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I grew up a Buckeye in the heart of Lion country, PA. My Brother-in-Law is an OSU graduate, so I visited his graduation in the 'Shoe when I was very young. Even then, I loved what I saw. That was the beginnings of what became my adulthood man-crush on anything Ohio State. Fortunately, I can actually call Columbus my home, as I moved there with my kids in my early 20's! And now, I'm retired military, currently living in the sunny Southwest.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU upend Miami's world in the 2002-03 National Championship game.
  • MLB TEAM: Yankees

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Comment 14 Jan 2020

We had decent LB play this year, but we had a lot of man-coverage against Clemson.  Linebackers are usually picked on in man-coverage.  And to be fair, the man coverage was the right call.  Lawrence struggled with it.  Then he ran all over the place, which no one expected.  

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I get your point.  I hate blaming officiating, but there ARE games that stand out as an exception—this was one of those games.

Answer this:  Does Ohio State take a shot in the end zone with less than a minute left if they have a lead?  

That’s where the second turnover happened.  They’re likely ahead by at least a score in the final minute, if the reversed catch-fumble-TD sticks.  Final turnover margin of ‘0’.

And if Wade isn’t ejected, we win this game at least 34-21.  That’s a comment for another thread though.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I agree they have great talent on the offensive side of the ball, but their defense is no joke—one of the best in the country.  At least against the rest of the ACC...

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Agreed.  LSU’s defensive back 4 have been an Achilles heel this year.  Georgia’s receiver situation certainly helped.  

Comment 27 Nov 2019

John Cooper was a Buckeye.  Every bit as much as you and I.  Remember that next time you excoriate him because he wasn’t very good at helping your favorite team win it’s rivalry game.   

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Everyone is upset that we are #2.   BUT we get to avenge the loss at Clemson in the semifinal.  And still play LSU in the championship.  That’s a pretty sweet deal.  To me, thats certainly more exciting than Oregon, Bama, or GA—whoever they choose to throw in the four spot over the next few weeks.

Besides, I can drive to the Fiesta bowl in just a few hours!  It’s a win-win. lol 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

It probably wreaks of conspiracy, but oh well. I mentioned this same viewpoint to my wife, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a little before Klatt said it on national television.  He’s not my Spirit Animal, but he IS earning himself the title of ‘favorite talking head.’