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Comment 28 Feb 2019

or potentially the opposite effect could have happened, if the defense is up to normal OSU standard then we would have stomped more teams and as a result Haskins(or Murrays in similar conditions) would have been sat earlier in the game.  Take TTUN game for instance, we probably only punted 2-3 times I think and if the defense had made even more stops than they did the game would have been out of hand even more than it was, something like 42-10 or something like that and then we don't have to "worry" about having to keep scoring as the defense does its job.  Look at Tua's stats in Bamas first few games as he was only playing around 2 quarters.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

its this simple, Klatt talked it in the build up to the selection show.  They looked at OSU, GA, and OK and said which team has the highest floor?  they are all slightly flawed but OK losing by 3 to Texas was the best floor of all the 3 teams.  Rightly or wrongly(personally I think its BS) that's how they determined OK "deserved" the 4th spot.  If they looked at all criteria and looked at just the upside or what every teams Ceiling was then I think we would have had a shot with all the metrics and the clobbering of UM as the best win of the 3.  I think if we had whooped NW and OK defense had laid another egg against Texas then we probably would have made it.  As it stood they could justify their actions because OK defense looked much improved in the B12 title game and we though in full control most of the game didn't curb stomp NW, GA over us was just bs as they lost their only 2 important games of the year.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

2015 we missed our chance due to the MSU-UM punt block miracle play as well, because if UM wins that game like they should have then sparty doesn't win the east.  a lot of seasons can come down to 1 play.  Our championship year had a few plays swing our way enroute to the ship.  Hands down Saban is top 5 coaches of all time, up there with Bear, Woody, Yost, Parsigian, and Urban is just behind him/them.  Amazing how 1 play can change the whole season. 

Comment 18 Dec 2018

it was beyond time for Jose and his toxic attitude to get the heck out of Manchester.   Hopefully Zack picks the good guys, still wont get too confident until the actual pick.  GGMU  and Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Nov 2018

the UC being rolled by Florida was an undefeated Cincy team that was one Texas mistake away from playing Bama in the national championship.  coached by B Kelly that season but he left for Notre Dame before the bowl, plus for florida it was Tebows last game.  So that team though much like Central Florida the past few years would get smoked by most big programs but had every right in the BCS system to be in the conversation.  it wasn't until the playoff era that this "eye test" started.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

thanks all that was good insight, though im on 11W almost daily and read the hurry ups it made me wonder why 1 let alone 2 in state 3star dual threat QBs weren't in the OSU discussion.  Sometimes from what I have seen the difference between 3 and 4 star is exposure and not necessarily pure talent.  somethings like speed are things you cant coach but i would bet if some 3 star kids got more exposure their star rankings would raise in most cases.  on a side note, Congrats to my alma mater Cincy Wyoming for becoming the 7th Ohio high school program with 700 all time wins.