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Comment 04 Mar 2020
Everyone calm down. Ryan Day and Alford aren't idiots. We all know there's only one viable option at running back this Fall, and his name is Dawand Jones.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
Clemson getting some shitty calls tonight. I love it.
Comment 03 Jan 2020
Unless him or his family comes out and says it isn't true then I have no reason to to give it at least some credence at this point because it's new information. Of course, it does run against what we've been told about Gibbs and his interest in UGA, so who the hell knows
Comment 03 Jan 2020
I mean, it would be somewhat at odds with what we've been hearing about Gibbs and UGA. But, assuming that's actually his mom's profile, sure looks like she's confirming it.