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Comment 02 Apr 2020

No it cant. It would have to replicate in the mosquito like malaria does.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

I'm well aware of how they previously named viruses after the area they originated or were prevalent (Spanish Flu), but the global health organizations very clearly named it Covid-19 and Coronavirus, and said their intentions were to not make is regional or racial. Attempts to rename it as such are obvious, unnecessary and unfortunate.

It was called the Spanish flu because that was the only country covering it in the media during WW1. It was not any more prevalent there than anywhere in the world. 

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Amazed how many people do not think this is a big deal. I understand how the media can exacerbate things but this is unlike anything we have seen in a long time. We still do not know what the long term effects of getting the Covid-19 are or why children are not getting it at a rate like adults. It's better to error on caution with these things until we can fully understand the long term ramifications of getting a virus like this. If you have any relative that's obese/diabetic/heart disease and is older you should be worried because they are projecting millions of people to get it in the US[1] and our medical infrastructure can not handle that there are only so many ventilators per person in this country[2]. 



Comment 01 Jan 2019

This is pretty much what they are saying about him

"Struggles at qb development. Rudolph had the same issues as a senior he had as a freshman and never really grew as a passer. Brought in some good recruits and they couldn’t grow and beat out a mediocre walk on in Cornelius. Hell, one of those 4 star qb recruits got turned into a tight end.

Predictable play calling that has killed a lot of drives over the years. He’ll constantly call a hb draw on 3rd and long. Every time like clockwork. On 4th and short if we’re not punting we’re throwing an outside pass to the end zone.

He also doesn’t like to get aggressive until we establish the run game. This has put us in holes we sometimes haven’t been able to come back from in big games because if the run is getting shut down he’ll force it. Or, for some reason, inexplicable reason will go away from the run game entirely and give justice hill like 5 touches. Just wholly inconsistent on playing to the strengths of the team."