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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Muhammad Ali light the torch at the 1996 Opening Ceremonies in Atlanta
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Bill Robinson. Who else?
  • NHL TEAM: Avalanche
  • NBA TEAM: Blazers
  • MLB TEAM: Rockies
  • SOCCER TEAM: Timbers

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Comment 08 Feb 2019

Nice, Calgary. I'm a guy who was steeped in classic rock and toured with the Grateful Dead before moving on to bluegrass. Much to my surprise, I've caught a few DJ acts that I really dig. In particular, Grammatik blew me away. And I wasn't the oldest guy there!

Comment 07 Feb 2019

Gray - I'd love to hear those recommendations, particularly in the jazz realm. I used to be a regular NOLA Jazz Fest attendee, and got exposed to a ton of artists in small tents at the Fairgrounds and in clubs around town. I feel like I've lost some of that, though. Please fire away!

Comment 07 Feb 2019

Thank you, Mastro! These are all new to me, and I can't wait to dig in. Your descriptions are fantastic. On boygenius - I've definitely listened to them. That's a whole helluva lot of talent on one stage.....

Comment 29 Jan 2019

I remember January 1994, my last year in school, quite well. Temps hit -22, which still stands as an all-time cold temp in Columbus. We lived in a basically non-insulated seven bedroom place on Northwood and Lane. That was freaking cold, and the university did cancel classes. But we didn't petition for it. Or even really care much.

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Yep. I don't get Autzen on there either. It is loud, though. If you want to go with a newer stadium, Sonny Lubick Field (Colorado State) is pretty damn nice - I like it much better than TCF (Minnesota). And, Nippert Stadium is a classic - I've enjoyed the Cincy games I've been to.

Comment 05 Dec 2018

I love the idea of a sports park there - gets rid of some of the sea of surface parking and creates a longterm community amenity. Most MLS teams are building significant practice facilities, and nearly all of them - even if the team plays downtown - are in the suburbs or exurbs. This keeps the team practicing near what (I hope) will be a downtown stadium and it gives a huge boost to that part of the city.