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Comment 26 Jun 2019

What was more enjoyable? The '06 win over an undefeated and #2 ranked Michigan, or the beatdown of the '08 Wolverines? Eventually beating up on lousy teams becomes boring. I want to be the only team to beat them every single year. I want them to have national title hopes going into The Game, only to see them splattered by the Bucks. We already have enough Rutgers and Illinois to whoop on; I'd prefer some red meat on the table every now and then.

Comment 25 Jun 2019
I remember when Ken-Yon Rambo visited Columbus for his official visit. Being from LA, he said he expected to see cows walking around Columbus. Those days are long gone. With the possible exception of Austin, there is no city even close to the size of Columbus where college sports are king. Columbus is a pearl compared to other "college towns." Places like LA and NYC can keep their 7 hour commutes and ridiculously priced real estate.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
I'm as upset as any Buckeye fan right now, but my displeasure comes from a place of selfishness. We are upset because this move hurts the team we love...but does it help Baldwin? Probably, and isn't he free to make choices that better his position? No one is upset that Haskins is leaving for the NFL because we understand that he has positioned himself to make millions. Isn't this what Baldwin is doing? If he can go somewhere and start, he can showcase his talents and possibly become a early to mid range draft pick. I wish him well at the same time I wish he had stayed. The first sentiment helps him and the second helps me. Good luck in life, kid.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
Not buying the defense thing for Michigan because of scheme and not talent. Talent wise, Michigan was absolutely loaded last year and it showed...against weak teams. But when talent matched talent, Brown's schemes were exposed. I mean it was like OSU invented the slant play that week and Brown couldn't adjust. I think Michigan takes a serious step back this year, especially considering how BIG offenses are going to be better in three or four teams. I'm calling it now...Army runs all over them and wins the game.