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Comment 27 Jun 2020

Love Bad Company, but it has always annoyed me that "10 from 6" is actually "10 from 5".

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Agreed with The Expanse.  The upcoming season, if they do it right, could rival Game of Thrones'  best season for story and scope.  The source material is the best book in the series (so far).

Comment 06 Jun 2020

1. Most Nirvana singles
2. The Doors - Touch Me
3. Beck - Where It's At
4. Neil Young - This Note's For You and Rockin' In The Free World.  
5. Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
6. Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey
7. Sublime - Heroin Is What I Got

Comment 06 Jun 2020

Rattle That Lock has two great instrumentals on it - the first song and last song, and they sorta tie together melody-wise.

Comment 23 May 2020

It's a shame that when all is said and done, Gene $immon$ will be remembered as a crafty businessman.

Not as a passable singer, songwriter, musician, or performer.

Comment 23 May 2020

Because it turns standard tuning to flat.

Some musicians who tune down do it because they're tone deaf and when they sing flat it makes them sound in tune.

Comment 20 May 2020

Book: Ready Player One - Ernest Cline  (Sooo much better than the movie)

Album: Scenes From A Memory  - Dream Theater  (One of the greatest concept albums ever.)

Movie: Manhunter (with Brian Cox, the original Hannibal Lecter)