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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU VS Miami, OSU VS Bama, Kenny G VS Purdue, Diego Armando Maradona and the hand of god, 1994 world cup, killing mecheetagain every year!
  • NFL TEAM: Browns... lets not... lets not go there
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets but lets not spread it around
  • NBA TEAM: nahhh died with Jordan
  • MLB TEAM: Cubs... i am a gluttony for pain!
  • SOCCER TEAM: Real Madrid

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Comment 08 Jul 2020
Bulletin material for coach day, this is! I also think this has been one of the longest off season for these writers, in response to this they are scraping at the bottom of the borrow for sport material lol! And positioning themselves at the end of the recruiting season to right that they are justified to write these kinds of articles, if Coach wins the recruiting battle they will Write that they knew all along he could, if he dosen't they will say, they had their suspicions lol. But in the end I do not envy this job especial in the year of our lord 2020.
Comment 12 Feb 2020
Up north! Yes I'm might be stupid as you suggest. You calling me names has nothing to do with it. And yes I watch NFL here and there, Hokey here and there. Haven't watched a full game of basketball (NBA) since Jordan left the league. At one point I became a Full time and exclusively everything Buckeye. So not that you need to understand .all my reasons, but this is not just about this rape case,( and as I pointed out, the jury is still out, we don't know all that has happened) but rest assured, there are many problems of late with college footbal, it has become such a gigantic business with all kinds of people with many hands in it. I don't think this is the same thing as was,when Woody was still coaching for example. The education part of it has fallen by the way side, the attitude on both the institutions and the athletes also has changed drastically. One wants to exploit the other, and the other feels the constrain and at times acts out. And no I'm not giving reasons to what happened here, stricly speaking as in generality. The money boom in the sport is due to the overwhelming support of fans like me, but at the same time we haven't been responsible in our response to all the problems that have come with all the money. Sometimes you can just be intertained for so long before you decide what's important for your community, state or country. Are you not intertained? No friend this is last straw to a mountain of things that I can't stand anymore. And I know I can find something else to do than be entertained. And if you still don't get it. That's great as well, we are all going to choose, one way or the other, or let life choose for us.
Comment 12 Feb 2020
Guys, no kidding. If this happens to be true, I will not be able to stomach watching foobal in the remainder of my life. I will wait and be fair to both sides, but as bad as I feel right now, if this is true, I'm done with footbal, can't support anything like this. Hope and praying that this has some other explanation. Damn!
Comment 23 Dec 2019
Every time Swinney is brought up, I think of Swinney Todd! I just can't bring myself to think of him as a good guy, a great coach to be sure, a talented team and a great record, sure! But above all the man rubbz me the wrong way. Let's do for some exorcism this Saturday for woody, Braxton and company, and generally for that 0 we got against them!
Comment 15 Nov 2019
Is it strange that I can't muster any hate for Rutgers? Seriously people I have no ounce of hate for this team, i need to rewatch the Rutgers hype video, just the thought of them makes me docile like a baby!