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Comment 16 Nov 2019

You know what else would have gotten us into the playoffs in 2015? Running Elliot in the second half against Michigan State.

Comment 08 Nov 2019
Hot take: Harrison gets 5 sacks and Michigan fans begin to chug bleach as they realize they will never catch up.
Comment 04 Nov 2019

It's not an obsession as much as it is gawking at a horrific wreck on the highway. Sure it's a gory mess, but there is something about human nature that makes us want to stare at tragedy.

Threat Level: the same as getting a speeding ticket on 315 north during rush hour.

Comment 28 Oct 2019
When one is starving, one will devour anything resembling food when it is placed in front of them. In typical Michigan Fan mode, their fan base ate a moldy turd sandwich and confused it for a perfectly cooked Beef Wellington. Now that their ravenous appetites have been satiated by a "top ten win", they are contemplating who they will face in the Rose Bowl. Threat Level: pathetic
Comment 17 Oct 2019
I've never understood the concept of long grass to slow down a fast team, since both teams are required to play on the same grass. Sure it may make fast guys slower, but it makes slow guys simply pedestrian. Now when one teams wears illegal cleats in a game.... (slowly turns head and looks at mid 90s Tennessee)