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Comment 02 Jan 2017
What is amazing is that when Jim Tressel is part of Youngstown (in any way coach or president) Youngstown State becomes a contender. What I also love is that he always moves YSU games around the Ohio state schedule and he tells everyone to watch both the Penguins and Buckeyes. Have to love that about him. They moved one of the playoff games to a late start to accommodate Buckeye fans. There is one team left playing in Ohio gotta get behind them. Go Penguins! If you live in Dallas please plan a trip to Frisco. Wear your tOSU gear as they have similar colors and most YSU fans have more tOSU gear than YSU gear.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
The offensive scheme was inept. No use of the TE. The TE's should have been the safety valve and it would have opened up other areas like draws and screens but under the current offensive regime they have completely forgotten about them and have decided that the end zone is oriented horizontally. My opinion is that when the OL is young you must do as much as possible to keep them from lateral movement. Everything should be down field with a young OL. Slants, TE drag routs, and power run plays. It takes some of the pressure off of the OL. That is what Alabama did last year. Used the TE to set up the entire game plan on offense. Someone didn't do their homework on the coaching staff. Needs to get fixed now.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
They got pressure with 3 down linemen and beat double teams all night. OL looked inept. Wide receivers run garage routes. Most of them involve stopping. We never throw to the tight ends (at least it seems that way). We don't stretch the field vertically and we throw 5 yard out routes or hitch passes with 9 in the box. We do nothing to keep anyone honest on defense. They sat on our routes. Who's fault is that? We have no scheme on offense. We are undefined on offense. I don't know exactly what we are trying to do. Wasted the talent this year.
Comment 27 Dec 2016
We owe them for the Orange Bowl loss. I went to the game and the Clemson fan base was the most obnoxious drunk hillbillies I have ever been around. We left the game early because they were out of hand. There were so many fights started by their fans that we found a buckeye contingent watching the game in the parking lot because they were not going to subject their families to what was going on in the stadium. One person that we spoke with was hit in the back of three head with a plastic beer bottle thrown by a Clemson fan. He then proceeded to beat the hell out the guy that three the bottle and he was thrown out of the game. It was the most ridiculous game experience that I have ever been a part of.......payback is a B***. The good thing for us us that the cost of travel to Arizona will favor us. When we played in Miami they were only a drive away from the hills of SC, so you may not run into the madness that I and my family witnessed. One Clemson fan cussed at my 8 year old and I started after him and his family started after me. I told them that it was crystal clear why Woody punched Charlie Bauman. I hope we curb stomp them.
Comment 26 Apr 2015
Wait till you hear that stupid turkey call they have on 3rd down. It's so annoying it should be illegal. I can't seem to understand why their fans aren't embarrassed by it.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
I'm on the boat. They gave us free WiFi access except there are so many people no one can stay on for long. We are about 30 miles west of Tampa Bay hanging out with other ships in the Fog. Cruise director is doing his best but many people have missed flights etc. It's all good. We're not going to run out of food and the ship is fine. GO bucks!
Comment 24 Feb 2015
I'm on the boat. They gave us free WiFi access except there are so many people no one can stay on for long. We are about 30 miles west of Tampa Bay hanging out with other ships in the Fog. Cruise director is doing his best but many people have missed flights etc. It's all good. We're not going to run out of food and the ship is fine. GO bucks!
Comment 28 Oct 2014
I willing to face the facts. We are not that good. VT and PSU knew that we runeed the ball 97% of the time. They dared us to throw and sent extra bodies to contain the running game. We have injured a Heisman candidate bad enough to lose him for a season and we have now injured a second excellent qb. I personally can't staND watching the qb run the ball 30-40 times per game. Makes me cringe. The probability of making it through a season in a good league is much lower trying to do this. Yes I know Urban did it at Florida, however, that style of offense was much newer back then and many coaches struggled to defend it. I like to call it the qb killer not the spread. Bud Foster compared us to Ga Teach and said we run it just as much. So we have the best athletes in the country and we are running a freaking veer.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
How do you go through spring and fall camp without realizing you need to rearrange your OL? The coaching is questionable. The secondary needs a lot of work. I refuse to get hyped up on all of the athletes we sign. We need to sign more football players. Our 5 star athletes lack football IQ in some cases. We looked like pretenders and with our resources, facilities, and fan base we should be in championship contention every year. This is not acceptable to me at all.
Comment 20 Aug 2014

The reason this article was written is because Urban's offense runs the QB too much.  I would prefer to see running the QB only in important games and only if required.  We have the athletes to line up and out muscle our opponents so running the QB should occur in special situations vs being the staple play.  Braxton is injured as a result two seasons of running the ball and taking unnecessary hits.  This is Charlie Bauman's revenge.  If we ever play POS Clemson again I hope we put several players in the hospital (with most of their fans).  I don't like all of this QB running one bit.

Comment 22 Jun 2014
The SEC was down last year. There was no defense and about 100 points were scored in the SEC championship game. Alabama got it handed to them by an average Oklahoma team. Two B1G teams nearly beat their SEC opponents in their bowl games. Wisconsin and Iowa played against higher ranked opponents and fared well. There are a few issues that I see that feeds the SEC machine: the SEC always gets home field advantage during bowl games. And SEC teams get better match ups in the bowl games, for example, last year every B1G team was ranked lower in their matchup with an SEC team. I believe that to be true for remaining matchups the SEC had with other conferences. ESPN spin machine doesn't help either. ESPN started the SEC network and they are going to have their own college game day program for the SEC. this will just make recruiting more difficult especially for the B1G schools with higher academic admission standards in less desirable locations.
Comment 21 Jan 2014
Need to play defense. Starts with defense, defense, defense. Everything else will fall into place after the focus on defense. Craft is trying to do too much. He needs to play within himself and we need others to step it up around him.