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Comment 07 Aug 2017

He served his time, apparently turned his life around, so I think this petition is misguided. People do change. He has and will continue to face major obstacles moving forward in his life (I'm guessing he has to register as a sex offender). I just don't see how denying him the right to play football does anything useful. A basketball player at my undergrad school had a similar conviction, except he wasn't a juvenile when it happened. He served several years in prison and resumed his basketball career in his late twenties. He is now married and has a family and owns a local business. Some people were bothered by him, and opposing fans would chant "rapist" when he was at the free throw line. But the coach stood by him. People make horrible mistakes. That doesn't mean they should be destroyed. 

Comment 02 Aug 2017
Agreed. I never watch the videos. I turn them off as soon as they come on or pop up. A video takes so much longer than just skimming a quick news story. And i hate the requisite 15-second stupid commercials before the video. I just want to skim the story and move on to the next one. Video seems like it's for the many millennials who are too lazy to read and need to be entertained 24/7.
Comment 31 Jul 2017

Agree that it sucks he had to go through this. Conley's accuser cost him millions and hurt women who really are assault victims who may not be believed because of cases like this. I'd like to see her prosecuted for lying to police. There has to be a punishment for someone who lies and tries to destroy someone else's life. 

Comment 28 Jul 2017

It's sad that this escalated over a fight about an apartment electric bill. I wonder if he was the power hog or the stingy one angry about the bill. Has TMZ looked into this? Either way, I'm sure his attorney's fees were about 100 times whatever the electric bill was. 

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I like the idea of the trips, it sounds awesome. But if a bunch of "anonymous donors" continue to pay for multiple trips, that will give Michigan a recruiting advantage over a poorer school (most schools).  I'm cool if the NCAA allows schools to do trips, but there have to be limits and every school should be allotted some money to do something like that for the players. 

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I don't understand how that trip to Rome is a permissible benefit the NCAA allows. Until recently, the NCAA wouldn't allow athletes to put "free" spread on their bagels in a school cafeteria--yet Michigan can tote the whole team to Rome for two weeks and spend probably 10-20K per athlete? Very few schools can afford that. It seems to be an unfair advantage. 

Comment 19 Jul 2017

The fans were really nice. Parking is a nightmare. I went to a local place to eat after the game (still in opposing jerseys) and the Husker fans couldn't have been nicer. I'd stay in Lincoln if you can. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Right or wrong, going through this lawsuit is going to be brutal. The law firm I’m at does mostly litigation, and it almost always takes an emotional toll on the parties battling it out. After a year or so of legal bills, hearings, and never-ending discovery and motions, one side usually gets worn down and wants to settle. I think Ohio State has a big advantage here because they have almost unlimited funds and lawyers—and it's not a person that can be worn down. The story will die down in a week or two, but the legal slog is just beginning. That’s the sad thing about our justice system—the people with the deepest pockets usually outlast the underdog. To his credit, Chris realizes this and he still believes in it enough to go through it. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017
I don't understand why the university would not settle before he filed the lawsuit, assuming he tried to work something out prior to filing. I guess they thought they would call his bluff. Now they still have to settle and lawyers will get a big piece. Sigh. Is it football season yet?
Comment 13 Jul 2017
He sounded mature talking to the cops. Instead of bragging, he just said he "went to school in Columbus" and was respectful. Glad he's ok. Quite a contrast to the Shia Labouf arrest video I saw yesterday. Yikes.
Comment 12 Jul 2017

My sons still play the old versions on my Xbox. They usually use the Buckeyes to destroy some hapless team by like 80 points. My youngest son thought he would tease me by using Michigan to beat Ohio State (playing as computer). I tried to remind myself he's just a kid and it's just a game. But then I just snapped and took the game away for a week to punish his blasphemy. He doesn't use Michigan anymore.

Comment 05 Jul 2017
I love UA. I lived there for 3 years while attending OSU. First and last time I've paid city taxes. Other than the taxes, it was great.
Comment 27 Jun 2017
I sat in the upper deck during the 2012 buckeye win. I guess i didn't get the full loudness up there. It was a good football environment, but it was a nightmare trying to get out of state college. I wouldnt trade the Shoe for that place. And the fans were dicks.
Comment 26 Jun 2017

My son played AAU and I feel it was a scam on the parents. The coaches tell them all about all these scholarships the kids can get. It was crazy expensive and had all these ridiculous travel tournaments where only parents showed up to watch. My son had fun going to Vegas and California, but it seemed silly to spend thousands of dollars to try to get a scholarship to some no-name school worth roughly the same amount I spent on AAU.  Unless a kid is a top 300 recruit, I think kids should just play locally and bank the AAU money for college. My son got more offers by signing up for a recruiting website (there are many of them) than he ever got for from AAU, and it cost a fraction of AAU.