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I grew up a Buckeye in the heart of Lion country, PA. My Brother-in-Law is an OSU graduate, so I visited his graduation in the 'Shoe when I was very young. Even then, I loved what I saw. That was the beginnings of what became my adulthood man-crush on anything Ohio State. Fortunately, I can actually call Columbus my home, as I moved there with my kids in my early 20's! And now, I'm retired military, currently living in the sunny Southwest.


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Comment 28 Jul 2018

This is a really interesting article!  Thank you, Dan.  

Something else that would be equally as fascinating—to see the opinions from our coaches perspective.   Who, looking back, did they not offer but wish they did.   Guys who probably would have signed on the dotted line but maybe we held off for whatever reason.  

Comment 18 Jul 2018

I’m not a lawyer or anything, but pretty sure criminal trespassing is a charge used to delineate between something accidental and something more nefarious.  Otherwise, the word ‘criminal’ would not be present.  It’s more serious.  BUT with that said, I don’t know the facts around any of this situation, and I’m not about to make any ASSumptions.  Wait and see...

Comment 13 Apr 2018

I wouldn’t rule out your Tom Brady and Peyton Mannings of the world having some input.  But input is as far as that would get.  And I would bet my house neither of those guys got to do even that at the college level.  So, no, I’d say Dwayne Haskins doesn’t have a say in what WRs see the field.  

Comment 04 Apr 2018

Haskins was also a different player that Michigan had not prepared for.  I don’t disagree that he acquitted himself well in the remainder of the game, but I also wouldn’t call him better than Barrett for it.  He could have come out the next game against a prepared defense and fell flat.  My point is merely that we don’t really know.  Not REALLY.  And the sample size for comparison is extremely small.  

Comment 01 Apr 2018

And outside of one guy (Haskins), we never saw any of them play a meaningful minute.  How can we deem one as better than the other without having observed them in the same situations?  We can’t.  It’s merely a guess.  As educated as anyone might believe that guess may be, it’s still only a guess.  Urban Meyer—someone far better qualified and more informed—happens to disagree.  Think about it a little before you get too hot. 

Comment 01 Apr 2018

With Tate and KBD both on their way out, I can’t help but think we lack some versatility on defense.  We need to find an athletic wing as well.  Kyle Young is the future at that position, but unless he makes strides on the offense side of the floor, he’s a liability.  Micah Potter is the upperclassmen but lacks physicality and agressive play.  Finding another PG is great, but if we don’t get some wings, we’re going to have some serious liabilities for any line-up we put on the court.    

Comment 30 Mar 2018

“Hot takes” lol

You don’t sound like you’re old enough to know what a ‘sign o’ the times’ might look like.