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Comment 18 May 2017

Matta is overpaid, but he's not a bad Xs & Os coach. He struggles with recruiting and player development. Ya maybe Turner and Buford were nicely developed. But it seems all other players especially role players are the same w the same struggles they had as freshmen. 

Also I believe that kids no longer want to play for him. His style and attitude on the side of the court is ridiculous. Do you think 16-17 year olds, especially the 1 n dones, are seeing that and thinking I want to play for this lunatic. I know all coaches can blow up at times, but it's usually at refs, and they don't change to purple while doing it (excluding Brian Kelley).

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I don't feel like most fans who actually watch the games are immune to normal college football. The scUM game we looked normal against an inferior team. Wisconsin is probably what made people delusional. Bama kicked our ass the entire 1st quarter and into the 2nd, and we had 4 turnovers  against the Ducks. Lets be honest most fans think we are unbeatable. REAL FANS REMBER THE 90s(or know the history)!! Everyone who does will always despise everything north of Toledo even if the present dominance continues. Real fans know this is college football, Anything can happen any given Saturdy! A win is a win is a win enjoy as manny as possible. Ask Brax or any other redshirt senior what can happen to a program in a given year.

Comment 12 Sep 2015

I think it would be genius to switch starting QBs throughout the season. Not switching back and forth during games but a different for each game and sticking with him. Barrett should have been the starter though against VT w this logic. He runs the option better and has more accuracy against the man coverage. Cardale would come in against teams who we need to take the top off of example a team like Bama to open it up. It would keep every team guessing and would be unpredictable. I don't think it will happen but would be awesome!

Comment 08 Sep 2015

I thought Schutt looked Ok for his 1st game as a starter. Seemed to be in the backfield a lot and made a couple plays. He looked better against the pass than the run but like I said for his first start he did fine. I think Kwon was stout in the first quarter and at the goal line but didn't play a complete game. He will get more comfortable with time though now that he doesn't have grant to lean on. I thought Thomas could have been better and didn't do much until the game was out of reach. The action didn't match his hype, atleast not from this site. All in all though it was a pretty typical first game. I'm curious to see the Western Mich game, the next 2 will be snoozers though.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

The people worrying about the changing of the atmosphere or the pitfalls of this situation are just plain wrong. Students won't be able to afford $8-10 beers, especially enough to get drunk enough to cause a disturbance. The drunks who do cause disturbances will already be plenty hammered from tailgating and sneaking In Whatever they want as they always have. This is more for the people who don't really tailgate and want to spend a few bucks on a couple drinks during the game. No more no less. Compare it to gay marriage, it has always been around in some way or another, people cried how terrible it would be if legalised, it happened and nothing has changed. The people who it helps are happy, the people who against havent been affected in the least. Because the more things change the more they stay the same.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Anyone else see the Red Army documentary about the their hockey team? It's excellent, definitely worth the 1.50 at Red Box!!!!

Comment 20 Aug 2015

They couldn't play without each other. Some did play in the NHL they couldn't really hack it because it wasn't the system or style they were groomed to play in from birth. But I do think Detroit did win a cup with an all Russian line that when put together did magical things with the puck.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Did anyone read the overview about Tennessees Marcus Jackson? He was below Bosa on the Roto link. Said he could POSSIBLY be out for the season, which wasn't the shocker. It was the next sentence that said "In fact, a fellow starting offensive lineman has already asked to take Jackson's No. 75 jersey." Like Really? A teammate goes down only POSSIBLY for his entire senior season and you're worried about poaching his number? Am I wrong or does this just feel disrespectful? Please tell me no one on the Buckeys was asking to change to #5 right after Braxton blew his arm out! Teammates should have a lot more to worry about when a comrade goes down instead of jacking his jersey number. 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Grade school kids are parrots of course they say don't do drugs now, it's easy, give it 10 years and it won't be as easy. This isn't that big of deal. They made a decision that should be theirs to make not someone else's or they fell behind a little in school. Thats it, life will move on! They didnt screw the world, its not totally appalling and indefensible, it's not the end of days. No need to label them bad kids or think any less of them. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

I think we seen Mo in the best Buckeye scenario that he could have been in. Ball control O, massive OLine, and a D that got the ball back quick. Ya it would be cool to see how he'd handle an option, and what he could do with Meyer but Tres was the coach for him. I even think Guapo if all else was even would have been better in a Tressel O. Players like Saine and Ginn though would be incredible to watch with Meyer!!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Braxton w Barrett starting should be 15/10-1 for the Heismen w Cardale he 30/40-1 at WR. Bubble screens, quick outs, and slants will be easy for him to pick up on and don't need a lot of route running prowess. 50 yard bombs on the other hand  are hard to adjust to. Barrett will prob see 90% of the snaps by the end of the year. About 60% in the begging though which probably won't give Braxton enough time to pad his stats against scrubs.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

See I told everyone Braxton would be a starter, just didn't say where..