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Comment 17 Nov 2019
I think it's the transition from last year. The previous season was very dramatic with the Urban stuff, and of course Haskins, and the receiver corps. Now we get the new coach, and I like him, but he doesn't seem like a wild character. You have the mail orderesque qb sitch. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but something is lost the more you....make the NFL the focus. Not that every guy doesn't want to make the millions, and all that, but the idea of being an NFL training/holding camp....makes it feel different than just a few years ago. Throw all that into the rather boring playoff picture...I mean these other teams are locking up spots in the playoff by scheduling games. Haven't even played them yet. That's the talent disparity, the scheduling hijinks, the media buy-in. (Literally and figuratively) It feels different to me too this year. If it persists into next year, then maybe shake it up a little. Take an interest in a second team, perhaps. Things tend to get less interesting after awhile, in general.