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Comment 22 Nov 2012

Ohio State: 32

Michigan: 17

It may not be that close, as that idiot Michigan QB has been snacking on garbage teams.

Comment 11 Jun 2012

Yeah...I read somewhere that Smith, while born in Minnesota, grew up in Michigan. I saw them at the Gund awhile back, and he made an offhanded comment about the Pistons at the end and ended up getting booed.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

Agree 100% about Amir Williams...his size and pure athletic ability underneath can be a game changer. While I like Ravs just fine, you can see where Williams is going to be an absolute beast when it's his time in the paint. I doubt he'll see playing time tonight unless there is foul trouble, but he would be an interesting piece to the puzzle should they have to go to him...

Comment 31 Mar 2012

It will be interesting watching how Matta guards Robinson, in particular, with Sully. No doubt that Robinson's numbers take a hit, but at the same time, making sure Sullinger stays away from foul trouble. It's distinctly possilbe that foul trouble plays a huge part of this game. DT and Sully can manage to get the two bigs for Rock Chalk in trouble, the game is over. It'll be interesting to watch how they call this game. If they keep their whistles in their pockets, advantage Buckeyes as well.

The best part about this team is how truly different they are then the team pre-February. You see leadership across the board...from Crafts general-like orders throughout the game, to Sullinger's mean streak, to DT just completely overwhelming teams on the offensive boards. You can even see Buford doing everything he can to help this team win, even through his offensive struggles. If Sullinger and Thomas score per their norm, and Buford has the game everyone is waiting for him to have, Kansas can't win the game...