity form of story telling effectively keeps you from thinking too much about any particular plot point before moving on to the next scene.

Rey being a descendant of someone else and giving them enough time to explain things in the third movie.

Rey totally should have been a descendant of Obi-Wan, particularly since he's getting his own series! It would have been the perfect opportunity to build-on/flesh out her backstory. But that's the kind of forward-looking story telling that Disney has thus far avoided with Star Wars (yet oddly enough has executed so perfectly with Marvel).