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Comment 21 Oct 2020

You worked too hard on this one Walt. You could have drawn a stick figure with a Brutus head on nothing but white background and I would have been pumped to see the poster this week! Seriously though great work as usual, thank you for what you do!

Comment 25 Sep 2020

I didn't think about this leveling the playing field for the mid-tier B1G teams.  Our starters won't benefit as much from the extra eligibility so we will likely be reloading while other teams a few years from now could have quite a bit of experience.

Comment 24 Aug 2020

OSU should do the same in the fall. They could have a couple of "scrimmage games" or call them whatever they want. Maybe give the MAC teams their game that was previously canceled. Then they can do their stupid winter/spring season with the rest of the Big Ten whenever that starts.  Nobody will lose eligibility so why the hell not?

Comment 15 Aug 2020

Don’t give up parents, and players! You have a right to this info at the least, and I believe you should have a seat at the table when deciding if/when to play if decisions aren’t made by the NCAA. I don’t understand why this wasn’t left to be a freaking NCAA decision as a whole so we didn’t end up self imposing the death penalty.

Comment 27 Jul 2020

PS—was there anytime it just seemed like, holy cow!, this place feels like an earthquake from all the stomping and shaking going on.

If you ever sat in the "temp" south stands prior to the year 2000, it felt like an earthquake no matter who the Bucks were playing. :)

Comment 22 Jul 2020

The second the B1G announced canceling the out of conference schedule, I pulled up ND's schedule.  Since then I personally have been hoping for any conference on Notre Dame's schedule to do what the B1G has done and end the impact there.  In my mind that would be the ideal situation. We keep the same schedule and ND loses as much of their season as possible. :)

Comment 14 Jul 2020

Mine is my Ironman Louisville finish in 2018.  It took me years to work up to that from when I started running in 2011.  I hope to do another one in a couple of years but have to wait long enough; until the wife forgets how much my training schedule sucked for her.