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Comment 13 Jun 2019
It's a race to the finish line between Penn State and the toothless Gators. Which will have more transfers and decomitments by signing day! Bwahahaha
Comment 11 Jun 2019
Fuck Dabo. "Winter is coming."
Comment 11 Jun 2019
Somebody needs to shove his cash and peds up his ass. Fuck Dabo.
Comment 10 Jun 2019
It will be delicious to see Mythigan baseball get oh so close this year and than disappoint just like they do in basketball and football every year. Bwahahaha
Comment 10 Jun 2019
If this was track and field I'd be giddy. Doesn't matter how damn fast you are if you can't tackle, cover or put the ball in the end zone.
Comment 10 Jun 2019
Screw eSECpn and Mythigan. They both suck at monumental proportions.