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Comment 23 Dec 2010

Best post of the day. 


No, we're not going to lose to Akron. 

And Terrell is not Maurice, but there will be the instant comparison. 


I would like to say that I went ot OSU on an academic scholarship for a 4 yr ride years ago. Nobody told me what personal items I could sell, whether or what jobs I could hold in the 4 yrs (I worked all 4 as I am from a financially strapped family) etc.  I got a computer degree and went to work for Compuserve.  Nobody ever told me not to have dinner or talk to Compuserve recruiters while I went to OSU, not to accept gifts, etc.  

Needless to say, if you are an athelete, not another scholarship recipient, there are ridiculous additional standards.  And I think a fair amount are unconstitutional.   I hope they all sue.

Yes, I too got a free education based on a God given talent, but I didn't have to give up all my personal liberties, privacy, etc.  No, I'm not making what Terrell will make but I do think anyone who isn't aware this is ALL ABOUT MONEY FOR THE NCAA AND THE COLLEGES AND MOSTLY THE PROMOTION OF A FREE FARM SYSTEM FOR THE NFL are naive at best.