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Comment 05 Apr 2020

So this transfer thing is the new norm and happening everywhere? Name one other team in the BIG that’s had 3 starters transfer this season - or last for that matter. 

Coach struck lightning in a bottle with KBD his first year and has struggled mightily in his  2nd & 3rd season - yes he made the tourney - but at Ohio State that should be the expectation!!!! Year 4 is gonna be interesting. 

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Mac - Did you actually think this was a good idea to post that comment?  None of us are happy about the lockdown (except our dogs that is). That said, it’s 100% necessary. If we just go about our lives like you propose (which if you’ve watched any news and seen what this virus can do to people and realized how asinine that comment is), the toll would be catastrophic - not to mention the incredible strain it would put on the health care system. 

Oh - and stay home!

Comment 01 Apr 2020

We will know if there will be football in the next 6-8 weeks. I have this sneaking suspicion that the next opening day this country sees is MLB 2021. I sure hope I’m wrong - but that’s where this thing is trending. 

No matter what - I won’t be stepping foot near a large gathering - concerts, sports, etc - until the smarties get this figured out and we get it under control. This thing is downright scary and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Holtmann is better then Matta? Really? We been watching the same hoops team for the past few seasons? 

I miss the early years of Matta - Those we’re simply great years. His first 2-8 seasons in CBUS are where Ohio State SHOULD be in hoops. Holtmann - he’s been fine but no where near what Thad accomplished. Long long LONG way to go before anointing Holtmann to anything other then good. 

Comment 26 Jan 2020

I still wanna care about Ohio State basketball this season but it’s pretty hard to continue to do so. This team is tough to watch the last 5 weeks and counting - and even if we win tonight I don’t see that changing. 

Said it before and I’ll say it again - there is no reason for Ohio State to not be good at hoops - like consistent top 15-20 team. So Chris has a lotta work to do. 

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Probably should have happened a week or two ago. Our supposed signature wins aren’t looking too signature except Kentucky. 

Oh well - I’m still hoping for a tourney bid but I won’t be terribly surprised if Goldy beats us this week and we ultimately end up in the NIT. 

On flipside CBJ are playing lights out. That’s been fun to watch.

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Can we stop bragging about UNC, Cincy and Nova wins. UNC is hurt and awful. Nova had injuries when we played them so we got lucky and UC isn’t all that and a bag of Doritos. That said, I’ll be amazed if we somehow pull this thing out and make the tourney. I don’t see us winning six league games - let alone 8-10 more. 

I’m still on the Holtmann train - but my stop keeps getting closer. Let’s hope for a better February cause I’m done with January.