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Comment 31 Mar 2016

It's tough being a graduate of TOSU and living in Indiana for the last 25 years. That said at least we get to watch most of the B1G games on BTN or ESPN. This year's edition of TOSUMBB at times showed brilliance on offense. Defense not so much. Horrible perimeter D. Too many open 3's. If you can't defend the 3 you will lose. 

It appeared this team had no chemistry and no leadership. I don't think that's a Thad problem. Players need to like each other and play for each other. Perhaps the 5 freshman were over hyped and the older guys didn't accept them. I thought this team was selfish and when all was going south they couldn't redirect themselves and get on the same page. If you want an example look at how well sully, Kraft, and Thomas melded with Diebler, Lighty and the boys. The future will be different. These really young men finished better in the B1G then expected. They had to play MSU 3 times, Iowa twice, IU, Maryland, and a really big Purdue team so give em a break. This will be a big summer. Let's see how they develop, Go Bucks. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

With the number 2 overall pick the Browns should take the best player at that time regardless of position.. Picking a Buckeye just because Cleveland is in Ohio and it would generate a little luck is absurd. In the NFL winning is all that matters. And they should also get a very good player at the 32 pick. It would be nice to see the Browns have a meaningful draft for once (Johnny Football in the first round, pathetic). Worse than Tim Couch or Trent Richardson. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Haven't had a good big man since Greg Oden. Sullinger was great but was really a power forward. He had a great cast of players around him as well as Oden did. 

If Thompson and Giddens leave no big loss and it opens up 2 scholarships. 

Mickey Mitchell can surely pass the ball but he can't play defense, shoot, or make a foul shot. Overrated. 

Harris ouch. Aggressive, quick, but too small and will never be more than a backup PG. He would have been nice to have around. 

It was so long ago I can't remember his name, Grandstaff? overrated. 

Need to bring in a really good big man to clog up the middle we have good perimeter players in Loving, Dioop, and Williams. Really solid scrappy 3/4 in Tate and Lyle is a solid penetrated. Wish we could have signed Simpson at point. A little short at 5'10" but looks like he could be another Trey Burke. Glad he went to the NBA early. 

Looks like we may be letting too many good Ohio players get away. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Not so fast. Thad is a good coach. Best we,ve ever had. Fred Taylor is revered but was not as good as Thad. It helped that he had the best players by far when he won it all. Jerry Lucas, John Havlichek are probably the two best to ever play at TOSU. if they could have left early there goes our NCAA Championship. And how much fun was it to watch Evan Turner. This year's team had talent. Still won over 20 games and was one quality win away from the big dance. Last six games we were 3 and 3 and the losses were all to MSU. Probably the best team in the land at that time. Too many problems to mention. Poor defense, lack of intensity on the offense, pitiful transition play and poor work ethic. Many times we saw Loving and or Lyle make a bad play at the offensive end of the court and just stand there and watch the opponent run down to the other end of the floor and make an uncontested basket. Unlike Tate who always fought and often rebounded his own misses with a put back score. A true warrior. And lastly no team chemistry and the absence of a leader. We will never know but there seemed to be a lack of chemistry by the coaching staff. If part of the problem is Thads health he needs to get that corrected as did Urban. We know Thad is capable. Get back to basics, just like in football defense wins ball games.