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Comment 05 Jul 2017

Great place to grow up.  While I haven't lived there in over 20 years (or Ohio for that matter) it's still home and always will be!  Proximity to downtown will only make living in UA more desirable - especially if traffic in CBUS is as bad as my old man says!  

Comment 21 Jun 2017

As a Buckeye alum (and UA alum for that matter), this one hurts.  That said, I live 10 minutes from the Nova campus - I can certainly see why kids would want to play there.  Jay Wright does it right!  Hopefully he re-commits to the good guys.  No matter the decision, best of luck to him.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Put me on the "I find this potential hire to be peculiar" list.  

Who knows, maybe it will work out.  He better take a long long LONG hard look at this job offer (and the potential lack of longevity) cause while we'll give him a year or two to get his bearings (and let's face it, the team he is walking in to has some serious holes), he'll have about maybe a 3rd and or 4th year to win 22+ games consistently or we will be calling for his resignation.....we Buckeye fans are a bit of a fanatical fanbase!!

I almost wonder why we wouldn't just put Jent in there to keep the ship afloat for this year, and then go after the Wichita State coach after this coming season.  This just feels so incomplete to me.  I simply don't understand (and never have) why we can't consistently compete for Nat'l championships in BOTH football and basketball.  Makes no darn sense to me.  

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Interesting timing.  Big 12 (or whatever they call themselves these days) seems like a fairly easy conference to win 10 games in....oh well - best of luck to boomer sooner in retirement!

PS - Gold Coast of Chicago is a little more pricey then Norman.....

Comment 03 May 2017

I honestly don't care where CB goes....good luck to him.  Hope he gets his act together and takes advantage of the gifts bestowed on him!

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Those who stay, will be champions.  On the flipside, he's been in school 4 yrs.  Go overseas and make some cash.  You can make some nice bank in some of the leagues.  He can make some serious cashola - money that will set him up for the rest of his life.  Good luck young man...

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Grew up going to St. Johns arena - and I would call it UGLY.  But man when that place had 13,276 packed in to it (especially during the Jimmy Jackson years) you literally would walk out of that place with your ears ringing.  In the few times I have been in that cavern dump called the Schott - never have I felt that.....

On the flipside, at least they serve beer at the Schott