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Comment 02 Oct 2018

I dislike Franklin, but I hate the media; they are just vultures circling to destroy people to make money. The gave up the truth for mouse-clicks long ago. I thought Franklin's speech was honest--something the media doesn't really understand how to deal with. This post should not in any way imply any of that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" crap.  

Comment 04 Sep 2018

"...Michigan State dropped from No. 11 to No. 15 after a nail biter against Utah State."

I was proud of my hometown Aggies for putting up a good fight. The Sparty fans were very nice, but they all assumed I was a parent of one of the Aggie players (implying I'd be insane to travel from Utah just to see the Aggies). They weren't as nice when I told them I was headed down to Columbus to watch my beloved Buckeyes the next day. :D    

Comment 01 Sep 2018
Shea Patterson didn't look much better than O'korn. Kinda sad.
Comment 31 Aug 2018
Here at Msu stadium cheering on utah state (my undergrad school). So far so good. Just want to see the Aggies keep it semi close.
Comment 27 Aug 2018

I've never understood how people say Urban enabled Zach as an abuser. How? By employing him? So firing Zach in 2009 at Florida would have made Zach a model husband? How would firing Zach stop his alleged DV? The media never asks that.  

Comment 25 Aug 2018
Urban absolutely has been slandered by those who say he "enabled" zach Smith to beat his wife, as if zach's employment with OSU allowed zach to beat her. So firing zach in 2009 after the first incident would have changed Smith's into a model husband? Come on. He would have continued no matter where he worked--likely without a boss who wouldn't try to get him in counseling like Urban/Shelley did. They tried to help. And now they are blamed as enablers? Smh.
Comment 25 Aug 2018
I liked John madden, but he only did NFL games. He had some unique observations that made me laugh. Pat summeral along side him was good combo.
Comment 23 Aug 2018

Agree that Smith should have been gone long ago for his poor WR coaching alone--he just wasn't that good of a coach. The WRs have struggled to get open for years. It's like when Tressel kept the Walrus around to run "Dave" every play and wondered why no one ever tried to poach his OC. Has any team even tried to lure Zach Smith away? Has anyone ever even interviewed him (other than the Powell police dept!)?

Comment 09 Aug 2018

Salt Lake City, Utah. Surrounded by Ute fans who think being in the Pac-12 suddenly makes them a big-time football school. It's so sad.