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Comment 11 Nov 2014

 I always thought a spread was a passing attack with an occasional run. Not Meyer/Herman version, this is a power running team with a twist, enough speed to turn the corner

Read some of Ross's early articles from when Urban was first announced as our new coach and also look for some of Chris Brown's articles at smart football on Urban's offense. The spread was developed not to make the pass game more effective, but to open up the middle to the run. It's good, heady stuff that usually makes my brain hurt. :-) 

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I thought about that, but I think if somehow Georgia won that game, they'd be into the playoff and I think the strongest SEC West team would also be into the playoff (whether that be Alabama or Mississippi State).. That'd be sub-optimal for the Bucks

Comment 10 Nov 2014


I don't quite understand.. why do we want the SEC East representative to be Georgia instead of Missouri? Is that just to get Georgia another loss so that they don't sneak into the playoff discussion?

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Couple things from a defensive standpoint:

  • We've been destroyed the last couple years on WR bubble screens. I know that was a major reason we brought in Ash and went to a more press-style with the DBs. I haven't even seen opponents try this strategy often. Have we just destroyed it?
  • What's the division of labor on gameday on the defensive staff. I know Fick calls the plays, but you attributed Bosa's twist around Bennett to Ash. What is Ash's role on gameday?

Go Bucks. Love these articles.

Comment 05 May 2014

Here's how I solved the problem of being a resident of that state up north for a few years. It definitely ensured that I got more thumbs up than middle fingers when I ventured back to Columbus.