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Comment 15 Sep 2019

Between BIG Network and with UFM on FOX I have no need and actually have not for years went to ESPN for CFB yes... their talk shows have raked tOSU over the coals way to many times for me to want to listen to them ... and oh yes Herbie has had a hand in that... So I'm not really sure if they're ignoring tOSu but I do know I ignore them....except for actual games I want to watch

Comment 15 Sep 2019

That would be Georgia... big difference... GT is bad this year

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I seen nothing wrong with the way the refs handled it... IIRC they let the play go if there are to many men on the field until the snap that gives the team with to many players a chance to call time out. I think they do that all the time... I think the reason there was no flag at first was the ref responsible for the count wanted to let replay  verify that he did not miscount... that is why they had the discussion after the play, IOW he wanted to let replay verify that he did not miscount ....

I was hoping Maryland was for real ... they still might be a good team but they may have went into Temple with really big heads and were not focused..IOW they still have to learn how to win and learn how to handle winning ... I still think they could be very dangerous to the Bucks if the Bucks take them lightly. In a couple weeks they could be ranked again.

Dantonio has never had really good O up at MSU , they have almost always leaned on great D and PRO type O with  some trickery mixed in while playing good special teams. Now a days that won't get you  far most of the time but you can be very respected for it as it will win you a enough games but usually lose enough to not go far. Iowa is almost an exact copy of that.

I'm looking for Wisky to beat ttun and the ttun beat ND...That way the Buckeyes can hand Wisky their first lose and ttun their 2nd....and ND will have a loss also... I call that strategic what is best for the Buckeyes thinking...

Maybe Brohm would  have been smart  to have  taken the Lousiville job... That row boat up in Miiny must be short on oars... I think Lovie will now be an underdog in the rest of their games except Rutgers...

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I like now a days how these kids recruit other kids ... I think it should help the Buckeyes... the technology was just not there not to long a go for that to be a big thing like it is today. This should be helpful I think for the Buckeyes... it seems that last year it was kids on the team doing a lot to recruiting Carton and Liddell....out of state kids... this has got to be helpful to Holtman and his staff that recruits are recruiting other kids and kids on the team are recruiting  these other kids to come and play with them.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

 This is why you want to see ttun beat ND, it may help the Bucks CFP shot....  of course this may  be unpopular for some obtuse OSU fans but it shouldn't be if your a true Buckeye fan... whatever helps the Bucks is all  that should matter...

Comment 12 Sep 2019

More likely end up in Cleveland or somewhere else... unless D shits the bed completely ... that said I have been waiting for JJ to fire Garret for about two years now...

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I'm not sure  if it wasn't the fact that Copper was just not a great coach period ( CF HOF does seem  to be that demanding and I think longevity seems to be a big qualifying point)  Looking at his overall record in what are considered Big games besides ttun  while at tOSU  3 wins and 8 losses in bowl games.  Overall 5 wins and 9 losses for his career in bowl games. His overall record of .691 winning % is not the thing legends are made of.

His Ohio State record is just a little bit better at .715 %  Earle Bruce with a overall .628 winning % had a .755% at Ohio State and a 6-5 overall bowl record but at tOSU had a 5-3 record.  Seems even with better football institution and more talent Coop was just not able to do that much with it. He just happened to be a little worse with ttun games which looking at things is not that much of a surprise.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

If that 2015 team would have not blown that game to MSU I think they would have repeated as NC's and that would have placed the 2014/2015 teams way up in anybodies ranking ... that one close loss ( and we would have probably beaten MSU 8 out of 10 times) kept us from reaching the playoffs that year...

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Special Teams Player of the Week
Logan Justus, Indiana
Jr., K, McCordsville, Ind./Mt. Vernon

Hit the game-winning field goal from 42 yards out with 2:32 remaining to give Indiana a 34-32 victory over Maryland
Added a 23-yard field goal earlier in the game and has now made six straight field goal attempts and is 13-of-15 this season
Converted on all four PAT attempts to total 10 of Indiana's 34 points on the day
Earns his first career Special Teams Player of the Week honor
Last Indiana Special Teams Player of the Week: J-Shun Harris II (Sept. 17, 2018)

This was the BIG ST player of the week last year the week tOSU played MSU and Drew had that amazing game... not sure how this could possibly happen but it did...I mean he had a nice game but not anything special like a Game winning kick as time expired and only two FG's the whole game... When compared to what Drew did it seems hard to explain...

Comment 08 Sep 2019

1) Buckeyes

2) Wisky

3) MSU mainly do to Dantonio and his history as MSU HC

4) Maryland mainly do to Locksley and his lack of history as HC 

5) PSU

6) Iowa

7) ttun

I could have put Iowa, ttun and PSU all at 5 as I do no think there is that much that separates those three but I left ttun at 7th mainly because of where is the O that we heard was so much improved. WIth  PSU as last week their O showed out and this week their D showed out and  Iowa is always consistently  above average and they are again

Comment 02 Sep 2019

I'm not nearly as excited as some about the QB under center ... if he is going to pass he still has to turn his back to the D to either hand off or fake and if he fakes he now has to try and look  and take time  and see what happened while his back is turned. .. that said as long as we mix up that look we can use that for the QB sneaks for  first down tries... IOW it is OK but I hope we see a large dose of the QB getting the ball most of the time in the back field in the shotgun type formation...and for the read option, passing  and RPO's ,etc...

Comment 02 Sep 2019

I know this won't be popular but I would like to see the Bucks using Fields and the read option,  fly sweep and  run counter plays with the two TE sets and  run the ball often and try and run it down their throats ... just mix in a few passes, bubble screens and use play action off those read options and try and hit big shots  every once in  a while. I really think using the running game is the best thing right now with this opponent and  Indiana   to get the OLINE and run game  time and experience to gel. I would try and work on the passing game more against Miami O. 

Comment 02 Sep 2019

The Ridder kid can present problems as he is mobile, can run and not a bad passer... their RB's are all 220LBS or better If I remember correctly so they will not be easy to get down especially if they get into the secondary.... this will be no easy match up as this Buckeye team right now... especially  the O has a new QB and O LINE that is learning and we really don't have a bell cow RB that we can hang our hat on... I think we need to see more of MTIII to keep the running game moving.. I really have questions about JKD , he is in his 3rd year and in the FAU game, though he had his moments, overall he looked just a little above avg at best running the ball and did  poorly on blitz pickups.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

It would be nice to see Maryland actually show for the BIG if they handle Cuse... If the Illini can  go from terrible to avg that will be a big step for them.... Still hard to believe that we lost to Purdue last year ... that has got to be the biggest WTF was that of the UFM era... NEB got off to a bad start last year and they don't have the talent to be a top team in the BIG but they may still be lucky/good enough give other BIG teams fits and losses.... For PSU beating an FCS team like that is what they call elite football...  Wisky being Wisky it seems , usually a tough out and the one of the best teams in the West every year..

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Delay of games are inexcusable ... especially for punt teams ... even when on Offense , I mean both have play clocks right in their faces and its the Shoe not some foreign stadium , but yet it seems to happen consistently. false starts are another one ... react to the ball .. guards and tackles are not that far away and its nearly in front of them, sure you see an occasional RB,WR go offsides but for some reason we have consistently OLINE being FSing  two or three times a game

on the plus side I think there was only one PI penalty   , that was a very nice change as it seemed like last year there were like 3 a game and sometimes more or about 3 per game avg

Comment 31 Aug 2019

I knew what it was going to be like  when I came here after the game.... it would have been terrible to have been here during the game  . I definitely think we could have played better but some people have no friggin perspective at all...

Comment 30 Aug 2019

This^  the UCLA QB was really bad last night  and it hurt a lot ... add that their top RB was out and things could not have gotten much better for Cincy ...