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Comment 01 Aug 2019

NCAA is at it again. I said last spring this transfer portal as it stood,was,a cluster puck from day one. When I, or one my my managers has an idea that affects the while apple cart, we draw a line on the conference table and list what can go right and everything that could possibly go wrong. Some times,we stay for two or three days, but nobody goes home until I feel all the bases have been covered. Sounds stupid but I keep getting raises.

It just reeks of a not very well thought out plan put together quickly with no one asking “what could possibly go wrong?” NCAA!

Comment 07 Jul 2019

While we’re going down memory lane, does anyone remember Euclid Beach amusement park?

Mom gave me 2 rolls of nickels and I rode all day.

How about the Barrel ride where the floor drops out and your stuck to the wall? Don’t see those anymore!

Comment 06 Jul 2019

Great story!

Was just there a few weeks ago, awesome as always and reasonable compared to parks down here.

If going during weekend, definitely get Fast Pass Plus, totally worth it. BUT, be ready for the snarky looks from those in line for hours. If your a coaster fan, this is THE Roller Coast.

DV Discaimer: this is just my opinion and nothing else.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

My heartfelt condolences! To some, our furry family members are our children. I don’t have any children (that I know of) and my brother doesn’t either. Unfortunately all my dads brothers had girls, hence the family name comes to an end upon our death.

Some think it’s silly to be so attached to our furry family members. I can tell you I spent hours bawling like a baby after our last loss. Mourn for awhile, after that it’s time for the next family member to arrive.

Sorry got off topic. BOOM!

Comment 09 Jun 2019


However, I do believe this will take some time and very careful strategy with recruits on the D side of the ball. I’m in the opinion this will be a strong finish after the upcoming visits. I would put it at the let’s wait and see sentiment, with concerned and alarmed the next two stops if things don’t pick up by late July when high schools start opening camps in mid August.

i just think there are still high quality pieces on the board who are playing the lets see who else comes game. Just my opinion, which doesn’t mean much.

I could see if we are not prepared offensively, the Luke could cause some problems.  

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Ok I’ll be the one!

Can anyone please inform me of the last TE from tOSU that went in the first round? I’m an old WH’s guy who’s speed 4.45, 6:3, excellent hands and a shitload of tds in HS made WH throw me off the field when I tried to walk on, ended up at Kent. I digress, Iowa had TWO TE go in first round this year. Point is why would a highly rated TE come to buckeye nation if we don’t use them? We had some of the best offense in Buckeye history last year, but other than pass blocking or taking a defender out for a ride it’s my opinion our TEs have been woefully underutilized since,,,,,, I don’t know.

I totally get how valuable TEs are in the overall gameplan, BUT, Bellicheck (sp) has/was making defenses account and take at least one defender out of the game regardless of what play was called. I’m not an expert by any stretch of anyone’s mind about this game, but taking one defender out of every single 1-3 down comes down to numbers on defense. No one can tell me or anyone else that opens up huge options for Brady when it comes to play calling. Move away from the strong side on defense and they will make you pay.

Maybe I’m ignorant of college offense of late, but Iowa proved they can gash potent defenses  with solid TE or two play.

Just my two cents, which really doesn’t matter at all.

cant wait for August!

Comment 02 Jun 2019

Is it August yet?

In no way shape or form is this comment directed to any of the coaching or recruiting staff. I totally get why our defensive staff is having a hard time with all the staff turnover? My comment is this, this sure seems like something that went on in Norman Oklahoma. Unable to produce high caliber defenses, but dam we will run up the scoreboard and in most cases will survive. It’s probably a product of last year, but until I see huge improvements on defense and not getting gashed by the likes of Maryland, Purdue and other lower tier teams, I remain unconvinced. Silver Bullets it’s not that I don’t think it can happen, it’s a case of prove me wrong. 

Very, very nice job Coach day and Hartline on offense.

Comment 28 Apr 2019

Good luck Mike!

I wish you well sir, but not sure why Cowboys took this pick? Maybe someone knows more than I, which can’t be that absurd? Is there issues with Zeke? I know shelf life is very short with RBS, Don’t know for sure but I assume after this year Zeke is nearing end of rookie contract, maybe this is plan B for boys? I don’t follow them that closely and maybe someone in D town has some input.

Please do not get this wrong, Web is very talented BUT. Is it just me or was he many times just a shoe lace, juke or cut from breaking loose? Zeke seemed to have the proverbial eyes behind him, instinct of knowing where defenders were not only in front, but behind as well. Arron Rodgers and Tom Brady especially seem to have this gift of total field vision.  This is a gift that IMHO that cannot be taught. Just saying MW seems to be caught from behind and doesn’t have the whole field vision that Zeke brought. Again not a knock on MW, just want other opinions. 

Comment 26 Apr 2019

I Truely expected NYG or Bungles to pick him. Without any doubt in my military mind will both these teams regret this decision. In both cases he had a chance to learn under a future HOF qb and in Cincis case Dalton is a ho hummer, but in both cases it would have given him time to learn playbook and speed of the game. DC, you could see the disappointment on his face. He’s being thrown to the wolves with (imho) a shitty oline and a crappy management. 

This is just my opinion which doesn’t mean much, but however I do know the business side of this game. Which is another discussion for another day. It saddens me this game we love so much has become just about dollars and sense(yes I meant that).

I wish I had enough helmet stickers to start a thread which is really chapping my chaps, about entering portal that has essentially created free agency. There is only one thing that the NCAA wanted when this got out of hand, and I suspect it’s this. Every year there is really only 6-10 teams that have a shot, Bama, Clemson, OSU, Sooners, Georgia, TTUN, ND, USC, Texas, all others are shooting for that one year where stars align. Second tier teams LSU, FSU, Oregon, MSU, Wisconsin, PSU and the likes might get a shot once every decade. My point is NCAA is trying to level the competition, and I don’t blame them. I read somewhere where all the teams in the playoffs were 9 teams. ND, Georgia, Bama, Oregon, FSU, Oklahoma, OSU, Clemson and MSU. While we as an upper level school think this is great, the other 135 teams )?) think this is a sham, looking at you UCF 2017. I’ve rambled on long enough, just wanted to open some eyes on the state of college football.

Wishing you the best Dwayne, you deserve it!

Comment 21 Apr 2019

There is an excellent article on USA Today sports page about the pre draft misinformation and mind games played by NFL draft teams. The jist is don’t believe anything you read pre draft coming from them as they jostle for any advantage they can find. 

Wish I knew how to paste link, but it’s a good insightful look into the games and downplay of draftees.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I did not read all of the posts above so please forgive any double thoughts and posts. However, if you read my post history I predicted this and the problems it would bring. Anyway, unless the NCAA stops this nonsense look for more free agency. This is really bad for our sport and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

We are in trouble at QB.

Comment 13 Apr 2019

Congratulations Drue!

Whenever I see one of these, I cringe just for a millisecond, remembering that poor schmuck when she said no, after he paid to have it on the Jumbotron. I might be wrong but I think it was a prime time baseball game, only to see it splattered all over ESPiN the next day.

Poor guy had to know it wasn’t a sure thing but went ahead anyway.

I digress, wishing you both well. I made it 35 years so far.

Comment 13 Apr 2019

Goodness! How are we going to get all those speedsters on the field? Great problem to have.

Just this morning I was jonesing, so watched some post ttun game ESPiN roundtables with Chris Carter saying 2019 OSU receivers will be just as fast and maybe even better than the speed demons who just left to play on Sundays.

whew, is September yet?

Comment 10 Apr 2019

IMHO the DH train will be fine, PROVIDED he’s not thrust into a situation where he’s running for his life from the getgo. I believe NYG and Bengals are the best fit for him to spend a year behind one future HOFamer and Dalton whom I’ve never though much of. I do get why teams are not willing to gamble a high pick. One year superstar who broke how many team and BIG records? Drew Brees is pretty high company. This might be a classic example where one more year under his belt would solidify a top two pick. Yes there’s the injury gamble, but they now have insurance policies that pay handsomely too.. There’s a reason why RB are no longer  a first round pick, one knee blowout and they are never the same. QBs now must be not far behind, there’s a reason for that and that is it’s a gamble, a huge gamble, As a long suffering Browns fan, how many first round qbs did we pick? Mike Phipps ring a bell? The above poster was very astute in pointing out all the hall of farmers picked in later rounds. Point being game changing SSDe, Oline and fast DBs have proven to be the new priorities in the last few drafts. Of course if I was so smart I’d be in Nashville in a couple of weeks. S

Comment 07 Apr 2019

It’s a bad look on him in my opinion. He can see the roster and pretty much guess where everyone stacks up. If your truely elite underclassmen (in your mind) and want to compete at the highest level, this is moot. LJ has shown he puts the best on the field regardless of what your star level is. He seems to want to pick and choose where he has the best shot at playing early and with a top program at that. Top programs have a pile of talent that’s why they are a top program. Plenty of programs like Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Purdue, FSU, Miami and others where you’ll start right away, but good luck getting a ring. Choices are yours.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

I was in Vegas ESPN zone for the Appy game, plenty of tsun fans. Truely a day my smug self will joyfully never ever forget.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Poster child for the very reason we hate you little F—-ers every day of every year! Come here and want to know why, go look in the mirror A$$hole.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

A few thoughts.

Is there an upside to Fields keeping his black stripe. Don’t you want him to have his leadership qualities observed sooner than later? Point is it was coming off regardless in this particular instance.

Since when do coaches have to make playing time decisions based on whether an athlete “might” transfer if not given what he views as enough playing time?

Wait, I forgot about the new NCAA free agency program! S

Comment 30 Mar 2019

Follow up comment. As a local I’m hearing from credible sources this whole thing is likely to be thrown out. It involves how they (PBSO) created a diversion at this plaza which had everyone had to evacuate the businesses in the area. It was then they went in and planted cameras and listening devises. My understanding is the warrant they had was only good for 24 hours and when they went in, the warrant had expired. Throw in Krafts high powered attorneys, this will quietly go away.