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Comment 17 Sep 2020

Anyone old enough to remember Mike Doss? This whole thing has a tad bit of Mike Doss coming back for unfinished biz tone to it.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Pretty sure as I skimmed one of the earlier threads, the Wisky President’s remark was in reference to the announcement a few weeks back that the season would remain on hold until more info about the heart issues was available. I think there was some sort of presentation since that statement... admittedly, I am not confident in that... or the B1G or really anything at this point in time other than Ryan F’n Day. I’m pretty confident in that dude.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

How can it possibly be this difficult? If you don’t want to play, don’t play and don’t take a share of the revenue generated by those whom have worked for it. Please stop trying to dictate to the other schools what they can and can not do.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

I will not be watching football in the spring other than the normal Spring game. I refuse to be party to the problem.  I am not sure why any player would attempt to play a season in the spring and then again in the fall. Even the premise seems asinine. How can really smart academic types not understand the beating the kids would be taking? 

Comment 08 Sep 2020

Just trying to keep up: is Greg Flugaur calling these events (touchdown, onside recovery) for team 10/17 when they get a school to flip from “no” to “let’s go!” 

I’m not the brightest, so I require a little guidance.

Comment 08 Sep 2020

On Colin Cowherd: 

I agree that he has had several spats with athletes and that does reflect negatively on him. He also has missed on several high profile “takes” he’s been hard after. However, he rarely drops information like “expect the B1G to play in mid October” without some sort of inside scoop. Having a bad take and spreading disinformation are two entirely different things in the media game. And spreading bad info is career suicide. He knows something 

Comment 18 Aug 2020

I will say it’s still the longest of long shots, but the fact that Dewine allowed HS sports to go on and the National attention that is garnering in contrast to the lack of Ohio St football is pounding a loud drum. When guys like Shefter are tweeting it, it’s going to gain at least some level of traction. Prob leads to nothing at all, but still is nice to see the commish wear some egg on his face. Jmho

Comment 31 Jul 2020

Those two are really good players, and I don’t want to get into a big debate, but I’m not ready to call the HOF players just yet. It takes serious production over many years to get in. There is still quite a bit of work to do on both resumes before I would be ready to put HOF in front of their names. 

that said, it doesn’t really detract from your stance at all because both of them are in fact from A&M and also bad ass DEs

Comment 11 May 2020

Spooner, I lurk here and post occasionally. Thank you for all you do for these threads. I can’t imagine it’s a simple task, so if this request isn’t tenable I completely understand.  Is it possible to include the composite * rating on the prospects and/or commits? 
I don’t often get a chance to surf those recruiting sites I mostly live here when not working. If not, no harm no foul. Thanks regardless 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

I’d be interested to see if Dabo is still trying to recruit committed players. Seems like a double standard if so. God prob told him that was ok though.  

Comment 07 Apr 2020

I have watched a lot of football over the years and I don’t think I felt more confident about a WR making a play when it counted than Michael Jenkins. I know we have had guys that had better pro careers, some with better college stats... but man that dude just balled when it mattered.

Comment 06 Apr 2020

Thank you guys for the up votes: much appreciated. I wanted to address the kids tweet directly though. His insinuation is that 5* D-lineman are going to be stars anywhere (which several of my peers here have already blown up) but also that LJ is only working with stud lineman. Hubbard wasn’t a lineman coming here and didn’t have D-line experience and LJ turned him into a 3rd round selection. Not bad for 3 years experience at the position. LJ’s done it in more examples, this is just the one I thought beat countered the players tweet.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Off topic a bit but I have a different angle on that trade. Detroit just paid 13 mil a year for notable qb room tutor Chase Danials to “back up” Matt Stafford. I think that’s a lot to pay for a back up. I could see them dealing Stafford to the Chargers and taking Tua at 3. They could just be in a rebuild? 
That’s just a thought though. 

Comment 24 Feb 2020

I was not one of your DV’s but I feel like you should know you are getting them because the CB flips of which you speak have been covered in both this thread and it’s predecessor. Again, I’m almost never a DV, just wanted you to know why you are receiving them.