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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship
  • NFL TEAM: Da Bears, and whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • NHL TEAM: Chicago Blackhawks
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Comment 18 Jul 2019

My wife has a 16 Prius... The stigma of them only going 60 miles an hour is false

Absolutely correct, they are perfectly capable of hitting 65mph when going downhill - add a tailwind to the descent and they might even brush 67.

And for everyone that has ever been stuck behind a Prius in the left lane:

Comment 12 Jul 2019

FYI, your thread can still be voted-up/voted-down even when you intentionally disabled voting. That particular setting only applies to comments, not the thread itself and should only be turned off for open/live threads.

Edit: Nevermind, looks like the mods turned voting on.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

I think anyone who can look at it from the landscape of college football as a whole would agree that the sport is better when Michigan is in the thick of the title hunt year in and year out.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Cardale Jones just ran over him. Cardale always liked to keep things simple.


Comment 11 Jul 2019

The defense was a disaster that day!

I've seen wet paper bags that were harder to break through

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Leesa is OK, but is a bit soft for my liking after a couple years

Not surprising, considering the number of kids you and MrsJumar have cranked out

Comment 08 Jul 2019

too many stoppages of play so that networks can rake in advertising dollars is where the disdain comes into play

And here I thought everyone loved the "TD, commercial break, Extra Point, commercial break, Kickoff, commercial break" format

Comment 25 Jun 2019

I'm wholly incapable of rooting for TTUN to win anything, unless said contest is directly related to their suckery

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Sorry about that, misread your question. I think it's just a reflection/lighting artifact making it look open-bottomed

Comment 20 Jun 2019

One of my reasons for going the pellet route was to have the option of  quickly cooking burgers/brats/steak/chicken (albeit not quite as fast as gas, supposedly about 5-10min longer) in addition to low-and-slow if desired.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

2016 Fiesta 0 points

It's not like the first half was any better

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Anyone have experience with a wood pellet grill? Just ordered one (Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 w/ side mounted propane sear box) to replace my long time gas grill and I'm a bit apprehensive about making the switch. Any tips or do's/don'ts?