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Comment 05 Feb 2014

This is all just awesome. 

But did you all see Campbell's video? I think it might have been the first time his videographer ever used a camera. Like every time, it was the first time by some flaw in the space-time continuum. 

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I already like this kid. He has a discussion with his Mom and quietly just posts something to twitter. No televised decision with hats strewn about in what's becoming such an odd spectacle.

Looking forward to seeing him excel in Scarlet and Gray.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Yes, there were other, significantly larger problems with the 2013 Buckeyes. Their entire defense was a complete disaster, void of any discernible identity or intuition and easily Ohio State's worst defensive unit of the current century. It never improved. It never learned.

I know this wasn't the focus of the article, but you articulated this better than most. I've always been a huge fan of Fickel and truly appreciate what he's done for the program. But this quote right here...this is why it's time to seek out a new DC. 


Comment 17 Dec 2013

Great points on GameDay...I couldn't agree more. I'd add that Corso is becoming borderline unwatchable. He routinely screws up players names and rambles more often than making a solid point. I know he had the stroke in '09 and that's obviously terrible...but I think it's time for him to move on. 

Comment 10 Sep 2013
This. 100%. We've won two games and lost a spot in the rankings each week. The teams we beat need to keep wining it we want a shot at that NC.
Comment 31 Aug 2010

I understand what you are saying and in certain aspects I agree as much as I don't like it. Although I don't come across many people (Buckeye fans or not) who actually enjoy Mark May. The same goes for Lou Holtz. The man predicts ND to contend for the National Championship every single year and it's completely ludicrous. But to your point, ESPN keeps these guys on the air so they must be doing something right.

I still think being neutral is still something to be respected. I don't care that ratings and money are all the ESPN cares about. Those two concepts are completely independent of each other.  

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Great read. That must have been very cool to sit down with him. 

I've always appreciated Herbie's position on Ohio State as an unbiased sportscaster. It's his job to be neutral and he's the best in the business. Sometimes that comes across as anti-Buckeye, but I think it's worth it when week in and week out he makes Desmond Howard look like a complete fool with his over-the-top homerism.

You ask one person from each state who's the better sportscaster and I can almost guarantee Herbie takes it 49-1.