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Comment 17 Dec 2016

I love Matta and will always be grateful for how he has turned us into a basketball program as well, but it is time to change head coaches. Matta is a victim of his own success, as he has raised the bar so high that now all he can do is slide underneath. UCLA is one of the very best teams in the country and the list of teams they won't dominate is very short indeed, but the talent and coaching isn't there any longer. I grew up being numb to to Buckeye basketball during the Eldon Miller years and I refuse to do so any longer, and Matta is the one who taught me just how great we can be.

Comment 02 Oct 2016

I'm not sure what I saw in the Rodent Bowl on Saturday. I knew that Wisconsin would have trouble running the ball, which they did. I was a bit surprised that Michigan had as much trouble as they did scoring. I don't think either team has the offensive firepower to hang with the Bucks. Even if you cut Ohio State's scoring in half, there is no way either team would put up enough points to win. 

Comment 23 Sep 2016
DJ, as much as your Virginia Slims comparison made me laugh, I have to disagree. When one sneaks a smoke from their mother's purse, one smokes it in secret. What Ohio State is going to do to PSU will be on display for the world to see. I think of it more like a top shelf hit man spotting a new Cuban in the breast pocket of his assignment. He pulls the fine cigar out and casually enjoys the robust flavor as his victim's blood slowly pools underneath him.