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Comment 13 May 2020

Very topical, couldn't resist, plus it came highly recommended:

The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History by John Barry

Quite eye opening how poor US medicine was at the beginning of the 20th century. I didn't know the story behind the founding of Johns Hopkins and that school's unique role in modernizing US medicine. 

Comment 15 Apr 2020

Vaccines are definitely our best bet for a return to "normal" times again. Unfortunately, safe and effective vaccines take a lot of time to develop and test. With that being said everything (development, testing, clinical trials) will be accelerated for this. Anyone looking for a good primer on vaccine development for Covid:

Comment 21 Dec 2019

Don’t know how to add it...Last of the Mohicans, final fight seen. Daniel Day Lewis, Wes Studi, and the music.  

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Recently finished The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. I thought it absolutely lived up to hype. I liked it so much I decided to pick up The Underground Railroad by Whitehead. I liked it as well. Currently reading the new Edison biography by Edmund Morris.

Comment 29 May 2019

After seeing the trailers all spring, I recently bought “Midnight in Chernobyl “ by Adam Higginbotham. I highly recommend it. I couldn’t put it down. Having read the book and knowing more about what happened, it’s a little disappointing to know that Emily Watson’s character is completely made up. 

Comment 06 Jan 2018

Modern medicine is the main reason people live longer today compared to 100 years ago.  The pharmaceutical industry is a major part of that. I happen to work in the field and resent being told I’m apart of an evil industry. Yes, many drug companies have done some stupid marketing/pricing decisions over the years but that’s the exception rather than the rule. 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

I really liked Bursten. We're you there when they had the fire in the Coleman labs?

Comment 17 Oct 2014

2002 Chemistry grad here. I also started out pre-med (Biology major/Chemistry minor) and later as a result of a great Organic professor (Todd Lowary) switched my major to chemistry and never looked back. After five years of graduate school at another B10 school (UIUC), I landed a biotech job out here in NJ. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Caruana is the real deal. He'll give Carlsen a run for his money after this next championship cycle.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Charles G. Dawes. Vice President and Noble Prize Winner