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Comment 16 Dec 2016

I believe that Hill and Brown should be the starting WRs and that Mack and Vincent should see considerable time as their back-ups.  The other WRs have shown little if any ability to get open and actually catch the ball.  ANd both Brown and Hill seem like good blockers as well.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

This looks like a mismatch, but then so did the game against UVA.  If the Buckeyes take the ball inside every possession on offense and play 30 seconds of defense on every defensive possession, they can win this game.  That is how they built the huge lead against UVA and that is how they beat U Conn.  Against FAU, they were lacy and shot way too many 3s, way too early in the shot clock.  They also stopped playing D after about 15 seconds on every possession. If that happens against UCLA, they will lose by more than 20.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Many times it is hard lessons like this that create character and make you a better person.  TG seems to have been very immature and undisciplined from the day the staff started recruiting him.  Even with enormous talent and ability, everyone has to work very hard to make it at Ohio State.  And, that includes work to mature and in the classroom.  Although I do not know TG at all, it seems as if he was incapable of putting forth that kind of work.  I hope that he succeeds wherever he goes to school.  I just hope for his sake that he can find another mentor as great as Coach Meyer.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

This was the first game in which the Buckeyes made a game long effort to get the ball inside, take it to the hoop and play 30 seconds of defense on most possessions.  Still way too many 3 point shots and still letting the opposition get to the hoop too easily.  But much better.  Had they played this way against UVA in the 2nd half and against FAU, they would be undefeated.  But, much better. Kudos to Matta and to Thompson, Lyle and Tate.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

This team is actually very talented, long and athletic.  But, they play way below their collective capabilities.  They need to take the ball inside all game long on offense.  And they need to play up tempo defense the entire game.  Buckeyes have 10 to 12 guys they can run out there so play hard when you are in there.  I would rather see a desperation drive to the hoop as the shot clock is about to expire than a 3 point shot with no ball movement and with 20 plus seconds on the shot clock. And you can't stop playing D because there are only a few seconds on their shot clock. Play D, take the ball inside on every possession and we will win 90% of our games.  These guys are that good and that athletic.  But, they get lazy and settle for 3s and stop playing D and the other team gets right back into the game.

Comment 20 May 2016

Lyle's season was representative of the whole team.  He was great in some games but terrible in others.  He generally played poor defensively and that was really the key to the whole season for him and the team.  These guys have to attack the basket on offense and not rely upon the 3 point shot as much.  Defensively, they need to play 40 minutes of intense defense every game.  If they do those things, we have a chance to be a great team next year.  Looking forward to all of the new guys too.

Comment 15 May 2016

I was more unhappy about Giddens transferring than any of the others.  I think he would have ultimately been a great player.  However, I wish him, and all of the transfers, the best of luck.  I hope that they are very successful, except if they play against us.  They were a part of Buckeye Nation and I am sure that all of Buckeye Nation wishes them well.

Comment 14 May 2016

I believe that Coach Meyer should have a heart to heart talk with several current players including Lisle, Trout, Slade, etc. These kids are good players who will be unlikely to ever see playing time at OSU.  If they transfer to other schools they will become starters and may have a chance at an NFL career.  But, the transfers should happen sooner (like Schmidt's) rather than too late.  I say these things because I like all of these kids, but I realize there is virtually no chance they play here.

Comment 22 Apr 2016

Our offense will move a lot better if they throw to the tight ends, as Barrett did in the Spring Game.  Baugh can catch and Freshmen TEs can too.  Alexander needs to learn how to hang onto the ball when it is throw his way.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I have always believed that Thad Matta is a great Coach.  He will accomplish great things with this team next year.  The key seven guys return and Funderburk, Potter, Wesson and Jackson will add significant offense and, hopefully, defensive back-ups. In fact, Funderburk might end up as a starter.  Jent will also add some juice.  I look for us to be among the 3 best teams in the B1G next year with a run in the NCAAs to at least the round of 16.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Would it not make more sense for Coach Meyer and the staff to speak to players (I will not name them) who are on scholarship but have little to no chance to play and encourage them to transfer to schools where they could play and probably start?  We have heard about players who left Ohio State (e.g., Noah Spence) went to other small schools and who were or will be drafted.  I realize that we did not want to lose Spence, but he is an example of what some of these other players could accomplish by transferring.  I have five or six guys in mind right now who would definitely fit this profile. I am sure that Coach Meyer knows of many more. In my opinion, it is much better for the team to go this route than to ask an already committed young man, like Sibley, who is a 4 star player, to grayshirt.  Truth is those grayshirts then become redshirts and by the time they are playing their classmates are already graduated and some are off to the NFL.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

I believe that this is a big mistake.  Sibley is a very good player and he has been a loyal commit for a long time.  Asking him to gray shirt is a real slap in the face.  I really hope that Coach Meyer personally talks to him, apologizes and tells him he will not be asked to gray shirt. Otherwise, we will be viewed as an arrogant program, just like Harbaugh at Michigan.

Comment 02 Apr 2016

We are so deep in talent in the OL that there should be 2+ complete entire Offensive Lines that could start just about anywhere.  The problem, of course, is that most of these guys have little experience.  It would make a lot of sense to play 10 to 15 Offensive Linemen in the first few games, if we possibly can.  Studrawa needs to determine his best 10 guys so that we have a solid two-deep,

Comment 30 Mar 2016

That was an excellent analysis of Buckeye Basketball! Thank you!

I would add that Funderburk and Potter may be upgrades over Giddens and Mitchell, although I really liked Giddens potential, at least defensively and as a rebounder.  Also, I wonder if Lyle's comments after the loss to Florida were a catalyst for the departures of the 3 Freshmen and possibly also Thompson's NBA thoughts.  I watched nearly all of the games this year and I was struck by the Lyle's potential but also by the fact that he seemed to stop playing at times, often not hustling. This is ironic because in his comments after the FL game, he questioned the character of his teammates and their work ethic.  Harris and Giddens especially seemed to play angry and determined against Florida and tried to lead a comeback.  Mitchell always played that way.

It may be a blessing that the 4 Freshmen departed.  It may allow Matta to develop this team differently, perhaps even saving a scholarship or two for the future.  In any event, I trust Thad Matta to do whatever it takes to bring us back to relevance in College BB. He is simply a great Coach!  But, Thad, it wouldn't hurt to get these guys  into the weight room on a regular basis!

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I read that Munger has some serious blood clot problems.  First, I hope that he overcomes those problems quickly and completely and gets back out onto the field ASAP.  Coach Meyer seems very concerned about the DL.  I wonder if that means they may move some of the huge guys who are among the OL reserves right now to the DL.

Comment 21 Mar 2016

I think that Matta is a great Coach.  But, I am concerned about the development of players.  Shannon Scott and Amir Williams never reached the skill levels that I expected based upon their HS/Recruiting ranks.  This year's team has so many 4 star players that it is unimaginable that they lost to teams like Texas Arlington, LA Tech, Memphis and even a mediocre Florida Team.  There simply is too much talent.  They played 40 minutes of defense in only a handful of games, such as Kentucky.  When they did that, the won.  Defense has always been a hallmark of Matta's teams but this team seems incapable of sustain the defense for 40 minutes. The number of turnovers this year was horrendous! Matta's past teams were pretty good at avoiding turnovers.  Another key to winning games for Matta's teams has been the ability to score in the paint.  This year's team more often than not stood around and passed the ball around the outside for 25 of the 30 seconds and then either took a contested 3 point shot or infrequently took it to the hoop.  Why?

Clearly, they missed Diop and Tate these last several games.  I hope that both recover and are ready to go this Fall.  I also hope that the energy and aggressiveness that Harris and Giddens showed in the second half yesterday continues throughout their careers.

I also hope that Loving and Lyle learn to be leaders.  Aside from Diop, these two guys have the most offensive potential and they need to take control at crunch time every game.

I am very much looking forward to the 2016-17 season.  With the arrival of Funderburk and Potter this tem is definitely sweet 16 capable, if the current roster just matures and advances.  Hit the weight room guys and practice FTs  every day!

Comment 05 Mar 2016

The answers at RB, of course, will depend upon the OL.  3 new guys there and lots of talented options.  I could see us playing a lot of different combinations on the OL throughout the Spring and also Fall Camp and even the first few games.  In fact, I would not be surprised to see us play more than 5 guys regularly, of course with Elflein and Price playing almost 100% of the time at C and LG.  Just too much talent to just play the same 3 guys with Elflein and Price all the time.