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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: antoine winfield
  • NFL TEAM: browns
  • NHL TEAM: cbj
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Comment 02 Nov 2018

 It still amazes me that the offensive coaching staff decided to continue using the " read option " run game when it should have been very obvious to all that Haskins was not a threat as a runner. The decision to scrap the read option should have been made the day Haskins was named the starter.  Stubborness or lack of creatvity. ?  I'm sure the coaches are immeasurably smarter than me , so how has it come to this ?  Defensively, maybe this is just who they are:  average. I am still waiting for the punt and kick return teams ( granted there are few opportunities for kick returns in this era ) to make more big plays

Comment 02 Nov 2018

So many local TV and radio hosts say the Bucks have superior talent to everyone on their schedule. Who determines that ?  High school recruiting " experts " who assign a star value to 16-17 yr olds ?  They say OSU has more 4 and 5 star players so they must be more talented. Your play on the field determines how good you are.

Comment 25 Oct 2018

 The running game ( and red zone ) issues were predictable, the coaches should have seen them coming the minute Haskins was selected as the starter. When the coaches say they need to figure out how to run the ball without a running QB , it makes them sound just stupid.  Many teams don't have a running QB and still have great success in the run game, Wisky is a great example. The coaches do football for a living and I'm a just a guy with a keyboard, but really, how difficult is this. Trash the zone read, when you need to run, run it. Line up , I formation, tell the Slobs to get a hat on hat and drive block. Plenty of teams who are primarily in shotgun, go under center on short yardage . Purdue did it Saturday night. For Urban to stubbornly say, " we don't practice that " is ridiculous. I realize the O line is the key here, but using " zone read option " with a QB who is not a legitimate run threat is futile.

Comment 22 Oct 2018

Yes, it is too late to fix the scheme issues. That is part of what bothers me ,especially offensively. The coaching staff should have known that using " zone read option " principles was NOT going to be effective without a legitimate threat at QB. It just show either their stubbornness or lack of creativity. Plenty of team run the ball efficiently without a QB who is a runner. BTW , did anyone notice what Purdue did on their first TD of the 3rd qrt ? They are a mostly shotgun formation team, but they lined up in I formation, QB under center ( is that allowed ?)  and a lead blocker in front of the Tailback. I'm fairly certain Dobbins and Webber would be happy to receive the handoff while moving " towards " the line of scrimmage with a big blocker in front occasionally

Comment 21 Oct 2018
When Haskins was named starting QB, we all should have predicted this trouble with the running game. Using " zone read option " principles with a QB who is not a runner is the essence of ridiculousness. Many many teams run the ball effectively without a running QB . Wisky has done it forever. Bama is doing it now. Purdue is a " shotgun " offense, but did you see their first TD of the 3rd qrt ? QB under center, I formation, lead blocker in front of the tailback. Wow ! What a novel idea. Webber and Dobbins would love getting ball as they moved " towards " the line of scrimmage with a horse like BB Landers or Tommy Togia ( or other ) in front. Urban has has stubbornly refused to incorporate QB under center in the past. Maybe now is the time he swallows that arrogance considering Haskins inability to run. More likely, Urban will use Martell in short yardage, which is too predictable, handcuffs the offense and will backfire. Sorry for the length here, just sooooo frustrated
Comment 05 Oct 2018

 You don't need read option to be an effective running team , ask Wisconsin. I would like to see OSU get their QB under center and use a lead blocker in front of the tailback. If you are not using read option, there is no need to have the running back being handed the ball while stationary , standing beside the qb. If the OSU offense is changing to a more pro style attack, then it only makes sense to put the qb under center more. It makes play action fakes more effective. The read option as it is now for OSU, with Haskins at qb , is really no option at all. The defense knows Haskins is not keeping the ball, and he shouldn't, he is not a skilled runner.

Comment 03 Sep 2018

Not For Long. NFL. - every highly recruited high school player comes into college believing they will have long, lucrative pro careers. But , that is not the reality. Not every college player has an Orlando Pace, Antoine Winfield type career. The vast majority will not get drafted and the ones who are drafted will be fortunate to be in the league two or three seasons. Take your schooling seriously young Bucks. Take advantage of the opportunities given you as a Buckeye. Real life Wednesdays is the best program Urban has implemented.

Comment 29 Jul 2018

 If this was a job interview for Sullinger, then he must be disappointed.  I don't think Jared will ever get another NBA  opportunity. The NBA game has quickly evolved into a faster paced, shoot the 3 ball league, where teams value defenders who can switch the pick and roll and guard multiple positions.That is just not Jared's game. He is 6' 8" post player who has trouble finishing at the rim over longer athletes. He must create space horizontally because he is not a good leaper. Jared has soft hands, a solid skill set and good basketball IQ. As much as I cheered him as a Buckeye, I just don't see him fitting into today's NBA. I hope he can continue to make a nice paycheck in China or another foreign league.

Comment 29 Jul 2018

 S & G transition defense was awful.. Many times Team F just outran their defenders down the floor to get easy offense. Scoonie may need to consider re-tooling the roster, bringing in some younger guys who can run the floor. Sam Thompson and  Jaesean Tate  are two examples that come to mind. I hope they can convince Byron Mullens to return as well. He was the most athletic big S&G had at running the floor and defending pick and roll. He is closer to getting another NBA opportunity than anyone else on that roster.

Comment 28 Jul 2018

Craft was terrific in this game and everyone contributed. Good win. Jimmer vs Aaron will be fun Sunday.  I agree that how physical the officials allow Craft to be is key. Pigram is also a very good on-ball defender who can hopefully harass Jimmer, who btw, complains to the officials incessantly. He must get every call in China and think he deserves the same treatment here .  Lauderdale will be critical in this matchup, as he is best suited to defend Davies, a former NBA player.

Comment 26 Jul 2018

 Pro ball players make different money because of their individual contracts. They all receive an equal share of money earned for playoff round victories or league title. The latter should be the case here. The players have no contracts, they are participating in a winner takes all tournament. Everyone on the roster should receive the same amount, from Craft to Pigram to Lighty to Ravenel etc...