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Comment 31 Jan 2020
I presented a similar sentiment on another thread and got nuked out on DVs. Apparently to some, remembering that 2015 happened means you hate the OSU bball program...
Comment 23 Jan 2020
Ok. Here goes nothing (just like this team).... OSU finishes 3-9 down the stretch, loses 1st round of the B1G tourney to finish 15-17. Miss NCAA & NIT. Holtmann loses what remains of the locker room & we see a mass exodus of our younger players a la class of '15. Kaleb returns (because honestly, his only other option is Europe). Knowing that it'll be Wesson/Young in the post another year, Liddell and Gaffney transfer. Washington too, as it seems he and Holtmann have been butting heads this season. Also given how lost he looks under Holtmann's guidance, Carton may want out as well. Smith gives Holtmann a more-or-less lame duck year in 2020-2021 while he conducts a more thorough nationwide search like he should have done 3 years ago. I tried to give Holtmann a chance, but Thad's exit was such a mess, and it seemed like Gene was trying to give the job away after his high profile targets turned him down. Pretty much tripped over Holtmann, and that's not usually how you want to hire a HC for a major college BB program. Hopefully Gene gets his next hire right.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
ESPN loves to tell that folksy tale of "15 pounds of specially ordered crawfish" as the reason Joey B transferred to LSU versus Cincinnati. They omit the 20 lb attache case stuffed with hundos on the table next to the crawfish. Also, while we're on that topic, cream cheese on a bagel is an NCAA violation, but a coach using his influence to secure an expensive (I have to assume 15lbs of any seafood is expensive) off-menu fare at a restaurant for the SOLE PURPOSE of landing a recruit is a feel-good tale worthy of a Pixar short...
Comment 18 Dec 2019
Haven't seen enough film of him on defense, but I'd be interested to see if he could be molded into the slot- corner role. If he could develop the coverage skills and had the instincts to come downhill against the run as a deep safety, he could be an asset in setting the edge against the run from the slot.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
I just want to know what escort Fields will have on the sidelines pre-game. I would feel better if he had a few of the heavily-equipped troopers that man the vehicle checkpoints on game days at OSU.
Comment 27 Nov 2019
C'mon. We all know Fleck has had COY sewed up once Minny rowed past their 6th win...
Comment 26 Nov 2019
"Only good team they played" Please Desmond, let's forget that both teams that popped the skunk weasels OSU beat by a combined score of 66-24. Skunk Weasels also skated by Iowa, Army and Illinois. I love how we get penalized for taking UC to the woodshed - all they've done is won every other damn game they played.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
I have said for the last 3 weeks, unless Bama has 2+ losses, they're in. The love affair with the SEC runs deep, and they'll beat out any other 1-loss team. Remember, they only reason SEC teams have any losses is because they have to play each other. And the Bama love will continue, unless Bama gets in this year and lays a clunker.