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Comment 23 Dec 2019

Lot of Vilma hate...correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Vilma and Jim Mora picked Ohio State to win the Natty on their show “College Football Live” after the Conference Championship games.  Regardless of what “they” say....our Bucks have to take care of business, or this garage will rinse and repeat all over again.  They are a Team of Destiny!!! 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I don't understand how scUM fans cry about the differences in "academic standards" as the primary reason for our dominance over them the past TWO DECADES.  Last I checked, the majority of recruits that sign with the BUCKs also have offers from scUM.  Just look at how many previous 5 and 4 star recruits we lost out on-due to their lack of academic eligibility to attend OSU.  OSU has a phenomenal academic reputation and the standard for all student athletes, including football, exceeds the minimum standard set by the NCAA.  In fact, under coach Meyer-OSU set records with academic achievement with its football players.  The Eleven Warriors site has posted several articles documenting these achievements. Those people up there are so miserable, using the same BS excuse over and over again for why they suck. 

Comment 13 Nov 2018

UNREAL....Reportedly, Brett McMurphy is set to release a NEW BREAKING STORY now alleging that HE was paid by Urban Meyer himself to release the initial story involving Z. Smith and now this Grimes nonsense, in hopes to "galvanize" the team late in the season; due to Meyer believing back in July they would lose to Purdue.  

When will this McMurphy guy stop with his ridiculous vendetta against Meyer and TOSU?!!!!!!