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Comment 12 Sep 2019

Maybe a risky move going to Careless Whisper in week three? I thought for sure Ramzy would need to save that one for November...

Comment 05 Aug 2019

I think they finally increased the prices enough to dry up the secondary ticket market in Columbus, and now they're paying for that. About four years ago you could buy any Buckeye football ticket at face value with the confidence that you could at least get face if you needed to sell. Not anymore -- I almost had to eat "premium" Michigan State tickets two years ago, and I am hearing more often about people just giving away tickets to the lousy games. That makes you hesitate when it's time to buy alumni tickets.

Comment 12 Apr 2019
Question for the room: About what % of the time do guys recommit and then end up going with their original choice? This is the first time I can remember, with the possible exception of a flakey guy or two who bounced around at other places. (Not at all implying Cavazos is like that.) It seems like this is a great indicator of what's happening within the program.
Comment 09 Dec 2018
Yes, and it's all in the name of driving viewership - all pointed to the next televised event. Hell, we barely got to enjoy the sandblasting of TTUN before they were out there bitching about this team's flaws, talking about what they didn't deserve -- but, hey, be sure to catch this NEXT big game because it's sure to impact Ohio State's playoff chances. I get why they're doing it, but that doesn't make it any less grating.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
Bingo. And with the secondary market drying up, people can no longer just fork over the cost of tickets with the confidence that they'll be able to get at least face value for them later. I almost had to eat my Michigan State tickets last year - at $195 each - because I couldn't find any takers. This year, for the first time I did not buy my alumni tickets because I figured that, as a local, something would materialize. Sure enough, someone just gave us Tulane tickets. So, it's that, plus sitting through TV timeouts, plus the time commitment, plus OSU's disregard for customer service, etc. that just make it better to watch on TV.
Comment 01 Oct 2018
Rapid improvement during the season doesn’t usually come. But sometimes it does. That's what's cool about the college game. Think Chris Gamble learning how to play corner in 2002, or the light coming on in the passing game for Troy Smith in 2005. Go back and look at the lowlights of the 2014 game against Cincinnati; those guys figured it out. These guys can, too.