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Comment 14 hours ago

When the expectations are  low preseason and the Buckeyes turn in a great season you're  definitely more tuned into the games as the wins keep piling up ... 2002  2014 were both that way . Low expectations 2002 after only going IIRC 7-5 2001 and IIRC ranked at # 13 with only a QB with about 2 games of experience an just Coach T's 2nd year.

2014 losing Miller with a lot of Heisman hype preseason and starting  RS JT, ranked IIRC around # 16 and then losing at home IIRC the 2nd game to VT... 

These two seasons just grabbed your attention as we kept winning and getting better as the season went along. 

 and then 2015 being ranked #1 to start the season you have high expectations and then you don't see the team your expecting  even though they win most games and eventually lose.

We went into the 2006 season ranked # 1 but I was never sold on the D being that good and it wasn't in the end but they did enough to win and get to the BCS NC 

What the 2006 and 2015 seasons do is give you a great feeling  but the loses just rip that feeling away...

This season is different in that the expectations were fairly  high so I think you get relaxed after you see the wins start piling up and take things for granted  unfortunately these are the seasons when you get your heart ripped out, and I really hate saying that.


Comment 10 Nov 2019

They can be dominant until their not and that can be a problem .... with .football you have to have that mental/psychological edge at all times ...  the 69 Bucks were dominant until they went to Ann Arbor again the 73 team that played to a tie in AA... the 75 Bucks all they had to do was beat the UCLA team they had beat by 20 during the regular season in the Rose Bowl and a NC was in the bag... I thought the 98 Buckeyes could not be stopped until MSU came to town and the 2015 Buckeyes the same as they would get to the CFP after toying around they would finally play the football they're capable of... there are other good teams out there that have to be played and an off day can, a day when you don't have your head right  , a day when the ball doesn't bounce the right way  or a day when you think you already have the other guy beat before you play the game and your looking ahead... then all that dominance you thought you had was not as much as you thought. Just look at how that dominant Buckeye team of 2006 got hammered by Florida as a prime example...

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Baker Mayfield won the Heisman after having to be tackled by three police officers as he tried to flee arrest....

Cam Newton got booted out of Florida for stealing IIRC before he ever donned an Auburn uni and won the Heisman 

 And IIRC Jameis Winston won after IIRC  stealing crab legs or something on top of all his several sexual assault accusations against him but they have not made the papers till after..

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Why is playing crappy ttun teams our biggest game? I think they have only been ranked in the top 10 twice in the last tens years by the time they play the Bucks ... I would hardly call that the most important game... we have a big rivalry with them but we play much bigger games against some other teams as well when ttun sucks and they have been sucking a lot lately and I have no problem with that...

Comment 05 Nov 2019

He can use the Minny contract to leverage even  more money out of all suitors where before his asking price was set much lower I would think ... they just helped him get a raise at his next job if he so chooses as long as he gets half decent results at Minny in another year or two...and them he could be gone for even bigger bucks 

Comment 05 Nov 2019

We don't know that at all... will this be a flash in the pan? What if they lose their next 3 games PSU Iowa and Wisky?  They get PSU at home ... I see that as a lose ... then  they go to Iowa... that won't be easy ask Urban and PSU as PSU just slid by them at Iowa and then they get to host Wisky... Do you think they can stop Wisky the way the Buckeyes did? That will be a tuff one but I see them going no better than 1 -2 in the next 3 games... most likely. And theb he will have to be able to do it next year...

I would also add that even undefeated they are ranked 17 for a reason , their strength of schedule and how they played in their first games to start the season... no doubt they seem to have gotten better but who have they really played?  Will he be able to get the recruits year after year? Lots of questions ... Seems were pulling another Frost maybe with this thinking...

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I can see why Rutgers would hire Schiano and besides he is their only chance to get a name coach and put some buzz back in the program. He may take it  as it has been his only real success honestly speaking. Anybody else would just make it a much bigger process to make it back to any kind of respectability and the odds on that are long but that said a 5 win season would be respectable relatively speaking when talking of Rutgers. So you really just need a guy that can win 5 games a season realistically.

UFM I don't see coaching again unless their is a medical breakthrough for his condition. He seems to be enjoying the TV gig and his family right now and seems content. I could see the Buckeyes in his future though in a few years but still that would mean some sort of medical breakthrough.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Down goes Taggart !!!! 

Not willing to talk to Meyer or Spurrier ... Why because they coached at Florida? That sounds like  really poor thinking. This looks like another FSU bad hire in the offing... I mean what did Taggart do in his one year at Oregon that made you hire him? It took him over 5 years at S Florida to turn things around but you don't even let him get a few of his recruits in and then you fire him in less than 2 years when he really has only one recruiting class that he can call his?