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Comment 16 May 2019

People just snap. A lot of times it doesn't even take a traumatic event to cause someone to go over the edge. They just wake up one morning and decide to kill a bunch of people.

Yes I'm sure a person that couldn't even stomach watching 2 people fight in the fighting pits would totally just snap and be all to happy to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children with dragon fire. Completely plausible.

How indifferent she was seeing her own brother brutally killed.

Her brother had literally just threatened to cut her baby out of her womb and then kill her. Earlier that day he told Dany that he would have happily let all of Karl Drogo's men AND THEIR HORSES rape her if it meant he could sit on the Iron Throne. Dude was a complete sociopath that used to beat and molest her before selling her into a forced marriage that she did not want. There was no love there.

How she used Dario was another case of truly how heartless she really is

Dario was her fuck-buddy, they both got exactly what they wanted out of that relationship. And no, she didn't "just want his soldiers" because if you remember she left Dario and his men behind in Essos to watch over the Free Cities for her.

a 10-episode story arc explaining why she went off the deep end. That is complete crap. Losing Jorah then Messandei the way she did was all that it took to trigger that cray cray. Adding 2 more episodes just to stretch that out wouldn't make it any more believable. 

Remember that time when they wrote a fantastic series about this character’s slow descent into evil without suddenly ignoring previous character development? But yeah you're right, they could have crammed that series into just 2 episodes and achieved the same payoff.

Comment 16 May 2019

If you can't see that, you're either choosing not to, or are way too invested in her character.

OR maybe I just happen to like good writing/story telling.

For the millionth time, I have no issues with Dany turning into the Mad Queen - so long as it is done in a plausible, believable fashion that does not contradict earlier character growth/development or parts of the story. Her character has always gone to great lengths to protect the innocent, particularly children. To have her throw all of that away and launch a scorched-earth campaign intentionally hunting down and burning innocent people and children is simply not believable given her existing character arc.