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Comment 08 Jul 2019
He who shall not be named was a fan of certain "toys" lol (sorry couldn't resist). So happy he's gone; Hartline is a massive upgrade
Comment 05 Jul 2019
Thanks. Man, that would be badass if we could get both of those dudes. And Ryan Day would definitely be making a pretty big statement by flipping Ricks
Comment 05 Jul 2019
JR's podcast is good not because of the hard hitting questions he asks (lol he's not a journalist--he's an entertainer), but because of the variety of guests and viewpoints he has on his show. And until he shows us hit MIT diploma I think Bob Lazar is full of it lol
Comment 02 Jul 2019
I see what your saying, but at the same time Mark Pantoni has said that this sort of fan behavior has a legitimate negative effect on recruiting.
Comment 25 Jun 2019
I can see why some would pick TTUN right now, just because Urban is gone and the quality of play at the QB position for OSU is unknown right now. That being said, I have seriously high expectations for OSU this year. Not gonna lie, anything less than winning the Big Ten East and beating TTUN will be a major disappointment
Comment 25 Jun 2019
BR did an interview with a USC reporter and apparently his aunt lives near USC. So I'm cautiously optimistic about OSU's chances but don't wanna get my hopes up. Clearly OSU is the best school out of his top 3 though