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Comment 24 Dec 2019

Because the vast majority of them get crap degrees like “General Studies” or “Basket weaving”  since they simply don’t have time to devote to studies like any other student. 

I agree that a college degree is important, damn near required for ANY job these days... but let’s stop pretending that the life of a college athlete really gives them time to devote to a regular students’ studies. 

Personally, I wish they’d just let them focus on athletics and then if it doesn’t pan out, they can come back gratis anytime after they leave... 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I firmly believe that last year was their shot. Returning a lot of players vs new guys for OSU, porous defense by the Bucks and all world D at TTUN - and we know how that ended up. Good guys again this year.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Going to Bloomington to watch the game for the first time this Saturday. Lived in Indy for 6 years+ and never made the trip, decided this was the year.  As usual my prognostication for Buckeye games is terrible... I skipped the B10 championship game in Indy in 2014  because I thought there was no way we’d beat Wisconsin with our 3rd string QB (still sick over that one) and I thought Cincy was going to be a close one last weekend.  That said I’ve seen enough IU/OSU games over the last several years in person at the shoe to know that these games are hardly a rout most years. Remember when we let the 180 lb son of a soap opera star named Xander Diamant run for about 500 yards on us? Or when we needed Jalin Marshall to go apeshit and have like 4 TDs including punt returns?  Cause Pepperidge Farm and I do! ::shudders::

Comment 08 Aug 2019

And to be clear teams that sheltered rapist pedophiles got their wins reinstated. Tattoos continue to be > child rape in NCAA FB.