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Comment 19 Mar 2019

They do not care about that at this point. They are looking for the free publicity. 11W is doing its part to help them. And they are only taking $500 max on this game and any others they set advance lines for. No parlays or anything else - nothing but straights. And these lines shift dramatically by the time the games roll around. Pretty sure tOSU was a double digit fav over PSU last year at this time. Things like injuries - or even suspensions - can change these lines a ton by game week. That said, it is hard to turn down the Bucks as dogs.

Comment 21 Aug 2018

I would say be prepared to be disappointed then. I won't dispute 2015 being a choke job in any way, but neither did we get a do over like Bama did last year in similar circumstances. Saban has won 5 NC in 11 years and that included last year's controversial entry and the biggest joke ever in the rematch vs LSU. Hopefully the law of averages catches up to Bama, but I'm not holding my breath on that as long as Bama recruits they way they are at present. If I want to be disappointed, I just go back and rewatch the misery of the John Cooper years. Even as I saw Winfield in the #11 slot today, first thing I thought of was how the f@#k did we lose in 98.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

How much is the betting limit on those props? I imagine it would max out at $100 and might be as low as $25. They could care less what happens; this prop bet is for PR only. They are not going to gain or lose any big chunk of money on this. Also - BetDSI did not originally have odds favoring Urb to be gone as I recall - they were around -300 to stay. Bovada and another shop were the ones who were making resignation/termination the fav. On the other hand, odds to win the B1G, NCAA, reg season wins, etc. will be potentially be impacted (significantly) depending on the results of the investigation.

Do they have any more info than what is out there already? Not likely - but they do pay attention to what goes on in the world and as others have said, they rarely let an opinion muddy the line. While the odds they currently have are comforting, I would not read into that too much. Fluid situations like these can generate major odds shifts the moment a news release goes out. 

Comment 31 Jul 2018

Not to mention the fact that if you start swapping out catchers you are playing with fire with the starters. Chemistry is important for the battery. I agree with Numbers...catcher way down the list. It bothers me more that they wont give Yandy a chance yet they put Santana in the field in the WS

Comment 14 Apr 2018

I am a Scotch drinker who occasionally turns to viejo rum. My places to buy/prices would not matter a hill of beans to anybody anyway. But how can this conversation progress with no input from Ramzy, AKA Mr. Bourbon? I also expected to see input from other suspects like Hodge...

Comment 23 Mar 2018

I might argue it was the offense that needed the miracle. The D only gave up 6 points, and had 3 picks; scoring points was not that unit's primary job.

Comment 29 Jan 2018

As FP said - change is hard. How many folks here were about to go ballistic (until they saw the joke) about changing the name of the Horseshoe? How would that impact your consumption of tOSU football? Some would argue one is derogatory and the other is not, and that is true. But folks will be upset at change regardless of how harmless it is or is not and base it on their own moral compass as the only true north, and find reasoning to fit it nicely in their own box.