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Comment 26 Dec 2019

For a while, I had this tingle in the back of my head. 0-3. 31-0. 28 game win streak. But not any longer. After the first Wisconsin game, I knew Ohio State was the best team in the country. Is Clemson good? Hell yes they are. Is Clemson going to know what hit them after the game? Hell no they won't. 

The 38

sons of Clem 21

Comment 26 Dec 2019
I respect what Dabo has done at Clemson, and I can't bring myself to say that I hate them. Up until I read this article I was simply anticipating a great game against a great opponent for a chance to advance to the title game. But now I understand the depths of how badly I want to not just beat Clemson but humiliate them. I'll take a one point victory but if Day has the chance to utterly destroy them I hope he does.
Comment 25 Dec 2019
I think that this is the game where new formations and wrinkles will be shown. Quite frankly, against even the best the BIG had to offer, the Bucks could just out everything them. Day and Co. are going to show a national audience who had the better team, from head coach on down to equipment manager. Ohio State by 13.
Comment 06 Dec 2019

Consider me un-spooked. About halfway through the season, when Ohio State smoked the weekly "first team to challenge them," I quit worrying about the other team. Ohio State is better than everyone else, and I don't mean everyone else in the Big Ten. Ohio State is going to demolish Wisconsin, cream Utah/Oklahoma/whoevs in the first round of the playoffs and then convincingly beat LSU or the Sons of Clem.

The Ohio State University 56, Wisconsin 10