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Marion Born. Columbus youth. Graduate of THE greatest land grant university. Husband, father, artist, writer, veteran. Lover of cats, gin and the open sea. Virginia is now my home, but the B1G's consigliere has brought Ohio State games to my back door, FTW.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship. So many yellow flags, so many Hurricane tears. We were giant killers that day. The first in 34 years. And our program has never had a brighter future since.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: This isn't Canada
  • NBA TEAM: Long Live the King
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Comment 30 Sep 2016

220 is a ton of money for a position coach. He's like 31. 220 in Columbus goes a long way. I see the hierarchy in this. Coordinators get paid more, period. What I don't get is how many "Assistant Head Coaches" do we need? What does that mean? Is this honorary? And if it is some reflection of experience and programmatic guidance, I would understand Larry Johnson and Shiano. But Alford?

Comment 23 Sep 2016

If I was a sports writer and I wanted to be a dick, I'd ask these questions just to stir shit up:
-"Was a breathalyzer test administered by the police on the scene?"
-"No? How can we be sure then that Coach Shiano wasn't impared? We may never know."
-"Why are coaches receiving preferential treatment by law enforcement?"
-"Considering all the 'unanswered questions' here, wouldn't it be easier to suspend Shiano for... oh, let's say 5 games?"
-"So you don't know if he was impaired and you're unwilling to levy some punishment?"
-"Who knew that Coach Shiano was in an accident, and when did they know?"
This should result in the following headlines:
"Once Again, Meyer Lacks Discipline"
"Impaired Judgment Unknown; Coach Won't Face Discipline"
"Student in ICU, Coach to Blame"
"Bucks' Shiano, Connected to PSU Sandusky Scandal, Puts COED in Hospital"
"Embattled Coach May Have Received Preferential Treatment"
Please send my Peabody Award and Pulitzer Prize, post haste!

Comment 11 Aug 2016

I would trade any three of our current coordinators to have Herman back. But I'm glad Urban traded dead staff weight for upgrades. Hinton was clueless hot garbage. 

Fick stays until his kids are grown. $650k in Ohio and being a local folk hero goes a long way toward creating high quality life. 

Comment 21 May 2016

Reporters asking, distracting, and re-asking questions to #teens to generate story lines doesn't deserve props. "Hey Nick, your great-gramps killed a bunch of dudes, what's your reaction?" Not sure I expect much from TMZ, but we probably don't need to repeat/link to their digital feces.  

And the number of total snaps lost or % snaps lost doesn't matter without context. How many snaps do we lose on average because of personnel churn? What's the year over year trend? What's the big ten trend/average or the national numbers? And then, what's the correlation of success or failure to lost snaps vs future wins? These are among the many questions that don't keep me up at night.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

...Or surprised that 11W would pass that along for the rest of us/the general public/ the interwebs. Troy's in hot water, but he doesn't need the whole internet of Michigan fans and Ohio State trolls crank calling him or stopping by for coffee. Maybe a little bit of self-censorship here is in order.