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Comment 24 Sep 2019
Its 2019, I think we should applaud you for this! I'm gonna put a gold star on my fridge for you. Ol fatpants just needs to adjust his standards
Comment 24 Sep 2019
But why put thought into a response when you have this cool gif at the ready? Helmet stickers matter more than common decency after all.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
Because if baldwin stayed this year he would have then had to sit the next season. Hurts could graduate and leave and play immediately. And the 2 QBs worked out for alabama, I dont know that it worked out especially well for Jalen. Any team losing their starter likely would have gone hard at him whenever he had left. Just happened that oklahoma was that needy team at that time.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
I haven't seen that much anger honestly. It's the internet people are always gonna have their #hottakes but that's a small minority. The thing I dont understand is his whole post is rendered pointless by the last sentence. To defend his move in the way the OP did is to in the same breath call him a liar. I cant be the only person here who's been homesick and can buy that as his reasoning can I?
Comment 19 Apr 2019
Hurts would have had to sit out a year if he left or he could get some time, and keep playing with alabama and be immediately eligible the next year. Not sure many people would have done that differently. Either not be on a team for a year and play the following year or play some and the play the following year would be an easy choice for me anyway.
Comment 12 Mar 2019
AB killed any leverage the Steelers had, and he's 4 years older. All things being equal he'd have been worth way more than they got for him.
Comment 18 Feb 2019
There have been a few that went seriously bananas in very short order. When Knox was posting on here, and I think it was Alex after he wasnt staff anymore (someone we could finally upvote anyway when they were no longer staff). But the effort here deserves the ups for sure.
Comment 17 Jan 2019
If Ohio State had lost by 3 or something there would have been much more of a conversation. There were 3 undefeated teams (ND was always going to get in sadly) and Oklahoma vs Ohio State on paper left them to look at the 2 losses. I believe OSU was a better team than oklahoma or Notre dame, but they didn't look like it as often as they should have.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
As far as college QBs go I think hes a solid option. Did you watch the georgia game by any chance? He is by no means an elite QB but he is an elite athlete and a serviceable passer.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
Amen brother, preach.
Comment 05 Jan 2019
I opened this expecting to see something that would disappoint me about what ohio state had done. Instead I'm disappointed that this wasnt titled 'high schooler surprised major D1 program didnt admit to NCAA violations when he asked'. Not much to see here.
Comment 02 Jan 2019
The prem isn't nearly as physical as it once was, I'd argue the Bundesliga is more physical if anything than the prem. I think a big chunk of the reason hes worth that much is he's an american and if you can tap into this market in any big kind of way that's worth way more than what they spent. Plus he's a young speedy talented kid who might turn out to be a really good player for you. American part aside hes probably worth 35 or 40 in this market any day. Memory doesnt serve me on all the guys you listed, but at least most of them were youngsters under Mourinho who notoriously doesnt give young guns a real chance to prove themselves. The atmosphere there now is a world apart from what it was. Also lukakus touch makes me sad on the inside, and him and the others dont belong on a list with debruyne and Salah. Chelsea (or any other top prem club) is incredibly difficult to play at and on a whole different level than Dortmund that's no lie. And he will need a ton of luck, and to stay healthy. But it's a move that he or the club absolutely couldn't say no to. Even though he is (like myself) a lifelong man u fan.
Comment 02 Jan 2019
Mostly all of them are saying he goes top 10, but some guys are saying the kid from duke is the first qb to go. I dont see it myself, but what do I know. But yeah I'd be stunned (quite happily) if he said he was coming back.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
Fair to say he was great this year, but not great today. Got the win, and is a high first round draft choice if he goes all the same.
Comment 27 Dec 2018
I'm a man u fan, have been since I was 5. Full disclosure, but this is 100% right. City are the yankees and it's not even close. Add transfer inflation and look at what they've spent compared to any other team in the world (yes including Madrid, although psg is working on catching up). Man u got that rep because of their success, they spent a lot for sure, but they've always had more academy products than any of the other top clubs.
Comment 22 Dec 2018
I upvoted this because I'm guessing it makes a ton of sense and I'm too tired (or too dumb) to understand what the heck you're saying.