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Comment 18 Feb 2020

I could see a large number of kids leaving do to coaches leaving... there would have to be some rule changes in recruiting so teams affected could be allowed to take more scholarship players the next year then the IIRC 25 limit now so they could get their scollie number back up to the 85 limit for FB..BB would need to do the same  and I think BB should be allowed to have more than 13 scollies anyway but that is another issue... I would hope these things would be considered...

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Get on a run and finish the season the way they started it would be FUN... getting hot at the right time in the NCAA trny is the ideal scenario ... there are really no outstanding teams as of right now so anything is possible...

Comment 17 Feb 2020

Ideally they sweep em... but those two games do both look tough to win....I know I would feel much better about the future if DJ was back. He is not yet a vital  part of the team but he could be.. I think he can be that good but he needs to get himself right is to hoping it happens soon for him as he probably has a very bright future in BB

Comment 16 Feb 2020

Winners stay, losers go..most of the time you have exceptions and there probably should be more of them. We see that in Fitzgerald. This is a case of knowing your programs limitations and what you are willing to do to help or change those limitations as just switching coaches is only a part of that . Thus why Iowa is happy with Ferentz . Rutgers,Purdue would be wise to follow the Fitz model as you might be better off. Minny should have kept Mason..  

Comment 16 Feb 2020

 First of all, this post is in reference to the last 5-6 games

you can't have it both ways, you claim this and then you say the upperclassmen are what they are.

 I disagree that assist are most important tell,  assist totals are helped a lot by shooting %,  they pretty much go hand in hand.. Where TO's are a complete absence of and assist and a score...  SO if I'm picking what I want to see the majority of the time are low TO's and this team has a very hard time with that. In fact IMO it is this teams achilles hill and plays big in their scoring droughts and losses.

  I hope they run drills where passing the ball and it never touches the floor are part of the agenda along with each individual player should be spending much more time with dribbling and controlling the ball as these seem to be this teams biggest weaknesses so they better understand when to pass and how to handle the ball .. and keep the ball moving without turning it over.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I still like Dantonio and I think way to many folks are dumping on him ... I doubt we see anything  as bad from the NCAA as people are making it out to be...when it comes to the football program. Every program has a few bad eggs that cause problems and they get rid of them... Zack Smith anyone....

Comment 10 Feb 2020

XFL needs to move the season ahead a bit startin early Mar and end late May ...IIRC they end in late April... better weather for fans 

Definitely locate teams in and near college towns and have requirements they have so many former players from that college in some way  using some form of draft , it also might work in cities that have NFL franchises that have not had good results in years and then have so many former players from the favorite college team in that area or state.. Cincy and Cleveland fans alone might love for another team in their city with some former Buckeyes on it actually playing and seeing them  winning some games...

Comment 09 Feb 2020
Comment 09 Feb 2020

This team and this season are and have been absolutely frustrating. They are a offensively challenged turnover machine. The BB IQ is so lacking. Even though they looked good at the beginning of the season the TO's were always an issue but they would usually play much better O and that covered it. TO's come down to fundamentals most of the time and the lack of BB IQ and  you see  that also with the lack of offensive . The D is better but again you have issues with BB IQ even there. I don't see a lack of overall effort, it comes down to bad BB IQ and fundamentals.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

That will be interesting to watch whether Fick keeps Bollman. He'll definitely be crucified on this site if he keeps him for anything other than O line coach.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I think tomorrow is close to a must win... We come home to play Rutgers and they are surprisingly good and the Buckeyes need to get back to where they were before the train left the rails..... I hope Carton is good to go in a few weeks ... we need him.. Any update on how bad Luther is injured?