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Comment 02 Aug 2017
Then look for the picture. Buy that Bourbon. Consume
Comment 28 May 2017
I don't know that I would call Trubisky a miss. He was like the 20th rank QB in the country and 50th ranked player in the state. We were only taking one QB. JT may or may not be an NFL QB but you can't argue with his success. Trubisky had one year starting at NC i am not sold he will do much in the NFL but I am not sold on any of the QB that were drafted. I thought all went too early except maybe Watson
Comment 21 Apr 2017

Kenny G would be 30 -0 as a starter if we had him instead of JT.     32 points better than JT vs Clemson,    Moves better so does not take sacks like JT against VT,    Was the holder so when PSU went to block the kick last year he would have pulled it away and thrown a TD pass instead, and would have kept everyone loose against MSU by playing smooth jazz on his sax while sitting on the sidelines.

Oops Sorry - wrong thread

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Exactly my thought.   Clemson jumps us in final ranking due to conference title.    I think Washington wins PAC 12.   Wisconsin wins BIG and has to watch due to OSU head to head win.    Rank them this way to give Bama a cupcake.   Championship game is a rematch of either last year or game one of 14 playoff.

Comment 20 Aug 2016
I will introduce you to Adam. You may still not know who the baseball player is but you will at least know he is not Adam
Comment 08 Feb 2016

Totally agree how people ace in the lowest moments of their life shows much more than how they act when everything is going great,    I don't dislike Cam but I see the stuff he does for kids and can appreciate his personality.    He could have turned thousands into huge fan if he had handled things with more grace.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Amazing the number of guys there who did not reach their potential.  Then think about AJ Hawk and Little Animal guys who were three star

Comment 15 Dec 2015

There were a couple of years I was the one to decide the bonus for the sales managers at my store.  There was a pool of money I had to spend and give out.    The pool was based on profit not sales.   Plus sales do not always equate to plus profit.   I also figured bonus based upon sales and profits for the individual.    If everyone had 20% plus sales accept the guy who was plus 10% the plus 10 guy got the lowest.    That may have been the guy who was plus 30 the year before and out performed everyone so had harder numbers to make.    Hard decisions to make.     

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I think most of the BIG's match ups look good for us.    8-2 looks possible it I counted right and nobody lays an egg.     Don't think MSU beats Bama or State Penn beats Georgia but those games are winnable also if they play to potential.