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Comment 16 Aug 2017

But the NFL is assuming that Elliott is the only one she came in contact with that entire week, that he must have assaulted her despite the fact there is no evidence, and they are assuming she and this "bro" that she was texting with about blackmail didnt conspire to instead go the domestic violence route rather than the sex tape route.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

As much as I understand the need for all the background I think the build to Jimmy becoming Saul is taking a long time. The show is Better Call Saul and through 3 seasons Saul does not yet "exist".

I think they've spent too much time on Kim, Jimmy, and Chuck and not enough time on Nacho, Hector, Gus, and Mike (shit, I even want more of the nerdy baseball card collector with the hummer and spinning rims).

Hopefully it isn't a long drawn out hiatus before the show comes back.

EDIT: And I want Hugh, Lydia, and Bill Burr back!

Comment 18 Jun 2017

This is not political.

inviting the Obamas to be captains is brilliant. Think about it. If they accept he'll likely invite them during a huge recruiting weekend and a good number of the recruits are likely fond of the Obamas considering their youth and in several cases relate to the Obamas as minorities.

I wish Meyer had thought of this. However, the other side to that coin is Ohio State doesn't need gimmicks and trips to Europe to attract elite talent.

Comment 10 May 2017

One thing that Vince Gilligan and his writers are really good at is not using dialogue when visual reactions are adequate. The one exception was a week ago when Don Eladio commented to Hector that he should take a joke during that opening scene. Everyone could tell that Hector was pissed and that added dialogue was unnecessary.

This week was a return to how VG typically handles things and they didnt create that unnecessary dialogue from Saul (oops, Jimmy).

Comment 10 May 2017

I could be mistaken but when people have entered Chuck's house in the past his direction to them is to place "anything with a battery" in the mailbox. That's why he simply wont allow someone to turn their phone off before entering his home.

Comment 10 May 2017

Again, you are reading a quote from Mr. Pai's FCC which is a politicized point and misleading. The reclassification to Title II, after a successful lawsuit from Verizon whom Ajit Pai worked for, effectively returned net neutrality to the pre-lawsuit rules.

So, the FCC is correct in saying it returns things to what they were immediately preceding the 2015 change but not to what the long-standing status was effectively since the inception of the internet up to the successful Verizon lawsuit.

So... dense

Comment 10 May 2017

The government is the regulator for utilities. Internet is just as much a utility as phone lines are now that most people and businesses have moved to VOIP.

So, imagine the electric company limited the availability of electricity to your home because you have solar panels on your roof. If you don't have enough sun or battery storage they've effectively send you back 100 years.

That's the point. Or, if you go thru Verizon for internet but have cut the cord for cable. They can sow your speeds for Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu to try to force you to sign up for cable again.

Comment 03 May 2017

Is there some nuance that us non-lawyers are missing? I mean clearly Kim has gotten Chuck to admit there is a copy of the tape, am I missing something on the plan going forward for Jimmy?

Comment 03 May 2017

I dont think there is ANY was possible this show draws you in faster than Breaking Bad. By the second episode, Walter was already cooking meth, had kidnapped someone, killed them, then partially dissolved their body in acid before the acid ate through the bathtub.

I have heard from so many friends that Saul is so slow that they lose interest. That said, I love the show.

I think the difference between BB and Saul was that BB was a new show on a channel nobody remembered they had. In BB they had to capture the fanbase quickly and you do that by creating scenes that people will talk about the next day. That's what happened with the bathtub scene. After fans were drawn in then BB could work on building the characters.

Saul, on the other hand, already had an active fanbase in former BB viewers so they could work on building a storyline and character backgrounds for a long time. Shit, it took 2 seasons for Mike to get involved in the far shadier sides of his post policeman life.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

If they're smart at all they move him to TE. He's the same height as Engram who went to the Giants in the first. He's 1" smaller than Njoku.

Had his advisers done that from day 1, had him add about 15 lbs of muscle and said he was playing TE at the next level he would've been drafted before the 4th round.

Just look at the TEs that were drafted in rounds 1-3.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

I'm really starting to hate the Bengals. I dislike the Ross pick and HATE the Mixon pick.

That combined with keeping Burfict, Adam Jones, and Marvin Lewis and having the worst owner around... I think I might be a free agent.

Saints (5), Panthers (4), and Colts (4) might be teams I'd lean to based on the # of Buckeyes they have on their rosters.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

The article really didnt do a good job summing it up.

First, I dont support guys that put their unwanted hands on women physically or sexually. For that reason I am not a strong Carlos Hyde fan.

Here are the facts that the Raiders have likely vetted:

1. Proven false statement from the accuser (video of when they actually met, etc)
2. Statement from other people in the room contradicting her statements
3. Polygraph (while not proof of innocence as a stand-alone tactic accompanied with other evidence to the contrary it is helpful)
4. Conley providing DNA
5. Conley and others in the room providing text and video evidence contradicting her claims (which was reported they have done)
6. Conley's squeaky clean history prior to this "incident" which other teams have told reporters 

If it comes out that Conley is not innocent I will be the first one to go against him but to have his career potentially impacted 3 days before the draft if there was nothing there is a tragedy. Does anyone remember last year when the girl made claims about Zeke? Her statements were proven false as a jilted woman. 

L'ael Collins lost out on $10M because the police wanted to ask him questions after the mother of his child was killed and he ultimately had nothing to do with the case.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

They liked the fact that he had the clap.

Seriously though, what's amazing about this is the Browns could've drafted a QB @ 12 (Watson) or if they wanted a safety they could've taken arguably the best in the draft in Hooker.

Instead they move back and get a smaller safety who isn't as good.

Bravo Browns... bravo

Comment 26 Apr 2017

If Conley is 100% certain of his innocence then he should seriously consider withdrawing his name from the draft.

There is not enough time to change the public opinion that would allow a team to draft him in the first round. He may convince some GM's and owners but the public hasn't been convinced of his innocence.

So, sit out a year... ensure that charges are never filed, are dropped, or you prevail in court. Come back next year and you'll still be one of the top corners in the draft, if not THE top corner since there are 6 highly regarded corners this year.

If he goes in the first round next year he'd basically save himself $9.5M from going undrafted and signing as a free agent in a couple months when all this is rectified.

GM's are saying that he had a spotless background. I'm going with innocent until proven guilty on this one.