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Comment 18 Jul 2017

A close friend of mine got married during the 1997 michigan game, then threw a reception unencumbered by a single television or alcoholic beverage. Years later, when I learned this couple was divorcing, I can't exactly say I was happy about it... but it made sense.

Comment 22 Feb 2017

In 2013, when the team started 15-0 Thad had an overall winning percentage at Ohio State of .806 with five regular season and three B1G titles. They'd made it to at least the Sweet 16 in four straight years.

In the 3+ seasons since, the winning percentage has been .593 with just one NCAA tournament win.

Which is not to say they need to keep playing at an .806 pace, but the sudden, dramatic change in results is... concerning.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

(BTW, this trend will lead to the NCAA expanding the tournament all the way to 24 teams [like the FCS] and all of us will watch the hell out of it.)

Yeah, it cracks me up that the FBS guys act like this strange new playoff thing needs to be rolled out carefully like human exploration of deep space -- yet the FCS has been doing it well for years.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Ridiculous, yes... And awesome. I wouldn't want to pay a ticket premium to pay for that, but I'd damn sure try it out if I had the chance.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I do not give a single damn about the pro career of D'Angelo Russell. (MY problem, not his.) He was a good player on a mediocre team during a forgettable season, and it felt like he was in Columbus for about five minutes. I wish him the best, but I'm not checking in.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

The biggest things missing from Dolo's game last year are accuracy and Devin Smith.