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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Simon, Zach Boran, Speilman
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Comment 09 Aug 2020
There are risks but sports in general are risky. I still cant bend a thumb properly due to breaking it in an intermural volleyball game in college 30 years ago. Should we cancel all Volleyball because one guy cant use his thumb properly? To me right now nobody has shown me any real science that playing sports or not playing sports is going to risk lives or save lives. Based on these athletes getting Covid tested twice I feel they are safer with sports since they would not get testing if they are not playing. Also the testing would get them medical attention faster than waiting to be symptomatic if they were not playing.
Comment 02 Aug 2020
Steel. You wont but the schools will and they will not kill the other sports to give the football teams everything they want. Also if you read the list of demands by the PAC 12 players they say they want equality for all players and sports. My guess is they are only looking at the football economic equation not the athletic department. If they care about the athletes being "exploited" like they say they should look at the softball, volleyball and track and field economics.
Comment 02 Aug 2020
You are only thinking football. What do you do with other sports if you are the university. Football pays for the non revenue sports. Last year OSU lost money in the athletic department. Admittedly some of that was due to facility upgrades but do you really think the wrestling center was paid for by wrestling income. No football and basketball paid for it. These PAC 12 players are not thinking beyond their own sport. Should they be able to profit from the likeness? "Yes" But if the athletic department did not make money this past year what happens if they give 50% of the football revenue to the football players what do they think happens to the scholarship money available for the track and Field team? How does a new softball diamond get paid for?
Comment 19 Jul 2020
Should High School players get health insurance also then? Playing football is not their job. They are going to college hopefully get good enough to make football their job but most will only get a free education. I am not downplaying the commitment but I did not go to college to play Tennis. That was not my job. I played for my own enjoyment. Most college athletes are not good enough to make their sport their job.
Comment 19 Jul 2020
I will say I think players should be able to make money off their likeness or talent if they can negotiate a deal but how do you work out a 50 50 revenue split. Most universities dont make much money after expenses already as an athletic department. Just look at OSU reported expenses and revenue that was posted last week. But for the sake of arguement the PAC 12 does do a 50 50 split. How much does the starting QB make? How much for the 2nd string punter? When you commit to play do you get a four year guaranteed contract? Does the player then have to pay for his own room, board, and education? Is it really college football or just now semi-pro football? I could list problems all day long with this idea.
Comment 13 Jul 2020

They also did not know anything about what they were dealing with.   At the time everyone was saying 100,000 or more cases a day and 10,000 deaths a day.    DeWine was saying he thought there could be 100,000 active cases in Ohio at that point.   At least now they will have better historical data to make decisions off of not that anyone is giving us good data.  

Comment 14 Jun 2020
It feels like there are some problems in the methodology of these rankings. 2013 is ranked in top 10 yet 2019 secondary is not even ranked in top 20 all because the front seven were so great. Should maybe include completion percent. Yards after catch passing yards allowed. I dont know. I just know there is no way I want the secondary from 2013 instead of the 2019 secondary on the field in a big game.
Comment 12 Apr 2020
Not to support either point but Sweden is not locking anything down but is asking people to distance themselves. Getting a lot of criticism and I am not sure how their numbers look. I do think they locked down boarders.
Comment 12 Apr 2020
Now if that cap just had the iconic Block O on it get the suit in Scarlet and Gray I would for sure go to a game that way and become our next super fan
Comment 12 Apr 2020
You can't keep social distancing forever. As soon as schools open back up all thoughts of social distancing are gone. You will not be able to keep kids away from each other on a playground. This is only working right now because schools are closed.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
So was I wrong rooting for a Harbaugh coached team to beat a Buckeye coached team or because we would have gotten Coombs sooner the end would have justified the means? I feel so disgusted with myself.