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Comment 27 Oct 2019
If you beat a top 15 team in the B1G you don't get a y respect. If you lose to a top 10 team in the B1G you tumble down in the polls. However in the SEC you move up when you win and drop a spot when you lose. And you get to play FCS teams and have a cupcake schedule and still get respect with even if you don't blow out the lesser team. Complete BS if you ask me
Comment 22 Oct 2018

Our problems are not fixable in a bye week.  The LB's are clearly a big problem.  I replayed the game and watched the LB play and it was absolutuely terrible.  We should have seen this coming.  Did you know that 3 of our LB's didn't record a tackle against Tulane?  That is amazing.  They are out of position nearly every play, and we do not tackle very well at all.  The tackling could have saved some of the plays, but it wouldn't have effected the outcome.

Comment 22 Oct 2018
Not sure how this turned into a Haskins leadership debate, and I am not sure it is relevant. First of all, our LB's are missing in action. They are typically the coaches of the defense. Believe it or not, 3 of them didn't have a single tackle in the Tulane game. I didn't think it was possible that an a single LB, let alone 3 of them would not have a single tackle the entire game. That is a stunning statistic that has carried through since September. Another issue is the OL. Not only is there no push, but there has been so many missed assignments that I stopped counting. I watched some of Purdue's LB's come in free and untouched. I saw Offensive linemen quit on some plays. Those are the areas that need to get fixed first. Why is it that when an Urban Myer led team fails, it is so Epic? I get the absence of the run game can really cause a lopsided score, but what happened to the A Gap power plays we ran with Zeke? Are we missing talent? To me a Tressel led team would have kept it closer. The 4th quarter was an epic meltdown that made it an embarrassing loss.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
McMurphy was on ESPN with a James Comey complex acting if he did nothing wrong. I am certain that @Ramzy lost all objectivity in his thoughts on this as well because this whole thing was about liberal mob mentality with no legal basis, lack of perspective, logic, cause and effect analysis, etc. Zach Smith is white trash but so is Courtney, but because we've decided to blame white males for everything that is wrong in this world, Courtney was a victim because she is a woman and not a white male. It was all Zach's fault. Mcmurphy is a POS as well and acted as if he held the moral standards in play. The problem is it is obvious that this took lacks experience and hasn't managed anything bigger than his ant farm (which was probably difficult for him) so he doesn't understand what rights you have as a manager of employees. That's where this whole thing falls apart, but we will just run with it anyway is the mentality. It is purely liberal mentality because there is no blame placed on Smith for his personal accountability and everything was placed on Meyer without a legal basis but hearsay. you can all take this down but it is all about libtards making news.
Comment 23 Aug 2018
This article and reporting is ridiculous. Hopefully you all have learned a lesson that a person is innocent until proven guilty. While. domestic violence is a bad thingall the way around, you are serving no justice by reporting on things that have no legal basis in our court system. It is the job of the police to determine if it occurred and if Courtney Smith sealed the documents and stayed with a public figure for that long tells me something else is going on that is more complex. Instead of being levelheaded, you run out like every other half-cocked journalist and implicate people. At least you are apologizing and recognize this, but how many other articles were written similarly. This is mob mentality kind of stuff. Take a critical thinking course that forces you to use the elements and standards of thought so that you do better reporting, even if it is sensationalized. Think about this, if the University fired Meyer over this, would he be able to sue? I say absolutely, because there would be no legal basis.
Comment 03 Dec 2017

The committee sent a clear message. 1. It doesn't matter who you play 2. Schedule 8 conference games like the sissy SEC.3. Schedule a cupcake in November. 4. The guideline of conference championships, strength of schedule and head to head doesn't matter. 4. There is clear bias for the SEC. At the end of the day the blind resumes didn't matter, the worst possible thing happened, they allowed their bias to make the decision.Alabama is average this year a d they will get rolled. We had a revenge game coming. Now we need to curb stomp USC because Georgia and Bama will be out in the first round. I'm not watching. They essentially made the playoff a southeastern regional match with no justification

Comment 05 Nov 2017
Good coaching can make athletes into good football players. I once subscribed to that theory until I saw Tressel win a championship with Cooper's recruits and then I saw Pelini take a Youngstown State team with a bunch of athletes recruited by Alpha recruiter Eric Wolford to the FCS National Championship. Essentially what I'm saying is that if you have the athletes and not the performance it's a coaching problem Period.
Comment 01 Sep 2017

I think we are not going to the championship game until we get the passing game figured out.  There was no difference in the offense I saw last night than what I saw against Clemson.  The only difference is the team we played last night was over-matched.  I hate to say this but I think it is true.  There is no respect for 20+ yard passes and against good defenses..........TBD.  The receivers need to get separation and JT needs to work on his accuracy.  There I said it.

Comment 02 Jan 2017
What is amazing is that when Jim Tressel is part of Youngstown (in any way coach or president) Youngstown State becomes a contender. What I also love is that he always moves YSU games around the Ohio state schedule and he tells everyone to watch both the Penguins and Buckeyes. Have to love that about him. They moved one of the playoff games to a late start to accommodate Buckeye fans. There is one team left playing in Ohio gotta get behind them. Go Penguins! If you live in Dallas please plan a trip to Frisco. Wear your tOSU gear as they have similar colors and most YSU fans have more tOSU gear than YSU gear.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
The offensive scheme was inept. No use of the TE. The TE's should have been the safety valve and it would have opened up other areas like draws and screens but under the current offensive regime they have completely forgotten about them and have decided that the end zone is oriented horizontally. My opinion is that when the OL is young you must do as much as possible to keep them from lateral movement. Everything should be down field with a young OL. Slants, TE drag routs, and power run plays. It takes some of the pressure off of the OL. That is what Alabama did last year. Used the TE to set up the entire game plan on offense. Someone didn't do their homework on the coaching staff. Needs to get fixed now.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
They got pressure with 3 down linemen and beat double teams all night. OL looked inept. Wide receivers run garage routes. Most of them involve stopping. We never throw to the tight ends (at least it seems that way). We don't stretch the field vertically and we throw 5 yard out routes or hitch passes with 9 in the box. We do nothing to keep anyone honest on defense. They sat on our routes. Who's fault is that? We have no scheme on offense. We are undefined on offense. I don't know exactly what we are trying to do. Wasted the talent this year.