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Comment 15 Feb 2018

After all the years of success I've seen with OSU basketball, this is my favorite team to watch out of any of them.  Thad had amazing talent, but I always felt like there was something left to be desired.  there was a lack of grit...toughness..."want to".

This team just has it.  I'd sign Holtman to a 25 year contract as quickly as possible, because other big programs, and possibly some NBA teams, will be calling very soon.

Comment 07 Dec 2017

The bottom line is that they didn't trust a Barrett-led Buckeye squad.  They've been through that embarrassment before, and he made them even more weary in an AWFUL b10 championship game.  They made the correct decision, and if Haskins had played the b10 championship game, we would have been in without a doubt.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

I have a friend that is an FSU fan that says none of the florida schools wanted him and that UFM is just taking scraps that nobody else wants.He said that he has character issues, and was rated way too high for his actual skill level.

I told him to worry less about the salt on his taste buds, and more about winning more than 6 games in an entire year.

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Not only did keeping JT in stall the offense....and expose the inexperienced defense...but it appears as if the whole thing may have stalled recruiting, too.  Not a ton of excitement around the program, and I believe keeping JT at QB is the catalyst.  It reaches far past the games played on the field.  31-0 to clemson. Getting trounced by Oklahoma and Iowa. No playoffs.

It's all connected.