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Comment 18 Jun 2017

Bernie basically told teams above the Browns in the supplemental ranking that he was only interested in one team. Glad he got a ring, even if it was with Dallas.

Anyone remember "Bernie, Bernie" sung to the tune of "Louie, Louie"?

Comment 30 Apr 2017

Have lived in west _ichigan for thirty years.  Born buckeye and lived in Cleveland 83-87, remember the drive and the fumble all too well.  Disliked the cheapskate model and hate the ravens.  Gave up on the NFL years ago, favorite football team is the Blues of Chelsea.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I have no doubt the allegations are false and Conley is innocent of the charges.  That said, I am currently reading Badasses, a book about the Oakland Raiders of the 1970s and when talking to my son Tuesday night, with tongue in cheek, said maybe the Raiders would take a flyer on Conley.  

I gave up on the NFL several years ago but do keep track of Ohio, players and natives, in the league.  Naturally the browns can piss off, lightly I guess, with the Saints and now Raiders getting most of my interest.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Remarkable considering the closest thing Ohio has to professional football is in northern Kentucky.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Back when the IHL was akin to AAA, was attending a Friday night game in _uskegon, _I, formerly the Penguins top affiliate.  With a couple minutes left in the first Duane Joyce was sent into the boards face first.  Went to the locker room for the obligatory stitches and a shot.  Played the remainder of the game.  The team left afterwards for a flight to Phoenix and a Saturday night game.  Joyce had oral surgery with, I believe three teeth being cut out along with more stitches.  He caught an afternoon flight and played the Saturday night game.

Tis a man's game and not for the faint of heart.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

When the season started my prediction was 9-3 (OK, WI, PSU) with a bowl victory.  Last night, along with the upcoming week here in West xichigan, was and will be unpleasant.  But everyone knew the O-line has struggled and the passing game has been a crapshoot.  That cannot be fixed in three weeks.  As good as Brooklyn is, he is not a workhorse and needs the playbook to be effective.  Clemson has been consistent with their turnover issues something that can be overcome by good decisions and a stout defense.  Plus they have a lot of playmakers with a decent offensive scheme.  Hence I had a bad feeling about the game, but had no idea.  Even with the butt kicking, a young team lost two games, to a potential national champion and the conference champion on the road.  I was optimistic when the season started and was geared for a big run in 2017.  All is not lost, 2017 is upon us. The sun is shining, even here in West  xichigan.  Remember, everyone hates Buckeye Nation, because they aren't.

Comment 17 Nov 2016

I would say after the first of six PATs, no FG will be needed.  Unfortunately UFM would be chewing on his backside for the remainder of the game.  Buckeyes act like they have won before, and know the will win again.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Caught a couple minutes of Fox Sports yesterday.  Skip Bayless, of all people, presented an interesting case for the Mad Hatter. I won't rehash it here, but the case was compelling.  Plus, unless the coach is a complete asshat, a la Art Briles or Bobby Petrino, a mid season terminatin helps no one.  The LSU course was set when Miles and staff returned for this campaign.  Hard to believe that one, William T Sherman was the university president when the opportunity to aid another Buckeye, U. S. Grant, and save the Union, presented itself.  You can look it up.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

Fighting early onset after 28 years in the cesspool up north, I seem to recall Saban was the buddy of another assistant that violated the do not talk to the media/prvovide bulletin board fodder.  Saban split the Capers/Carroll duo.  BTW, the only time he has been fired.

Comment 24 Mar 2016

An SI article about JC many years ago got me on the World Cup bandwagon, though very small in the US, at that time.  RIP

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Saw a sports talk show a few years back, the guests were Billy Sims, Herschel Walker, Desmond Howard, Bo, and the last one escapes the memory.  When asked who the best was, they all said Bo.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Native Buckeye, been here since 1988, now living about 18 miles sw.  The red haired girl, a native of Long Island, lives in GR and, without fail, after a night out (play, symphony, sporting event), one of us remarks that there are far worse places to live.  Equidistant to the "D" and Windy, plenty of outdoor activities, great family area as well as for singles.  Not sure if they still do, but a Buckeye group used to have a standing reservation at BW3 on game day.  More Bucks here than one might imagine.  Snowfall increases the closer you get to Lake _ichigan.