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Comment 02 Dec 2017
This. "Deal with it" should be fighting words etched in our sports souls for all time.
Comment 26 Nov 2017
They are eating their own over there. The younger members question why they even play us anymore, which pisses off people ancient of days that can recall the Cooper era. There are those calling for their team to leave the BIG because the conference is clearly out to get Harbaugh with the infinite number of non-calls. It's a massive dumpster fire, and all I want to do is toast my scarlet and gray s'mores upon it.
Comment 24 Nov 2017
Charles Woodson should be number 1, even though I will always think of him as a steaming hot number 2. Also, the 13 game is the only time I've considered them to be punk-ass thugs. Assholes always, but that was Miami level thuggery.
Comment 06 Oct 2017
I think it's more like the Pacific Ocean taking credit for the moon landing because the return capsule landed there. Love the shirt, by the way.
Comment 11 Sep 2017
I'm not at any of the practices but if Haskins or Burrow are looking good and they're not getting playing time, the internal grousing will begin. Football is a team sport after all, and the best players need to play. I wish JT well but it may be time to move on.