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Growing up in Cleveland, one weekend a year, my dad and I drove down to Columbus early Saturday morning, walked to the Horseshoe, and saw a game.

He taught me everything he knew (and his father knew) about Ohio State and we listened to the victory bell ring clear after a win.

It was my favorite weekend of the year.

I'm now in my 30's and meeting my dad for an Ohio State game is still my favorite weekend of the year.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: In the stands of Miami-Ohio State. It was obvious from my seats in the nosebleeds that it was pass interference...I don't know what the hub-bub is all about.

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Comment 22 Aug 2015
Haha, @ScarletNGrey01 - if only it was....I work in marketing and just about every company in the world is targeting "millennial moms" right now. We're not as young as we used to be. :-)
Comment 22 Aug 2015
I'm not sure if this will be a very popular opinion or not, but as an older millennial who's watched the B1G go from powerhouse to punchline back to rising star, I think Jim Delaney should be given credit for his proactive approach to innovation (see BTN), his ability to adapt (see Legends and Leaders pivot), and his steadfastness when it's counted. As a leader of an organization who has to deal with an organization as ridiculous and antiquated as the NCAA, I have to give some credit where I think it's due. It's so great to see this conference back on the rise.
Comment 11 Jan 2015
I can't think of a time in my 25+ years of reading and following the Buckeyes that I've read this many articles about the closeness and chemistry of these players. Even if Ohio State wasn't as talented as Oregon (which they are, of course), chemistry beats talent all day...scary to think this team has both. Chemistry + Talent = UFM
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Outside of the big 6, I think LSU/Notre Dame, Texas A&M/West Virginia, and ASU/Duke are all really intriguing. A&M/West Virginia should be renamed the "Defense Optional Bowl."
Comment 11 Nov 2014

Phenomenal write-up, as always!  Most interesting outcome of the game to me was a dominating victory even while losing the turnover battle so completely.  Really speaks to the defense coming up big when needed and to a young team that continues to fight adversity and come out on top.  Can't wait to rout the Gophers this weekend...

Comment 07 Sep 2014
I went through denial in the second half, anger all night after the game, bargaining as I fell asleep, depression first thing this morning, and now, it's time for acceptance. It's a learning and growing year...let's get better every game and win the Big Ten. Go Bucks!
Comment 31 Aug 2014

I think the most interesting thing to me was how accurate a lot of folks here at 11W were on calling the flow of play (both writers and community members).  Most were calling for a very close first couple quarters, followed by an improved next two quarters where the Buckeyes pulled away.  And that is exactly what happened.  In fact, I don't think there were almost any surprises in this game (weirdly).  Navy got a lot of rushing yards (yep), JT Barrett struggled a bit at first, but looked comfortable and poised (yep).  The offensive line is replacing 4 starters and struggled at times (yep).  The receiving and RB corps is sick-nasty and can break plays (yep).  We obviously didn't get to see the new DB/Chris Ash scheme, but other than that, I'd say we got exactly what we thought we would...which in my opinion, is a very good thing.  They should only get better and the team is exactly where they should be first game of the season against a very disciplined and tough Navy opponent.

Comment 21 Nov 2013
When I see The Game for my first live visit to the Big Outhouse in just over a week, I certainly won't be thinking of the polls. Sharing that game with my dad will be with me forever...The BCS, however, is temporary. Great article.